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May 24, 2013


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Conversion to Islam is real easy

say " There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet."

Give some charity abstain from pork

They figure the third generation will really be Moslem

We Jews ought to make it as easy.

Moshe in Israel

Before anyone else posts some stupid comment like, "Bigots. Pure and simple. No better than Klansmen. And probably just as well-educated."

This isn't the South.

It's all nice and easy to make these comments from the 'comfort' of America.

Let anyone of you live in Israel for a day, and especially amongst Arabs, and your perspective will change very quickly.

For further reading on what an Arab wedding means for the Jewish woman go to the Yad L’Achim website:


And here's a link about a rescue:


Read some of the horror stories about these women, then tell me I'm wrong.


" a member of the Kiryat Arab local governing council."

One of the best Freudian slips ever!!!

Kiryat Arab for Kiryat Arba

old time brooklyn

on a November night in 1972 a pack of want to be jdf guys made the mistake of getting in the face of some guys who hung out/smoked weed/drank beer fome st rose of lima which included two of my older brothers who wre 'street fighting men' - well the jdl wannabes came and said get out of here - ocean pkwy and ave c etc - well 15m minutes later and some bats and car attennas later the big bad jdl guys were gone - nuff said - some shiners for sure but the bastards were gone from where they dint need
to be to begin with


Westernjew: To quote Rabbi Kahane in his response to Kaity Tong's comment/question that he really didn't expect these women to leave their Arab husbands: "I am here [on your news program] aren't I? You use me and I use you."

Mark H. Jay: As Rabbi Kahane said in response to similar comments; let's see what would happen if an Arab girl tried to marry a Jewish boy.


In other words...
"You belong to the Race. So shut up and fuck who we tell you to, bitch."

Gotta love racists

Yosef ben Matitya

later I will share the ocean parkway vs
st rose jdl fracas from 1972

old time brooklyn
looking forward to read.

Robert J. Barron, Attorney-at-Law

Bigots. Pure and simple. No better than Klansmen. And probably just as well-educated.

old time brooklyn

yosef - I have very often been mistaken for being Jewish (the beard and growing up in Flatbush I guess) and I have heard the trash talk from the respective horses ass's mouths - many are worse than any klansman.

WoolSilkCotton; I must be seen to be believed

The frumma always know what's best for everyone else.

Yosef ben Matitya

imagine white supremacists expressing themselves equally opposing white and coloured -all colours- couples, wasps and catholics, wasps and anything else. well quite a few of ours aren't any nicer.

old time brooklyn

@mark h

Ty - my wife was raised orthodox and married a wasc (white Anglo Saxon Catholic) and I raise my daughter in a conservative shul - many a yenta had their 2 cents to say - all their kids are divorced - we are married 26 years last week - go figure - any father who does not have the best interest of his child at heart is not a father - later I will share the ocean parkway vs
st rose jdl fracas from 1972

Mark H. Jay

"We came to say that the women of Israel belong to the Jewish people." Meaning they become the property of idiotic zealots who know whom they should marry better than they do?

A woman has the right to choose her husband. And a decent father will safeguard his daughter's right to do so. Let us hope that every Jewish bride's father does so!


Practicing Torah does not mean breaking the bow of the children's commercialism. And this means that you do not work against the child's world when he or she goes astray only to try to force them back to Jewish life. Judaism is not FORCED on humanity or jewish souls. It is earned and blessed. So to fix this problem, you require prayer and charity and even perhaps fasting. But never a Crime that stays in the record books.


One year while serving his reserve duty, Rabbi Kahane was assigned to the Arab village of Ramleh. He took the opportunity to casually go around telling the Jewish women to leave their Arab husbands. Realizing their error, the Israeli government re-assigned the Rabbi to a different post. It was one of the funniest stories going around Israel at the time. Kahane will be remembered, and many of his detractors have already been forgotten. Pay attention Rabbi Avi Weiss; because one day, sooner than you wish, you will join the latter.

put a square into a hole

Kol Hakovod for trying to keep the jewish spark alive. What a shamefull for the jewish nation.

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