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April 14, 2013


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"By then, Luke, you'll have fleas."

[Completely wrapped in plastic head to toe.]



You're right. With the Seaport half-wiped out and many other establishments still not functioning it's probably a desert there on the weekend. They don't even know where to site a protest so someone will see it -

WoolSilkCotton, I am a work of art as well as a sports and rock superstar

Lower Manhattan on a Sunday? I assume down by the Wall St. area. Nobody is there.

Charles P. Cohen

I suspect the Israeli police have a hard time arresting haredim.

But I bet the NYC cops won't be put off by black hats and payes.

"Civil disobedience" means jail, if you do it right. I hope they have fun.

Bob Guthrie

Hmm, where is the "Rah Rah Hareidim!" squad for this brilliant stroke of genius?. No back-up?. No "Is not newsworthy/Shmayra got the news facts and or sources wrong?". No "It's in the halacha/Jewish traditions!". No (obfuscating, dismissive excuse/apology)?,...

Deremes?, I can't think of a name yet?, Just Saying (thinking outloud)?, moshe zucker?, Shua?, avi?, shosh?, ShmaryLover?, LaC?, gopjew?, groinem?, qwerty?, put a square into a hole?,..


...eh, fuggedaboutit.


Nyc should only agree if they can charge the PD overtime to these nutbags. Gettoutahere!!!!


"...I'd like to see a bunch of scantily clad women show up to the protest....Ah, yes. The topless nun-clad FEMEN Members. >=)Or the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence..."

Could be pretty funny. You learn something every day..

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence® is a leading-edge Order of queer nuns. Since our first appearance in San Francisco on Easter Sunday, 1979, the Sisters have devoted ourselves to community service, ministry and outreach to those on the edges, and to promoting human rights, respect for diversity and spiritual enlightenment. We believe all people have a right to express their unique joy and beauty and we use humor and irreverent wit to expose the forces of bigotry, complacency and guilt that chain the human spirit.

Members of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence include men, women, and transgender people who identify with a variety of sexual orientations, although the majority are gay men.[16] Joining an order mirrors the steps for joining an actual order of nuns. Potential members are encouraged to attend organizational meetings as aspirants, and told that if they are not intending to make a lifelong commitment they should seriously reconsider.[16] After showing intent and being approved by the order, an aspirant is promoted to a postulant and is expected to learn about the history of the organization and continue to work behind the scenes for at least six months. Postulants are not allowed to wear nun's attire, but may instead dress in "festive garb that fits in with Order", according to the Sisters' website. If the members approve of the postulant, a fully indoctrinated member may act as a sponsor and the postulant is promoted to a novice. Novices are allowed to wear white veils and whiteface make-up. This phase lasts another six months during which the novice is expected to work within the organization and plan an event. If three-fourths of the order agrees, the novice is promoted to a full member of the group.

After their inception, the Sisters soon spread to other cities within the U.S. as a loosely connected network of mostly autonomous houses. There are thirteen houses and six missions in various cities across the U.S. Globally, 600 members work for established houses or missions in Australia, Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, Scotland, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Uruguay. The San Francisco Founding House anchors much of the activities and continues to be the largest and most well-funded. The San Francisco House (SPI, Inc.) also holds the registered trademarks for "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence" and the "laughing nun head" logo.

The Sisters use Catholic imagery as simultaneous inspiration and fodder for parody through camp. They choose names based on the process of renaming women inducted into Catholic orders, but that suggest sexual promiscuity or that are based in absurdity: Sister Anita Blowjob, Sister GladAss of the Joyous Reserectum, Sister Hellena Handbasket, and Sister Homo Celestial, among others. They wear wimples, habits, and robes of nuns, but accessorize them garishly with baubles, beads, and whiteface make-up. Sister Phyllis Stein the Fragrant Mistress of Sistory asserts that there is a clear distinction between drag queens and members of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence: "We're not dressed as girls, we're dressed as nuns... We definitely minister to the spiritual needs of our community, while drag queens sort of focus on camp and fun within our communities. We're very different communities. A lot of people refer to us as drag queens, but we say we're in nun drag. We are nuns."

Sister Irma Geddon of the Portland, Oregon-based Order of Benevolent Bliss offered her view of the efficacy of using nun's clothing and drag: "The lightness of everything, in addition to the whiteface and the nun's habits, are a mechanism to reach out to people. When we're dressed up like that, kind of like sacred clowns, it allows people to interact with us.

Yoel Mechanic

I'd certainly like to hear from anyone who is supporting this march. Like "What are you thinking???" and "Do you really believe the rhetoric??" and "Do you think the current situation is fair?"

And most importantly: "Do you ever converse with someone who does not share these views? Why do you think they are saying what they say??"


By then, Luke, you'll have fleas.


" They will be the laughing stock. Do these frumma realise how disconnected from reality they are?"

No, but I'll ask Yossi on the drive down.



And what if the goyim ask them what they are protesting about? They will have to say (if honest) that the Israeli Government wants us to educate our children and also to participate in the draft like all other Israeli citizens. They will be the laughing stock. Do these frumma realise how disconnected from reality they are?


I'm driving down with Yossi G. Would like to pick up Ruthie along the way. I just have to wait to hear from her. : )



what does nyc or the u.s have to do with it?

those trolls have to go and protest in the streets of israel. the haredi are really nuts .

the israeli gvt should cut subsidies and force the men to work, like everybody else .


What they need to do is coordinate a protest in Israel as well at the same time.

Bob Guthrie

Posted by: (The Other) Eli
"I'd like to see a bunch of scantily clad women show up to the protest."

Ah, yes. The topless nun-clad FEMEN Members. >=)

Or the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (Google it. semi-NSFW). ^.^ But with this last group it would then degenerate into a contest between the Hareidim and the nuns on who is got the bigger beards. =P

(The Other) Eli

I'd like to see a bunch of scantily clad women show up to the protest.

dapper danny

Posted by: D | April 14, 2013 at 01:52 PM

Hey there Mr. D.

I've read your post repeatedly, trying to make sense of it all. You write in complete gibberish, like something translated by Bablefish. Please try again, using proper paragraphs, sentence structure, and punctuation.

Finster Baby

So they leave their yeshivas to march against a law that requires them to, um, leave their yeshivas and march.

Bob Guthrie

Posted by: D
"I forgot to mention the sympathies of a Chr*stian population, deeply religious and big supporters of Israel."

You forgot to remember that most American Christians, specially extremist Christian Fundamentalists and Evangelicals,{*} are conservative capitalists, and extremely Patriotic too.

They don't mind supporting Israel as a military/political buffer in the Middle East, and they expect Judea's Military to make the effort with all the Intel and Mil funding provided to succeed in this endeavor. In short, fund and defend Israel, expects Israelites to put their two cents worth in the effort.

So now you have a group of malcontents that not support the Israeli government, riots against it (the 99% type riots) and its ideas, they meet with her enemies (NK), do not to wish to serve to protect her, mostly wanting the Israel/US establishments to dole out money to them so they can sit on their butts no studying the type of religious teachings US Christians expect/demand everybody to learn in the US.

"Then US Christian/Seculars Liberals!." Their tax money spent on a group that doesn't provide for the most part to the US coffers?. Misogynists/Women repression, the Israeli Taliban woman?, hate for free expression of Religion but their own?, stoning females and children?.

Tell me then, what segment of the US population is going to support draft dodging, Israel Hating, misogynist, Welfare Queens?.

(*) (Yes, Fundamentalists and Evangelicals support of Israel is mostly selfish in nature, just keeping her together and her people for their own end of times purposes. But they still support her in the mean time).


I have no conenction with these nuts. I hear Judy Brown author of Hush speak last week. I will no longer give to any charitale organization which gives any funds or support to any Haredi organization. That includes JNF and Federation.

Moshe Aron kestenbaum Williamsburg

Make a yom tefila for JOBS not unemployment and more shnorrers


My problem with these Haredi protests is, I never know what to wear. :)



It's time to stop these leeches and get them ALL to work. Bothin Israel and the US. If not now ,when ? Yafah talmud toram IM derech eretz.


Theese bozos are trying to convince themslefs and others that their make beleive world is the real world,they think others are so stupid as to fall for their shameless shtick they want to live of others hard toil so they can dangle their shmock all day and make a mockery of us all.


Is this a "male only" event?


Robert J. Barron, Attorney at Law

D, one of the (main) problems I have with that lifestyle- with that cult- is their refusal to understand and accept that we live in the year 2013...NOT 1885. In America in 2013, what you LEARN determines what you EARN.

As Jeff has said on other threads here, poverty and ignorance is not a crime- but it IS a crime to deliberately embrace both- and that's what haredim DO.

When haredi parents in the United States prevent their children from learning basic subjects like reading, (except for Torah) math, computers, and proper English grammar, they are consigning them to a life of poverty. I don't care how much you pray, or how intensely you pray- with not much more than a 12th grade education, and a very poor one at that, your'e not getting anything more than a minimum wage job- and it's highly doubtful that job comes with benefits.

Can you raise a family of seven children on that, when your wife does not work outside the home. Barely. Even with food stamps, Section 8 housing, and whatever else a person can squeeze out of the government, you are still looking at nothing more than a hand-to-mouth existence.

Why do I have a problem with that? It's because our ancestors did not come over from Eastern Europe, Russia, etc, so that their descendants could re-segregate themselves in some poverty-ridden ghetto. That's why they LEFT those places and came here.

And when the Jewish people (in American) (as a whole) back in the 1920's and 1930's embraced the idea that the way to success for Jews in this country was through the professions- that's why and how young Jewish men (and women) started going to college in the 1940's and 1950's- and getting degrees in law, medicine, and business. It's why Jews are (proportionate to our share of the population) over-represented in fields like law and medicine. It's because we go to COLLEGE. Not because we are some "chosen people" or some such belief.

And now, in the year 2013, we see a whole group of Jews determined to embrace poverty and ignorance. Damn right I'm disgusted. ANY thinking human being would be disgusted.

Moshe Aron kestenbaum Williamsburg

This makes no sense,a yom tefillla that at least 10% of Israeli population should be protected from draft dodgers, what a nice tought , dodge the draft , collect food stamps, collect Medicaid, collect what ever else, don't work for a living, just a buch of shnorrers and more shnorrers , well mr moatzai hatora you guys are all sheep


Posted by: Dip-Doo | April 14, 2013 at 02:17 PM

call it what you want it is a protest


Does not say one word about a "protest".

Why lie through your teeth and spina story falsely?


I forgot to mention the sympathies of a Chr*stian population, deeply religious and big supporters of Israel. Who can't believe as one said recently, that they are keeping all from studying Torah and that everyone should. Not realizing or taking in consideration the economic impacts of etc. And ..with all the current tensions, these last years etc...and the dislike that is so obvious like Robert here..who is going to hire them anyway should they be "integrated" and there's a fine line between assimilation and integration into society at large, They have a much better chance here in the USA, and better chances of being hired by Chri*tians, than Liberal Jews in NYC. That in part due to the Liberal Jews who over the years have done a lot of work, establishing good rapport, between chri*tians and Jews.


These people are a huge embarrassment. They are not practicing Judaism, but Haredism.

Robert J. Barron, Attorney at Law

Parasites. Nothing but parasites. What they are protesting against is not secular learning or military service, per se, but rather, they are protesting that with the chance to learn about the outside world, that the youngsters will leave the cult, and their supply of recruits will wither. This is one of the last gasps of a subculture that will eventually disappear- at least in the United States- although it may take 15 or 20 years.


I can only imagine why NYC..playing on the sympathy of a "democracy"..which includes freedom of or against religion. Ethical codes of the IDF, word democratic, comes up a few times. The new "oath" that one must take as a new Olim..Jewish and "Democratic". One of those being religious belief, for or against. Those same people burning their draft cards protesting the war, that they did not believe in, and sitting in the universities, still getting free tuition and government grants. They are playing perhaps on these principles of Democracy and Freedom of or from Religion. I suspect. Only guessing. So much is called anti Israel, when some feel it's only the "policies" and politics, they disagree with..just like your heading here. Some who live in Israel disagree with the same. Who says all these people that may or may not attend are anti Israel..when they disagree with policy as well, it's your definition. Also, the USA Government is looking at the situation in Israel and this matter very closely..considering the issue of Military and Religion here in the USA and your own first amendment rights.


I guess everyone will have to take the day off. I plan on attending for the entertainment value alone.



contest, signs and slogans for a counter rally.

winner gets an extra few months geheniem with the cool people.

On second thought you might be hanging with these gedoliem who are leading a whole generation down into the abyss.

Lubavitchers are Christians

The haredim held a similar protest about 11 or 12 years ago in lower Manhattan. If I remember correctly, about 40,000 of them showed up then. It was held on a Sunday, so it wasn't too hard to get the permit. I don't remember what that protest was about.

As I've written here many times, my haredi sources tell me that the way the haredim are going to fight the draft is by making international protests against the draft by claiming that "they don't want to join the Zionist occupation army, and kill innocent Palestinians."

Unfortunately, this anti-Israel pro-Palestinian agenda will resound very well with the wider American and European public, and will be very accepted with the Muslim world. This will get constant media attention for a very long time, and will be a huge embarrassment for the Israeli government.

I just hope that everyone thought this through very well, and realize the consequences. When the world sees tens of thousands of Jews protesting "Zionist Israeli Occupation" actions against Palestinians, broadcast again and again all over the world, this will up the anti-Israel propoganda to levels we have never seen.

Not a very good idea. Then again, maybe this is exactly what the haredim have in mind - to force the Israeli government to backtrack before the protests get under way.

Sit back and enjoy.


Actually I welcome this.


This is a great way to bring light to the same subject in New York State. Hey boys, go for it. May be this will result in money freeing up for the legit private schools, you know, not the "slap happy" ones. :)


John Nagle, Silicon Valley, CA

NYC will seldom issue a special event permit in a week. Lots of protest groups want that, and they're almost always turned down. NYC allows protests on sidewalks and parks, and in front of City Hall, but closing a street requires special permits requested 60 days in advance. If there's a street closure for next weekend, it should be on the NYC DOT weekend schedule tomorrow.

This is well-established. The ACLU discusses this here: "http://www.nyclu.org/content/know-your-rights-demonstrating-new-york-city". Protest groups such as Occupy Wall Street have a clear understanding of what they can and can't do. NYC is generally quite reasonable about this.


"in protest of the Israeli government’s decision to enforce the law and withhold funding from haredi yeshivas and schools that refuse to teach the country’s core curriculum, and israel’s plan to draft haredi yeshiva students into the military."

This they want to call attention to? Hell, I'll march with them!


? So they are protesting Israel's policies over here in the U.S...and nowhere near the Israeli consulate? And they think that this will get the American public to take their side?

Yet another example of their not understanding reality.

Really, what do they hope to accomplish with this?

Yochanan Lavie

They should be ignored. Unfortunately, they won't be because Jews hating Israel is a "man bites dog" story that the media love.


The insanity of this is beyond words,theese lunatics think this will help them.but the exact opposite is true,they will be more despisedand seen as cowards,their thinking process is extreemly perverted all that toreh learning zobefied their brain,made it into mush.

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