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April 17, 2013

Rabbi Todros Grynhaus Court Appearance

Handcuffs Orange JumpsuitRabbi Todros Grynhaus, the British haredi man accused of sex crimes against children who fled Britain for Israel  but was spotted there and turned in by a former Brit, made a court appearance in Manchester today.


I'm told this is probably a pre-tial issue of some kind, likely raised by Grynhaus:

Todros Grynhaus court appearance 4-17-2013
Index Of Todros Grynhaus Posts.

Index Of Todros Grynhaus Posts From Before He could Be Publicly Named.

[Hat Tip: BR.]

Update 9-24-2013 – Grynhaus is in Israel, under detention for more than six months, waiting for the High Court of Justice to rule on his asylum request and his request for citizenship under Israel's law of return. The above court appearance was made in absentia.


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Wow....it's Wednesday and this is our FIRST abuse story. May be things are looking up. Go team !

BTW, saw a headline today, "Weiner Swells in Polls", and it wasn't even the NYPost. :)


Is this chazir in custody at least?

No he didn't, he is in prison in Israel.
They are trying to extradite him.

Court appearance?????
Do you know anything, or are you just making it up as you go along?
What's "I'm told it's pretrial"? Pub talk?

Luke... the one I saw said "Weiner inches ahead".

Dapper Danny:

LOL. The press is having a field day with this!


Papa Roni. You should probably look up the legal term "For Mention" before making meaningless accusations. A bunch of question marks does not count as legitimate criticism.

A Someone, I think you need some legal lessons yourself. This was a court date that was set some time ago, it does not mean that there was a court appearance. The picture with the red circle have been copied from a different website. I don't care what you think, I want to know what SR and the author were thinking when they made this up. I think they are sitting silently, red faced, once again, wishing they would have checked the facts first.

Why Rabbi, he is no rabbi, the title should be "Molester Todros Grynhaus Court Appearance"

Why the heck Rabbi?!?!

Even if someone calls himself Rabbi, once there is sufficient proof that he molested a child or broke any Jewish law, he should never again be called rabbi!!

On failed messiah, there are lots more rabbis then in real life. It just sounds better for the news. Orthodox means anyone who ever wears a kipa, and rabbi is anyone who has a long beard and also wears a black hat. nothing will change here.

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