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April 12, 2013


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Adam Neira

Gantz visits last IDF casualty's family, apologizes

Chief of staff apologizes to Yevgeny Tolochko's family after uproar over placing IDF flag on Jews' graves only; IDF Spokesperson: Protocol to change

Yoav Zitun Published: 04.15.13, 15:12 (Ynet)


Gantz must resign.


I'm pretty sure that had it been Druze or Muslim Arab or Christian or Cherkassian the IDF chief of staff Gantz would put the flag on his grave.

However, when the people of patrelinial Jewish descent are concern the secular Jewish establishment of Israel show themselves as the most disgusting racists.


WTF! It's a goddamned FLAG - ie: symbol of a country, a state - not of a religion. There are Israelis of multiple religious faiths. Would this fool of a general have refused this honor to a Christian or Arab killed in the line of duty or is it only a Jew whose bloodline he somehow considers not pure enough to whom he denies this honor? Achtung, mein Fuhrer! I have denied the filthy not-quite-Jew the simplest of honors. Homeland for all Jews - yeah, right. Sickening.

Harold F

So he was Jewish enough to give his life for Israel but not Jewish enough to be recognized for it. Who needs this nonsense?

Yosef ben Matitya

they changed their mind since & changed the 'rule'.
nevertheles, this was and still is a very, very shameful and undignified incident.
no excuse, the -often embarassing- religion couldn't care less where a flag is planted.


. . . there are differences even amongst those of us who share the same parents. But to remain "humble" in all situations is what separates those who will fall separate and apart from those who rises by evolving. Nesessarily, we neee both. However, those living amongst us whose choice it is to fall, the responsibility of falling remains squarly on their shoulders. It is the call of that specific individual. . . it is no mere over sight to not recognize those who have sacrificed their greatest posession (their life) for the cause; but more so, it is a spirit of willful intent to harm. As the law of recripical action suggests, there will be yet another opportunity to do it right. And to our fallen soldier, if your deed has been pure then thank you Evgeny Tuluzko, for giving humbly you life to the cause of those who still as yet, cannot discern the tree from the forrest.

Adam Neira

Just after Gilad Shalit was captured on June 25th 2006 I said to many people...

"If the State of Israel thinks Gilad is expendable, G-d will make the State of Israel expendable."


I guess the last full measure of devotion isn't valid if you don't meet the standards of God's self-appointed representatives on earth. Sad. And telling.

And anyway, how would the IDF Chief of Staff know about 1 soldier's level of Jewishness?

Adam Neira

Poor Evgeny Tuluzko probably does not care less. He alas is in the ground. But you would think dying whilst in service defending the state would grant you some respect in death, or are some lives worth more than others...

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