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April 21, 2013


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Israeli police lying is nothing new.


The police should not get involved. Let the people "work" it out and let the police only come in when fists and chairs begin to fly.

Lo K'darkah

Most of the police I have interacted with in Israel are dumber than bricks. Good looking, but stupid. Or, if blessed with a quick wit, then usually extremely under-educated. Thus, their lies will usually be stupid lies. I am not surprised by this latest offering; nor by their complete inability to use the law to their advantage. The cops could have come out of this smelling like roses and tzadikim - earning the approbation and commiseration of klal yisrael, and the chareidi/quasi-governmental power structure would have got a shmeissing from a judge who might have even forced legislative (as opposed to just political) consideration of the issue - but, like I said, they are probably too stupid to realise that the law is more complex than their understanding; or maybe they just couldn't be bothered with changes in the rules that might imply more work. Stupid or lazy. Take your pick - but do spare some rachmonos, because for they most part they are good people.

Of course, the whole problem for WoW could be fixed tomorrow - I'd estimate about half a billion dollars (500 million - for those of you who are Israeli policemen)- that's what the going price would be by the time your shmear the lining of everybody that matters' gutkes... (politicians are expensive, of course, but let's see whether your average posek could withstand the pressure of 150 mil waved at his favourite charity or yeshivah. OH! LOOK! I FOUND A HEITER!... ) After all, changes in theological outlook and halakah don't come cheap (we're not the Catholic Church, l'havdil). So girls, time to start fundraising...

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