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April 05, 2013


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I find it insane that a Rastafarian is not allowed to smoke Marijuana in accordance with his religion but an orthodox Jew is allowed to cut up a baby's penis and suck on it in accordance with his religion. The world is insane.


Who's listening to Michael Savage? He's hopping mad about this!! Go get 'em Mike!!!

A son-in law such as this!

Freonpsandoz: "In other news, thousands of former Catholic priests are converting to Judaism!"




wait, this guy cuts of the foreskin then sucks on the penis of the child? WTF? Really? He sucks on the penis of this child? Really?

(The other) Eli

Isn't this obstruction of justice? I thought that's a crime?

JustMyTwo Cents

Forgetting the authorities for the moment, will the name of the infected mohel at least be circulated within the ultra orthodox community to protect other children?

Will the religious leadership take any action to prevent the mohel performing MBP in the future?


The parents were not provided with a consent form, as required by law. If they will not cooperate with the investigation of this violation, they should be charged with child endangerment. No other religion would be afforded such deferential treatment.


In other news, thousands of former Catholic priests are converting to Judaism!


It's about time we all stand up to calling these stupid religions what they are... Superstition and mass hysteria at their worst. I can't fault anyone for believing in God because I can't prove he doesn't exist any more than they can prove he does. But religion is a complete sham made up by sick (mostly) old men-with-beards and the idiots who follow them deserve everything bad that happens. Unfortunately the babies and children who have no choice in the matter pay the ultimate price.

It's time we made our laws come first and quit promoting religion. In fact maybe that's the argument against God. If he did exist and actually cared, he wouldn't let evil old men do these things to children and other innocent people.

A son-in-law such as this!

@Dov: "Best headline ever."



@Norm: "The law is toothless-but are the rabbis?"


Skin Whitening Forever

Your article is very good


law - I agree that the parents are to blame for this as well as the mohel. They should be threatened with losing all of their children since they purposely exposed their baby to a dangerous disease.


Best headline ever.


This practice is representative of severe child abuse. Yes, the parents MUST be reported to authorities, facing charges, loss of parental rights and/or jail.

WoolSilkCotton, I am a work of art as well as a sports and rock superstar

As long as it's just frumma sucking on frumma penises, the politicians will let it go on. No need to upset the frumma voting bloc, and the rest of the public doesn't give a crap about primitive disgusting frumma rituals. The public already knows the frumma are creepy, disgusting, sleazy crooks.

It's only a matter of time before a frumma mohel is found to have HIV and is spreading it around. Then the frumma will complain about why the government did not do anything to prevent the spread of disease in their community.


The law is toothless-but are the rabbis? I certainly hope so.


Alter Kocker,

I'm sick to death of the "wagons in a circle" mentality that characterizes the frum world. It's beyond time to break through the barricades. When you tell us one of your stories about confrontational methods employed by you or one of your clients, I find myself very much in agreement.

By the way, some weeks back I asked Shmarya to ask you to get in touch with me, or to give him your email so I could get in touch with you. Something I wanted to ask you.


Until the Hasidic community begins to cost the public at large some serious money, I don't think the political class is going to care one way or another about the health of a few Hasidic babies.

Alter Kocker

I highly agree. At the very least the parents are guilty of child endangerment. To our Haredi brethren, I do not say this as I am against circumcision, I am not! I am against a practice which turns a mitzvah into a potentially dangerous situation. One mohel performing this barbaric practice may sever many bloodlines.


"The health department could take no action against the rabbi who performed the circumcision because the parents would not reveal his identity."

Fine; put the parents in jail. How's that for "revisiting the policy"?


The haredi rabbis, the mohels and the parents all value their cultural norms more than they do the safety of their children. The are prisoners of their culture. This is not a Jewish value. Shame on them.


To reinforce theese anthopoud chassidims ego that they are the one and only true jews they sacrifice their own helpless babies to satisfy their own ego, their concrete thick skulls cannot take in others oppinions they are always right and everyone is always wrong,they are the sickest among all jews and getting sicker by the day.

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