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April 16, 2013


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Moe, very well written. It's nice, isn't it, to every once in awhile wax stupid?


hes a victim of soycomestance!

Yochanan Lavie

Moe may hate this website, but Larry and Curly love it! (We haven't heard from Shemp). Moe, you're outvoted. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk...


ok moe you sign off first

Moe Sizlak

Proud May Parent
I encourage you not to waste your time on this very base and sleazy website, which is hosted by a mean-spirited, nasty, and hateful scoundrel who bears not the slightest bit of good will nor operates in good faith.


bennett is a chabachristian

Proud MAY parent

I am a proud parent of two students in MAY. FYI it is a wonderful school. The principals , Rabbeim and entire staff are extremely devoted to all the Talmidim in this school. My children are receiving an excellent education at this school. These comments posted about the schools education is completely false. It is also quite disturbing to hear fellow Jews calling others ,horrific names. This boy comes from a wonderful family and iyh" will get the help he needs.May Hashem give his parents the strength they need,to help their son recover from this horrific event. Name calling and false facts do not help anyone. FYI , this boy was not in the program that addresses the needs of students who are academically challenged. Get your facts straight . Until then stay away from posting comments that hurt others.
Proud MAY parent


Whats with all the subpoena talk i know shmarya could use the fifteen bucks but you gone have to think of a better way


"""I believe they could require Shmarya to release your identity in a subpoena duces tecum."""

Which means the IP address of your post
You are toast 'Dr Feldman MD'


As a student at Ateres Yaakov, I would like to clarify a few things.

First of all, redd, Rabbi Yossi Bennett is one of the most amazing people I know.

David: I consider myself frum, and believe it or not, I actually do follow radio/tv/internet/newspaper, as does everyone else in the school. The kid that did this is not oblivious to the current events. He is just a troubled kid. Every school has them - Jewish or not. And to answer your question, 99.9% of the students do "learn Toy-reh" and would never do something like this.

D: Your theory is ridiculous, but I'll just remind you that the "haredi extremists" you mentioned are no more than a fringe group that most haredim don't want to be associated with. And even then, I don't think they would say that killing is better than women parading around.

dd: I'm not sure if your opinion about the school is based on what happened today. If it is, then again, one troubled kid does not represent the rest of the school. Otherwise, I would disagree with just about everything you said. Compared to other schools it's not very expensive. The education is excellent, most guys are NOT very rude, there IS discipline, the school is NOT a joke, and I - as well as just about every other student - am very happy there.

Please don't post when you don't know what you're talking about.

WoolSilkCotton, I am a work of art as well as a sports and rock superstar

++Dr. Feldman, MD | April 16, 2013 at 05:26 PM++

You are obviously a fraud, not only for the reasons others already stated, but for violating the HIPAA Privacy Laws. If you are an employee at that school, or otherwise privy to that student's personal information, the family has every right to sue you, and I believe they could require Shmarya to release your identity in a subpoena duces tecum.


mesivta ateres yaakov, if that's the all boys HS located in lawrence (five towns).
no, it's not for retarded .
it's a very expensive HS 'yeshiva', the academic education is zero .
i don't know why those very well off modern 'ortho' parents send their boys there . the academic teaching is not worth
anything and the boys are VERY RUDE , no discipline . this school is a joke . even for free, i will never send my children there. it's a waste of time .

btw, "dr ' feldman , you don't know anything . you speak on top of your head . u might be chaBAD or something like that .


Feldman –

You are not a doctor and the boy – who may have developmental issues or who may not – is not a retard. Try to contain your slurs to those deserving of them – like yourself.


Dr. Feldman, MD=

doctors dont use the title "Dr." and "MD" , so youre no doctor. and the terms "retard" and "retarded" are offensive and insensitive when used as you did. shame on you.

Dr. Feldman, MD

The school has within it a program for mentally and developmentally challenged students, and the kid was from that program. So first of all, quickly condemming the frum for not being aware of current events is stupid, and criticising the principal for his compassion is ignorant. Bottom mine is that this event did not involve a normal human being, and to equate the actions of a retard those of a normal terrorist is in itself retarded.


Redd you sound like an idiot


MAY is a boys only RWMO yeshiva. i have friends whose kids go there. i also know one of the principals quite well and he's a wonderful guy. im sure every kid is aware of boston. this is prob just a troubled kid just like you could find at any school.


Further evidence that the frumma are completely disconnected from reality.

I wonder if the boy even follows the news (i.e. no radio/TV/Internet/newspapers etc. since these are goyishe things and he should only study Toy-reh)?

And not to mention how after a lifetime of "learning" Toy-reh he can do something like this.


yossi bennett sounds like an idiot.

Lubavitchers are Christians


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