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May 27, 2013


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As a man who suggested to his wife and Rabbi that a pre nup be signed and neither of them liked the idea I caution peope from signing the RCA pre nup unless you really understand all of the terminology used.

In a future marriage I would not sign this prenup, but would sign a pre nup that requires the man to give a ghet and the wife to accept a ghet within 30 days of civil declaration of divorce outside of Israel.

In Israel within 30 days of the beit dinrules that the husband must give a ghet.. ( in Israel the Beot Din functions as the divorce authority for Jews. The Waqf for Muslims and various churches for Christians. ).

Penalties would go into affect of either party is recalcitrant in giving or accepting a ghet.

Atheodox Jew

A positive move to be sure, but not the first, and not limited to modern/liberal groups like Beit Hillel. There are prominent charedi rabbis who support the idea of a prenup.

Check out this link:

As well as this explanation:


Too little, too late - and of course, it does noting for the hundreds of women currently suffering or those currently married who may suffer in future.

The only solution is separation of synagogue and state, and Israel won't last long enough for that to happen.

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