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May 27, 2013


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The haredi muslim need appeasing or they start rioting and issuing death threats.

Account Deleted

Lapid is a great and courageous man. May he live a long, healthy, successful life and help usher in a new age of greatness for the Jewish People and all of Mankind.




Lapid is the best thing to happen to Israel in decades

Alter Kocker

Netanyahu needs to kick the Haredim to the curb. Does he not realize that the results of the last election were an indicator that finally the secular population of Israel is shit-tired of the Haredim taking their hard-earned tax dollars, refusing to do anything for it and finally laughing in their faces. Fuck the Haredim, PM Netanyahu. The only reason they are a voting force is because they reproduce like cockroaches, and they are just as useful to the nation. Simply put, the Haredim are not important to the maintenance of your government. The seculars of Israel have turned on the leeches and are looking to you to do something about it.


"The only reason they are a voting force is because they reproduce like cockroaches, and they are just as useful to the nation."

Indeed - but I don't know that he cares about the nation as much as he cares about his own power.


"Lapid Threatens To Leave Governing Coalition Over Netanyahu’s Appeasement Of His Former Haredi Allies"

Good riddance!

Posted by: David | May 27, 2013 at 07:15 PM

Funny; that's what we say each time Shmarya deletes one of your gerbil droppings.


Shmayra...I think you have had this guy Alter.. person on this blog about long enough and his horrific language that has been going on for some time...and YOU are just as responsible, because YOU are monitor and can stop this...why do you allow his posts??????????? If anyone needs a reminder..(as below).....anyone that agrees is just as guilty for agreeing...FM has become a HATE site......do you not care??????Do you not see??????? What kind of person have you become to allow it?? I'm gone......thanks...(Arutz Sheva)
White supremacist group “The White Man’s Bible” By Ben Klassen:

Parasites of Civilization.

… Jews have been dreaded and detested parasites on the backs of civilized nations from time immemorial; that they have been thrown out of just about every civilized White nation in the world, not only once, but repeatedly out of the same country, or the same region, or the same city...

We will note that in a number of countries or cities the Jews were run out of (expelled), sometimes as many as five or six times. To the uninitiated this raises the question— how could the Jews be run out of a certain city and then be expelled out of the same city again 20 years later? The answer is that the Jews are like cockroaches. They are the most tenacious race in history and they always come back no matter how many have been killed, expelled, or how much they are detested by their host victims. They always come back, that is, if the city is fertile soil for their parasitic manipulations. We must remember that Jews are parasites, and parasites have to live on others, on a productive body. In the case of Jews their best victim is a thriving White community. For the same reason fleas will infest a dog again and again, or a house has to have pest control treatments every month to keep out cockroaches and other insect pests, so it is with the Jews. They always return to re-infest a productive community...


Thank you, Yair Lapid for finally implementing change in Israel and not backing down to the Haredim's and Netanyahu's games!!


D –


I realize you are illiterate and not bright, but all the man said is Netanyahu should not make a new government with haredim because haredim take but don't give – something millions of other Jews agree is true.

This is not a hate site. The Jews that comment here – many of them haredim or former haredim – are not bigots. They hate being used and they hate the lies, deception and thuggery used by haredi leaders to trick and bully rank-and-file haredim and other Jews.

But you never admit these crimes take place, you never criticize the criminals, you never do a thing to stop it.

Whether a haredi rabbi is molesting children, stealing or banning access to information that proves him wrong, you protect and enable him.

You never do anything or say anything to protect or help the victims.

And then you dare to call those who have been wronged bigots and hatemongers for speaking out about these crimes?

You are sick, sick, sick person.

You, however, are an idiot.


Lapid understands the demographic time bomb facing Israel if the Haredi don't mend their ways. Now the Haredi have to decide whether they want an independent Israel or not. Business as usual will mean the end of the country as we know it in a few decades, maybe sooner.

rebitzman - $101 to read my posts

This makes no sense UNLESS Bibi thinks he has a coalition waiting in the wings, because Lapid is not less popular than he was before the last election - he' s more popular. A lot more popular.

New elections probably flip the coalition.


Lapid is less popular today than he was before the election because he has presided over unpopular budget cuts and because he is seen as being weak.

Office of the Chief Rabbi

I never expected Bibi to permit the drafting of Haredim. Rather, I thought he was using the promise as a delaying tactic. This is his mode: delaying everything as long a possible in order to stay in office.


Coalition agreements have no standing in law..
Anyone can break a coalition agreement and there are no penalties.

Nowhere in the coalition agreement does it say there needs to be any criminal penalties.

Some in the committee wanted criminal penalties against individual students.

Others wanted penalties against heads of Yeshivas if not enough of their students submit to the draft. The legality of that law is questionable to say the least. A compromised was reached within the Peri committee that is dealing with the spreading of the burden issue. Note Peri is a member of Yeas Atid, Lapids party

Lapid refused to accept the compromise. Note all members of the committee agreed with the compromise

The coalition agreement does not require that Lapid be 100% in concurrence with the committes suggestion.



Some wanted criminal penalties against heads of Yeahivas and none against students who did not show up for the draft.

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