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April 11, 2013


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Adam Neira

To Ahouva Klein,

An over-interest in a pathology is a pathology in itself.

When confronted with real madness it is better to step back and try and take an objective view of the person. You need to try and understand how that person has come to that frame of reference and mindset. If you are courageous and kind you may try and help. But trying to merge/adopt or empathise with their thought processes to understand them at that point can be injurious to your own health. i.e. If you are sitting on a bus and you realise that the guy two sets in front of you is about to detonate and is actually a suicide bomber intent on mayhem, it is better to shoot him dead than to try and relate to him. The trick when dealing with evil and madness is knowing which sefirotic tool should be used.

P.S. Nations like people have many aspects to them. This why it is wrong to generalise about any country or religious group. But by regarding some people from a tribe you can get a glimpse of the true makeup of the hologram.

BTW, happy birthday to the State of Israel.

ahouva klein

In response to CA. You have crazy people in every religion. You also have some crazy rabbis. Every religion has some crazy leaders and followers. That doesn't mean there is something wrong with the religion. So, don't toss it out over this.

To comment about the photo. Following a ridiculous concept to a logical conclusion: if the airplane takes in air and therefore makes the air tameh, then how does poked holes in the bag which allows that air into the bag protect him from the tumah? There is no logic here.

I mean the whole thing is crazy.


My take on it:

This is intended to keep him from flying over graves, but he's flying over graves in spite of the wrapper.

If I were part of the flight crew I'd want every passenger to leave in a wrapper like this guy. He stayed in his seat and out of the aisles for the duration of the flight. He was not able to consume meals, drinks or create garbage. I'd wish very passenger would fly in a wrapper. However, it is very important to keep oxygen at the ready, in case of suffocation.

Lastly, he's trying to preserve his purity, but purity is overrated. :)

Adam Neira

This is a picture of the famous fourth Rebbe of Plastikovitz. (The town, no longer on the map due to the great communist recycling initiative of 1984, was situated near Plonsk in north central Poland. Check Google maps and Waybackwhen machine if you don't believe me...) His great grandfather Zalman, the founder of the dynasty, was born on June 15th 1844. (The same date that Charles Goodyear patented vulcanised rubber ! A bizarre coincidence you would agree?) As an old man Zalman decided to up ship. He moved to Bound Brook, New Jersey in 1929 where he built a shul with a bimah made entirely from Bakelite. Due to his strict and pious nature he instructed all his followers to use the new fangled technology of plastic wherever and whenever they could when performing the mitzvot. Thus the family tradition continues to this day. The sect believes that their ancestor will return in a second coming and a plastic fantastic tabernacle will be erected in the Holy City from which all will worship from.

From this accurate genealogical information the photo featured in this article becomes easy to understand.
Long Live the Plastic Rebbe !


I am so confused.

A pseudo-pious condom?
Morris Stern in witness protection?
CSL fleeing the country?
Returning zayda to Yisrael for burial?
Yossi G. doing undercover reporting?

So many choices.



The really sad thing isn't that he's doing it, but that a brainwashed troll comes along to call us ignoramuses for ridiculing him, and actually tries to defend him.

Posted by: Jeff | April 11, 2013 at 05:42 PM

If by 'brainwashed troll' you're referring to my comment above, I take issue with your comment, which is incorrect. I didn't call anyone ignoramuses for ridiculing him (as I myself questioned whether he was right to do it!). I called ignoramuses those nitwits offering pea-brained suggestions when a little knowledge would have provided the real reason. Ignorance may be bliss in your little coccoon, Jeff, but some of us like to amass a bit of knowledge here and there.

(The other) Eli

Troyjan mensch?


hey, just bought a book online, gilui arayot, have no idea if it is totally social logical or religion based. but wtf, for 10 bucks we shall see. if i can read the Hebrew, 50=50 chance, depends on the style, and if not, maybe one of you guys can help,
anti Talibanim. if not, i blew 10 bucks wtf, so some charity will get 10 bucks less? looking forward to rcving it, i didn[t even ask questions from the bookseller if it was totally social logical or included religion based stuff, such as, how and why, MBP entered the religion and also, why in all all of the lists of forbidden unions, arayot,, daughter is never included, maybe that is what empowered the fn aXX hole who in Israel is accused of abusing three daughters for 10 years, that is enuf for a public "hanging" hey, the methods for sotah, will she sink, what a crock, let's get this guy out there,. sink???? well, assuming the guilt, and the fact that three daughters are willing to testify against him, watching whether he will sink is hilarious. maybe if he is castrated first, his chances , based on body weight, improve, re sinking., fxxking Talibanim,


Remember the Haredi bookshop in WillieB that offered 'free raping' ? Maybe there's a connection.....

"...Maybe he likes the smell of his own farts....."

-and he's from San Francisco and drives a Prius, too [with apologies to South Park]. He's just ahead of the curve...


You guys are all hilarious. Many laughs. Thank you.


out with the trash. clear bag for recyclables.


ok, nice, maybe it wasn't photoshopped. all the better for the variety 0f Rorschach responses. FM is getting better by the day, I am not familiar with those first two, only with that disgusting JPRESS, but here i go, into the brave new world. of jewcy and gothamist. thanks fir the heads up,
Does anyone here work? LOL, why work, either you have enough to last until the end, or you pay zero income taxes get food stamps and medicaid, this is so much more fun,
for the record, i do not now, nor have i ever lived off the corrupt govt, oops, now i am on the 300k strong terrorist list for choser kibud for the other side of the corrupt charedi world, but introducing extraneous subjects is not really appropriate, and who wants to end up on the reshima she assur lahem latoos. LOL, felons working at ast, hafuch, truly, non checked felons. someone stop me. mbp and pedophilia is enuf chomer. why go into the ammo the dhs is buying the billions of rounds of hollow core. the worst kind. oy, not for training, no way, i don't want to get kicked off of this site, because, it is, sometimes highly amusing, when it does not get personal, and Shmaryahu does a phenomenal job. just, what does it all matter if.

Abu Jihad Schneerson

He is a schvantz wrapped in a giant condom!


The pic made it to jewcy, gothamist and jewish press .coms


The really sad thing isn't that he's doing it, but that a brainwashed troll comes along to call us ignoramuses for ridiculing him, and actually tries to defend him.


Maybe he likes the smell of his own farts.

Unorthodox Yidden

It was Pesach. He needed to make sure no chometz would accidentally fall on his Passover hat.


He is holding his hand near his face. At first I thought he was davening. Now I'm think he has some sort of oxygen tank in their with him and he's holding an oxygen mask to his face.


What happens when he has to fart? The bag bursts open?!

Pearl of Wisdom

Omg! I needed a good laugh. Maybe it is one of those green bags that keeps produce fresher longer! I don't know how those sitting near him didn't die of laughter. Maybe is Candid Camera or the new version...Off their Rockers with Betty White!


He's really Amish, ridiculing the charedim.


Oh come on now, isn't it obvious?

5. He is the bag man for his organisation.

Abu Jihad Schneerson

It's so easy :he'a schvantz wrapped in a condom.


It can't be because he's a kohen. At least not presuming that's his son sitting next to him. His son would be a kohen also and he's not wearing a bag. I think he's a germaphobe.


It is photoshopped. A psychologist doing a Rorschach test. and the results are hilarious. It was supposed to appear on April 1, but there is an ancient cryptic midrash, actually known only by a select few (many of whose names have appeared in FM articles) ,that forbids any frivolity on April 1, well, forbids anything pleasurable ever. So it was postponed as to coincide with Michael Savage's programs on MBP.. But there is a logical fallacy there, since the Mohel derives a great deal of pleasure from his ritualistic primitive sucking.

Nigritude Ultramarine

It's a passenger who died mid-flight. The flight crew has taken the precaution of wrapping him in plastic to prevent to the transmission of disease from his decaying corpse. Granted, it's bad science, but a 'kabuki dance' often goes a long way in putting a crowd at ease.


What, tumah can't get through air holes? This guy's a kofer.

Yochanan Lavie

Thanks, Sarek. Your's is good, too, although I don't know the song.


YL - you are the hardest working man in parodies :>)

("The Rapper", The Jaggerz)

Hasid, I betcha, there’s some commandment out to get you
You’ll read them anywhere, in Torah, in Talmud, in your crazy mind
You’ll say it’s God’s will, required by all mankind

Rap a rap a rap, you must use a wrapper
Rap rap rap, it’s safer and faster

So he does his wrappin’, knowing he’ll be protected
He’ll say it’s safety against the girl in the adjacent seat
He’s made up his mind, he needs to beat a retreat

Rap a rap a rap, you must use a wrapper
Rap rap rap, it’s safer and faster

He’s made himself safe now, so he can daven now
Protected from the world, from goyim, or treif, it’s safety
He’s insulated from all men, but he will not face reality

Rap a rap a rap, you must use a wrapper
Rap rap rap, it’s safer and faster


Oh I get it, Moshe Cohen is being facetious and posing as being serious and yeshivish to show how ridiculous frum people can be. I forget what you call it, when bloggers do that.


You all have it wrong. He is mamash altruistic. He has AIDS, acquired from, (take your pick), a homosexual kid he mistakenly pedophiled, or from one of the zonot he frequents. He is protecting those sitting near him.
A real Tsadik.


I just can't believe this! Does he keep it on the entire flight or just as he leaves JFK (for example) and goes over the cemetery? If he keeps it on the whole flight, how does he breathe? I hope he reads this blog and realized that he is the ass of the century and has made a laughing stock og himself and frum Jews.


Posted by: MosheCohen | April 11, 2013 at 10:56 AM

Are you freakin serious! You can't be for real. Your worried about this guy making an a-ss of himself and a chilul Hashem (which I agree his), when your explanation (true or not) sounds completely ludicrous to any rational thinking person. You would be a lot better off just saying the guy is a sick frackin nut (which he is) then to compound the chilul Hashem, by actually saying it has a basis in halacha and from the supposed most recent posek hador. If that is the reason he is doing it and if any rabbi that I know thinks its normal on any level, I may just be done with all this non-sense for good. This may be the final straw that breaks the camels back. I'll just have to get the boss, my wife to agree :).


Erotic asphyxiation
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Erotic asphyxiation or breath control play is the intentional restriction of oxygen to the brain for sexual arousal. The sexual practice is variously called asphyxiophilia, autoerotic asphyxia, hypoxyphilia. Colloquially, a person engaging in the activity is sometimes called a gasper. The erotic interest in asphyxiation is classified as a paraphilia in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association.

Yochanan Lavie

Apologies to: Papa's Got A Brand New Bag by James Brown:

Come here sister... Tattie's in his sling
He’s got a new hip... and a brand new chumra
There’s no air drag
Tattie's got a brand new bag

Come here mamaleh... dig this crazy scene
He's not too lucid... but his suit is pretty clean
He ain't in drag.
Tattie's got a brand new bag

He's being a Jerk...
He's up in the sky
Don't pay him cheap 'cause you know he ain't frei
He's coming from Monsey, the big tomato, Jump back Yaakov, See you later

Come here sister
Tattie's in his sling
Hegot a new hip now
but I can’t dig that frum scene babe;
He ain't in drag
He's got a brand new bag

Oy tattie! He's being a Jerk
Tattie... he's being a Jerk
His payos will twist ... just like this,
He's going to fly ev'ry day and ev'ry night
The thing's... like an orangutan.
Hey... come on
Oy vey... come on
Oy vey.. he's pu tight... out of sight...
Come on. Oy vey!


It is very simple. Shame there is so much babble and speculation from ignoramuses above.

1. It is based on a Pesak from R Elyashiv among others (not undisputed, though). The Halachos of Tumah veTahara as codified in Talmud and Shulchan Aruch describe that Tumah from a grave rises upwards without limit (Tumah is a non-physical/biological phenomenon). A plane is made from materials which are mekabel tumah e.g. metals. As such they cannot be chotzetz bifnei hatumah - prevent the tumah from rising. However the same Talmud etc states that a Tzomid Posil - completely sealed container made from a material that is not mekabel tumah - is chotzetz bifnei hatumah. That is why he is doing it.

My issue with the above is that even if he follows R Elyahiv for all other matters, here there is difference of opinions and some Poskim do allow the Kohen to fly as normal. Thus he runs the risk of being machmir and creating a laughingstock and chillul hashem.

2. Perhaps he is not doing any of the above, but has a kink for rubber encasement. Google it and enjoy.

Yochanan Lavie

I could make of this a late shalach manot present for a single frum girl.


Obviously a Gerrer hasid


What the fck! 1. I don't know about the cohen psak but that would make sense (nuts yes, but it could be the reason). 2. Maybe it's not a religous thing, maybe he's a germaphobe.

Whatever his reason, the guy looks like a complete nut case and he probably is.I can't believe for a second that the airline would allow this.

This pic should go viral.


1. He is traveling on Pesach and does not want to be exposed to chometz.

2. He just had a chulent, and didn't want the resultant gases to offend his co-passengers.

3. He just went to the mikvah and wants to savor the just-dipped smell.

4. He has gift wrapped himself for god in case there is an accident.


As i struggle through so much sludge and primal reactiveness, much of it my own, i hope that whatever are his fears, beliefs or need of protection , that he is satisfied he did well. . . and if he is feeling that it is his calling from the creator then, so be it . . . he is not a child. And culturally speaking it is a good teaching to always respect those whom are your elders without regard to circumstance.


I'm just curious how he tied the knot on the top from inside the bag.

Moshe in Israel

I just noticed, the overhead cargo bins are open. That tells me this plane is still at the gate. I was wondering how he would be able to wear this while the plane is in flight.

I'm sure that this picture was taken just a short while before the fight crew came over and told him to remove it.

Even flying El Al, I doubt that they would allow him to wear this while the plane is in motion. For those who have worn such a covering, they put it on quickly as the plane passes over the cemetery near Tel Aviv.

Moshe in Israel

I think that what is most alarming is that this guy is totally oblivious to all around him.

He is displaying extreme arrogance to take this position. He has need to 'better then the next guy'.

I'd like to quote what Abracadabra said in on the post //Haredi Chief Rabbis Ban Disabled Mobility Aid – 25 Years After It Was Approved//

"So now what Hareidim do is compete to see who can issue the most halachic stringencies. They make everything assur and the more things you can make assur, the more stringent you can be in your observance, the more importance you gain in the Hareidi heirarchy of accomplishment."

I agree 100%. And according to this logic, you are looking at none other then the next Gadol Hador!



Garnel Ironheart

This is clearly a joke. After all, the bag is see through so what purpose does it serve?
Oh wait, is it based on Rav Eliashiv's psak about kohanim flying over graveyards?

Yerachmiel Lopin

He has terrible gas and doesn't want to inconvenience his fellow travelers.

What a mensch!

Turd Degree

Kosher Condom.


Cone of silence. Max broke the real one.


If this passenger is serious about not spreading tumah the he should have used a thicker plastic bag and had it hermetically sealed. Everyone knows that tumah can't travel in a vacuum. Gosh if you're going to do it do it right. Machmir my ass!


Obviously not having proper diet with good nutrition so this shmuck can't think straight.


He should have used a double bag for extra frumkeit. One layer of plastic is not enough. He must be too modern, and his children will not get a good Shidduch. And dark plastic would keep out views of evil seculars and goyem.

Pete Sareeah

Aren't there easier ways to take out the garbage?

Dan Daoust

Say hello to my new avatar.

Expatriate Owl

Hopefully, the bag is sealed tightly, so that the tumeh from the man does not contaminate the other passengers.


Is not the "protection" conferred by the aircraft fuselage even better than the thin plastic sheet?

What "logic" (if any) is going on here?


To me this picture says one thing that the mental illness this guy has is getting worse and worse next he will tottaly cover himself with nontransparent rags.


This is wrong on so many levels. Fire hazard, suffocation hazard, chillul Hashem. Absolute idiot.


He is a Kohen, and is scared that the plane will fly over a cemetery on taking off from T-A. The covering insulates him from tumah. This was news / fashion about 10 - 15 yrs ago...... maybe even more.

Abu Jihad Schneerson

It just cannot be true!I simply cannot believe this is real.

something smells

just praying and does not want to be distracted
no biggie

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