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April 13, 2013


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surprised you didnt mention how their great uncle fled the holocaust leaving behind his chasisdim

Yochanan Lavie

Teitelbaum= entitled bum.


I think he this trash teitelbum is worse then both, he murders his own young generation for his self agrandizement,they are the young generation infinitly better of going into the army then sticking to his teitelbums chasidism ,sticking to hassidism is the real murder ,his chassidism is the murderer not the zionists.

I can't think of a name yet

He hates zionists so much, he can't think straight. Just like Shmarya who hates Haredim so much, he ant think straight.


Who cares what some relic presiding over a city of welfare recipients has to say?

Newly Revealed Turd Eater

Why don't they just pull the necessary strings and open up the floodgates of Monroe and Williamsburg and bring all of Satmar Chasidim from Israel to New York? That would be the ultimate show of Chesed, and would preserve Judaism according to their logic. All they would need to do is share their section 8 and other govt. monies with the new immigrants. It's a no brainer. Ah, but so are they...

Aviel Menter

Ugh. You know, with movements to allow women at the Kotel, with recent losses of the right in elections, and with movements to draft yeshiva students, we can only hope that the hold of religious fundamentalism on Israeli society is dying out. The Israeli right isn't good for anyone.


Forced conscription for everyone like in the 1940's. These Yerushalmis are the best candidates for benefits, as they spend 99% of their money in the local economy. Anyone who knows about taxes will understand that the government will be getting back most of the monies it pays out in benefits to such people. If the same money goes around repeatedly, as each person spends what they get, the baker spends at the butcher who spends at the grocery, etc, everyone gains. Benefits without conscription for these people is better.

Lo K'darkah

"The Zionists" as he calls them, cannot be Amalek, physically or spiritually, because - amongst other things - they still, for the most part, circumcise their male children. And even from the Kvod Admor's perspective, that they are working towards spiritual destruction of Am Yisrael ("their aim is to take us away from Torah"), this is not Amalek - who is dedicated towards physical destruction (unlike the Zionists who davka wish to protect the physical) - this is the Eirev Rav. Read a book called the Torah, where it is clearest; or read a book called the Zohar if you need this topic b'iyun. Irrespective of the argument over which is worse between spiritual or physical destruction, this discussion cannot be had l-shem shamayim unless Jewish leaders speak with clear metaphors, consistent with Biblical and chazalically-regarded sources.


Telltalebum is dangerous. By equating Zionists with Amalek, he calls for the murder of these people and their families.

This great Satmar Rabbi Tell-tales-bum must be brought to court for ensightment to murder.


This aron teitelbaums payes is hanging down like a putz on both sides of his head, this goes to show us why there are so many molestations among the hassidim, their mind is always on sex or absoulte nonsense,who do they think they are they should be commited into a mantal institution.


Rabbi Teitelbaum, please look out the window. You will see reality. It differs a bit from the view you can see trapped within your tiny cloister. Outside your cloister, the entire world is laughing at your incredibly stupid remark.

Alter Kocker

The Teitelbums should learn to shut their filthy cake-holes. These cowards threw their flock under the bus in order to escape the Nazis so their world view is seriously questionable. One does not need to justify the induction of the Haredim into the army, save and except for this: Israel is a country surrounded by enemies who will delight in pushing EVERY JEW into the sea. An army is required for the safety of every Israeli. Teitelbaum and his sort assist the enemies and should be shouting from rooftops for the Haredim to join up in order to avoid HOLOCAUST II.

Yosef ben Matitya

oh boy, he looks more and more like a giant rat in a racoon guise. the besht must have looked like him!


Teitelbaum= entitled bum.

Posted by: Yochanan Lavie | April 13, 2013 at 08:49 PM

Brilliant ! I think you have the makings of the latest tee shirt craze. Three quarter length sleeves of course. :)


Jacob Mendlovic

This is news? His relative, the late Satmar Rebbe, Yoel Teitelbaum, in his important Sefer "Divrei Yoel,"declares that the Zionists are pure Amaleikim.


Jacob Mendlovic--He says that because as you know the saying it takes one amaleiki to know another ameleiki,they see in others theese satemerers what they themselfs are.

(The other) Eli

I kind of agree with him. The Zionists did do something really horrible and destructive; they rescued Joel Teitelbaum.


he's being extremely insulting to our people we lost in the camps etc.

Adam Neira

The correct philosophy for the Holy Land, Middle East and Planet Earth is best enunciated by the Johnny Mercer maxim...

"You've got to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, hold onto the affirmative and don't mess with Mr.In Between."


BTW, happy birthday to the State of Israel today.

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