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April 14, 2013

Israel To Give Large Tuition Rebates To Haredim, Disabled, Arab Women

Israeli FlagThe Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry is offering 85% tuition rebates on professional training courses that last up to one year. Graduates who are hired will also get a $551 grant that should cover any remaining tuition owed.


Ha'aretz reports:

The Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry is offering 85% tuition rebates on professional training courses to ultra-Orthodox men, Arab women and people with disabilities. Participants who are hired after completing their studies will also receive a grant of NIS 2,000, which should more than cover the balance of tuition fees.

The benefits are part of a ministry program aimed at encouraging members of population groups with low employment rates to enter the workforce, after first acquiring skills that are in demand. The program has a two-year budget of NIS 30 million. The rate of employment among adults with disabilities and Haredi men is only around 50%, while only about 25% of Arab women in Israel work outside the home.

Smaller program benefits are available to other population groups, including new immigrants, ultra-Orthodox women, those referred by the Employment Service, youth at risk, residents of outlying areas of the country, single parents and newly released prisoners.

The available courses, whose maximum duration is one year, include subjects ranging from welding to computer programming and management training.…


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The desire to train Arab women is not an altruistic one. Women working outside the home tend to have fewer children. This is a technique to reduce the Arab birth rate. I doubt Israel s encouraging Harrison women to work outside the home. I wouldalso guess that Arab women arewith few exceptions being trained largely for the most meaningful jobs that Jewish Israelis don't want.

Sorry. Posting from new phone that completes words for me. I. Meant to say "menial" jobs. I doubt too many Arab women will be trained for the high-paying jobs. Also on reading the article more carefully I see that Hareidi women do get training. Notice though that the article says the programs for them are "much smaller." Sorry for the errors.

Jessica in case you don't know 10 min. is enough for a woman to get pregnant.

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