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April 11, 2013


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Eduardo Blanco

Wrong, they do not have the necessary permits from the NYCDEP to tap the Catskills Aqueduct nor the permits from the NYSDEC for the Cornwall well. On top of that they did not include the fact that the Town of Woodbury already had approved plans to tap 500,000 gallons a day from the same aquifer that the KJ well plans to pump 600,000 gallons a day from in their environmental impact analysis. You can go and claim antisemitism all you want, that doesn't change the fact that they are taking water from another town because they have over developed on their own land.

old time brooklyn


try English - must be a kj kid with that superior western education.

What need to be done is bring the Monroe town boars before a grand jury. Monroe is the best little whorehouse of a town in orange county.

mazel tov


"Donnery was joined by Woodbury Supervisor John Burke"

KY have all the permits and funding in place, these sour losers and trespassers will continue to loos, The law is with the village of KY, Let them worry rather on The Woodbury common mall one of the largest malls in the USA which was built in their town after The village of KY! and which continues to grow despite being the biggest depleters of water, sewer, roads, and the environment!

Jesse Shapiro

This is about disrespecting your neighbors and unsustainable overdevelopment.

The issue isn't anti semitism it is that certain communities use corrupt means in New York State politics to get permits.

This isn't about religion its about water. This is about survival. The only anti-semities in this debate are the extremist faction within Kiryas Joel itself, who unfairly are giving a bad name to all of the jewish faith.

Joe Smith

Sorry Mr. Baker, your wrong. This will only free up groundwater for the recklessly expanding KJ. No other town is allowed to touch this pipeline only KJ. Why? Because the citizens of the village vote in a bloc and dictate elections. Yes it preferential treatment. It's not anti-semitism it is taxpayers tired of getting hosed with bills from a parasitic community. Maybe think about your water supply before you build more homes. But why do that when you can get a taxpayer funded pipeline going through and tearing up those taxpayer's streets.

Jon Baker

Sounds to me like typical Rockland County antisemittery. Officials in Cornwall and Woodbury are worried about the pipeline's effect on their water supply? How? By freeing up more local groundwater for them? No, it's what Donnery said - they don't like that the Yidden get preferential treatment.

Of course, since they built beyond the capacity of the local water supply, they need more water, but nooo - that's preferential treatment.

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