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May 26, 2013


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Yochanan Lavie

Mazal tov and yashar kokaich.


"....the next Monica Lewinsky..."

Both Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky brought whatever sexual propensities they had with them and their meeting was sort of a perfect storm. It's not as if she gave Clinton a thrill first and was granted a position afterwards, other than on her knees.

chez gitz



Here's another wacko,crazed, Lubo, who gives "Coming of Moshiach" a new meaning. If he's guilty, get him behind bars where some other prisoners can farbreng his ass all day and night!


Good for her! This is a tremendous opportunity that will open a lot of doors for her future career.




"Only good can come out of this young woman's experience." I am vile, but realistically so. You are a naive fool. Your contention is that the only reason Monica Lewinsky was performing fellatio on President Clinton is because her appointment to the internship was not merit based. In other words, a woman appointed on merit, could never have fallen into the trap that she did. Mimi Alford completed her first year at prestigious Wheaton College, when she started a job at the White House Press Office. In other words, you naive fol, she earned it. Guess what happened next? I have good political connections to NYC and NYS government; got any daughters who want to go that route?

Mark H. Jay

bendinai @ 08:18 PM: your comment is vile. Only good can come out of this young woman's experience if she takes the opportunity to learn about the world around her. And Monica Lewinsky could never have been able to gain admission to a strictly merit-based program like this one.


You are correct SML. Not saying her per se but one of them could even be the next Monica Lewinsky.


There's hope for the girls if they can break free a bit - for the boys and men I think the outlook is bleaker.


Indeed David, just like with the UN Finnish peacekeepers years ago who used to do their R & R in Israel. A lack of knowledge (in your case) is a great open space for false enlightenment.

rebitzman - $101 to read my posts

Great news. Congratulations to her and her family.


I wish her well and hope it will be an eye-opening experience of the real world for her.

Hpefully she will be able to work with the goyim and men and won't require unusually restrictive changes to the work environment.

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