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May 24, 2013


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What does "instinsically"[sic]mean? Doesn't Hashem want you to use proper English?


400 Billion stars in our galaxy
200 Billion galaxies in the universe
An infinity of possible universes

And the Creator of all of them actually gives a fuck about how
ONE species of bald chimpanzee on
ONE planet circling
ONE dwarf star near the edge of
ONE arm of
ONE medium sized galaxy in
ONE universe
hangs twisted plant fibers on
ONE HALF of its members.

Pull the other one. It's got bells on.

Account Deleted

do not edit, they will wipe out your comment,

Account Deleted

and nosaf al kach, these last two comments, criticizing the softwre, have not not requireD me to try to read tht hieroglyphics

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absolutely no warning your sessio has tinmed out please refresh your browser
THIS SITE PROVIDER HAS MAJOR BUGS, AS THEY WERE CALLED IN THE DAY, NOW "GLICHES", yeah, well two timed msg warnings aa to timeouts . I was a gdf high level systems programmer back in the dy, and it would be child's play to give warning msg. any idiot programmer with an IQ of 100 could fix this, whether ir not any one might have enjoyed my comment is irrelevan, you do not moderate and even if you didm you would have liked my post
shavuah tov, kol tuv, b'shanah ha baah pork oh yom kippur

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SCREW IT, A SUDDEN :YOUR SESSION HAS TIMED OUT" OK, BUT THEY WIPE OUT THE ENTIRE COMMENT, i was fb=n finished just wanted to edit some typos and then they wipe the entire whole gdf comment off the face of the earth, with zero warning.wHAT A CRAP SYSTEM. NO WARNING THAT NOT ONLY DO YOU HAVE X NUMBER OF MINUTES BUT WE WILL ERASE YOUR COMMENT, GREAT SERVICE PROVIDER. NOT, FY type padm and i fn donated to this site DONATED TO THIS SITE, PERHAPS EVERYONE HAS?
i'M GONE. Shnaryu will survive or find a better service.


Notrue. Jus de udder day, G’d and I were out fishing on the lake, (cuz He said dere was nuffin worth listnin to in the yeshiver,) when G’d say to me he certainly aint proud of em goils. G’d tole me them goils oughter sendems mens outer woik, and takare of dems kids on days own, teachem a ting or few about howta live a good clean morlahf. G’d think theys gone have plennya tahm lefto takare of dems own wardrobe wifout even a meshrin tape.


jancsibacsi - Internet majority says 2 t's in Puckett

Eli, what me messiah?

God is proud of you for not accessing the Internet and posting comments to FM on shabbos

Mark H. Jay

Frumsters spend so much time worrying about what the goyim will think of them, and then they produce idiotic nonsense like this. It just makes me ashamed. Is this the way you address the daughter of a King?

Yosef ben Matitya

one wonders why it was written as if it were written for four-year-olds. Gevezener Chusid | May 24, 2013 at 03:10 PM

often, the poor men and women aren't equipped with more analytic mind than 4 yrs old. ):-


Hmmm... it says: "Any questions call R.D. Lieberman 732 363 0195" OK, lets start calling with our questions.

(The other) Eli

God is proud that Rabbi Soliveichik's wife and daughter didn't cover their hair


Sarek -Is that gary pucket?


("Woman, Woman", Gary Puckett & the Union Gap)

Woman oh woman
Have you got immodest dress on your mind, on your mind

Something’s wrong with your skirt that your hemline cannot hide
And I’m afraid my eyes will not look aside
It’s so hard to look away, I know, I’ve tried and tried

Woman oh woman
Have you got immodest dress on your mind, on your mind

I’ve seen the way men look at you because your neckline’s low
And it hurts to have them think Moshiach will leave you behind
But it’s knowing that you’re looking back that’s causing "it" to grow

Woman oh woman
Have you got immodest dress on your mind, on your mind

A woman wears a certain dress that shows she’s a kurvah
And a man can always claim she shows too much
I hate to have to say it but please go to the mikvah

Woman oh woman
Have you got immodest dress on your mind, on your mind
Woman oh woman
Have you got immodest dress on your mind, on your mind


Theese rebbes feel so unimportant that to feel important again they need to come up with such rediculous new rules to boost their egos
they are the laughting stock of us all they are mocking themselfs and their religion,such immature behaviour only a 2 year old matches them in silliness.


If I read this aright, according to this "authority" any dress or skirt with a defined waistline is "unkosher." Apparently the only styles which would pass muster would be mid-calf tents with mandarin collars and 3/4 to full length sleeves in solid (dark presumably) colors. Not quite Taliban/Saudi/Lev Tahor style, but getting there....

Gevezener Chusid

At least when these things are posted in Yiddish or Hebrew the number of non-Jewish people who can see how ridiculous their neighbors are is limited.

Obviously this was meant for people with tits; consequently one wonders why it was written as if it were written for four-year-olds.

Yosef ben Matitya

"God is proud of you that your…"

sure, he then go around bragging to his chums. but that isn't probably the G-d of Israel!


God would be proud of the Lakewood Jewish community if they practiced justice (ie: the Kolko pedophile case), chose righteous leaders who devoted their lives to Torah and lived by its tenets (e.g. Kotler getting a "heter mea'rabbonim" so he could leave his wife in Israel and assume power in Lakewood), disallow and despise criminality (the Weinstein affair), and lastly and most importantly -- treat their gentile neighbors with respect and fairness.

Account Deleted

I know this Rabbi. He also gave the following Sermon.


Alter Kocker

This is NOT Hashem's feelings, these are the writings of some rabbi who has very little to do with his time so he opines on female fashion to the extent to which it causes him a raging hard-on. He makes these pronouncements as he is deadly afraid of his hard-on. Maybe he is afraid that it will reach up and strangle him, or tangle his legs so he will trip. Instead of hassling the females that are oppressed into obeying these arbitrary and insulting laws, why doesn't he and his haredi brothers begin taking massive doses of saltpetre. That, or just after shacharit, an new practice could be brought in: After davening, each man will receive 3-5 kicks to the groin. That should keep the "dirty" thoughts out of their heads, hell it might keep them from diddling the little boys at mikvah.

The truth of this is that the writer is indicative of the entire Haredi world: In short this shows a massive amount of both social and sexual immaturity. Arrested development at possibly the 5-6 year-old level of understanding of one's self and one's sexuality. That is the only explanation for making dubious announcements such as this. It does come down to the socialization of these beings. They eschew education beyond their series of stories from thousands of years ago, and then unleash these men-children on an unsuspecting female populace. The females have been given even less information save and except for making chicken soup and shitting out a baby every year.

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