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May 26, 2013


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(The other) Eli

Jake, as Ed Koch said, the Palestinians weren't throwing rocks to injure. They're throwing rocks to kill.
I see no difference in this, other than Haredim probably throwing like little girls.


You handle this on the scene with riot batons, rubber bullets and tear gas.

Then you arrest the terrorists. You send them to jail. You send their leaders to jail. And you stop giving them money.


You handle this by declaring that throwing rocks is legally an assault with a deadly weapon. When assaulted with a deadly weapon one may respond with a deadly weapon.

Although rocks do not always kill just as a gun does not always kill they can kill just as a gun sometimes kills...

Yes I am aware that guns are used more frequently to kill and do a better job at injuring and killing.

This should apply equally to charedeim and Arabs.


"apparently because they hoped haredi leaders would curtail the violence on their own"

I thought I just heard a group of rebbaim laughing hysterically.

Alter Kocker

Rubber bullets, water cannons and batons. A few Haredim with scrambled brains, and they'll turn tail and run. Start arresting the Gedolim. A night in jail with Bubba (Hamid) lifting their robes, and that group will be driving the bus to dump off their yeshiva boys.


and just how would you handle it? Do you consider it ok for citizens to harass their soldiers? Should the soldiers just stand there and allow themselves to be stoned?

What is your plan?

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