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April 12, 2013


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I think he was arrested again a week or so later for begging at the Kotel. I'm not 100% sure it was him, though.


Have there been any reports about what happened to him after his arrest?


Um. Mormons are directly told by EVERYONE that they aren't allowed to talk about their religion in Israel, so Mormons don't pass out any literature and we destroyed all the Mormon Hebrew stuff so it's pretty impressive the guy found a Mormon tract in Hebrew.

dapper danny

Here's a pretty obscure song that most of you guys have probably never heard:


Apologies to XTC ("Books are Burning")

Books are burning at the Kotel
And I could smell
The fire eating the text
Books are burning in our old town
And you know how
The goyim leave such a mess

I believe the Book of Mormon should be forbidden
Don't belong in Ir Hakodesh
Narishkeit from the land of Willard Romney
Or was it written by David Koresh

Books are burning in Yerushalayim
Too many goyim
Missionizing us Jews
Books are burning in the plaza
Makes Mordechai spaz out
Soon they'll be calling police

Well, I heard the W.O.W. were gonna be meeting
On the wrong side of Robinson's arch
Broads were wearing tfillin and tallisim
Let's start some violence and hope they get charged

The Church of LDS
Distributes pamphlets and magazines
The Church of LDS
Grows rich with converts and OTDs
It's quite obscene

Books are burning, more each day now
I can't pray without, hearing shtuss from these creeps
Books are burning, I hope somehow
This wil allow, us to deport these goyishe peeps

(guitar solo)

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