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April 11, 2013


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Yosef ben Matitya

Yochanan Lavie | April 12, 2013 at 06:46 AM

please, put my mind at ease, r' yochanan.
what is the consequence of administering kitniyot pulsa after pesach, yet during the sfira, but before lag baomer? :-) can't sleep.


"It's a good thing they did the Pulsa d'Nura after Pesach. Pulses are kitniyot."

Yes, but a lot of these kabbalists are Sephardic.

Yochanan Lavie

It's a good thing they did the Pulsa d'Nura after Pesach. Pulses are kitniyot.


these curses are so effective and powerful that the kabbalist slime wouldnt use it on hitler.

Alter Kocker

Savages are at least noble. Can't say that for the bearded wonders.

Gimpel the Gimp

I need s kabbalistic segulah to enlarge my penis (length not girth)

John Nagle, Silicon Valley, CA

"Yesterday Bennett presented a plan to integrate haredim in the workforce. It includes a refund of occupational training expenses for haredim who acquire a profession and find a job. These haredim will also receive a grant.

Haredi leaders, already intensely upset with Bennett, became extremely agitated over Bennett’s proposal, which they view as a threat to their control over the haredi community."

That says it all. This has nothing to do with religion. It's all about the old beards keeping power.

Same for the Haredi anti-draft whining. It's all from old guys, not draftees.




How much more evidence is required to demonstrate these savages are not practicing Judaism?


Doesn't the red string ward off those curses?
Can't Madonna, Roseanne, Sarah Bernhard, Demi Moore, etc. help him?

Jewish Cynic

"Pulsa diNura".
Would be a great name for a rap artist...yo

Moshe in Israel

Oh goody. That means he get's to be PM. This should be interesting.

dapper danny

Apologies to Screaming Jay Hawkins ("I Put a Spell On You")

I put a spell on you, because you're frei
You better stop persecuting the frumma
I said, "Watch out, I ain't lyin' ", yeah
Ain't no way to stop my pulsa dinura
Ain't no way to stop it kenahora
I put a spell on you, because you're frei


Just Curious

Haha, I believe there's a quote attributed (possibly apocryphally) to some chiloni MK that runs something like, "you're nobody in Israeli politics until they've placed a 'pulsa d'nura' on you"...

Alter Kocker

Voodoo? Sorcerers? Accolytes of Merlin, Dumbledore, Harry Potter and Voldemort? Wave your magic wands you of the cesspool sect that is Haredism.

These rabbis and their followers are on the verge of a nervous breakdown because they have lost political control, and are now forced to live the REAL life: work or the army, earn money, pay bills and not suck off the secular teat any longer.

Grow up fools, no more free rides. Secular Israel is no longer your cash cow.


I hope it backfires on them,theese mutants are the lowest of the low


I am extremely mad at you hardeim FOR THIS CURSE ON NAPHTALI. back at ya- per ELLEN and company.Failed Messiah take heed, oi vey.Tax dollars this is what is derived.Ho ho ho and a happy 2013 to all.

Outcast Yid

Every insane proclamation like this increases my admiration for Naftali Bennett. Chazak ve'Ematz!


I think Cat Stevens got that memo as well...

Ah, the religions of Love and Peace all merge into one. Very poetic.

Besides the obvious nastiness of the individual who penned this letter, what can we expect to see in reaction from the Right Wingers who inspire such a letter to be written?

General condemnation?? Ha Ha, rather, to be sure, general agreement with the content.

It would be great to see the Black Hatter leadership arrested and jailed for inciting people to violence.

Won't happen, but how dumb and lacking in survival instinct can a people be to provide tax dollars to these Skeksis?

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