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April 12, 2013


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Look, some Chareidim (or many) are worried that this is all a ruse to totally mess up their communities and to draw students away from Torah observance.

Posted by: Yoel Mechanic | April 14, 2013 at 01:23 PM

Since when has refusing to educate one's children, work or do military service constituted "Torah observance"?

Yoel Mechanic

Look, some Chareidim (or many) are worried that this is all a ruse to totally mess up their communities and to draw students away from Torah observance. The problem is exacerbated by persons and blogs that clearly are trying to do this, and use this as one of the tactics of "rachok" work (read this as "reverse kiruv"). I think jobs, and study of secular educational support of this will in the long run strengthen religious communities and be a good thing, however those with malicious intents make it all the harder to convince anyone of this.


"the government can't supervise the schools every day"

That's no problem: they can have standardized tests at the end of every school year, students who don't pass the test cannot go on to the next year. This is the way it is handled in most countries...


Why is hebrew (or arabic) for native speakers not among the core subjects? As I said: this person does not seem very gifted for his job...


He is wrong. Of course the state can enforce a minimum education program on private schools, even without subventions, many countries do it. If he does not know this, he is an idiot and should step down immediately.


De-funding haredi schools is the start, but the next step should be to require all haredi children to attend schools where the core curriculum is being taught.

Disgruntled in Ramapo

If only New York State would taken on the same attitude.


As FF above says they will just pretend to teach these subjects to get the money. There must be strong state supervision and checks as well as exams to ensure the subjects are actually taught.

And the secular subjects need to be taught in the morning when the kids are fresh. In the Charedi schools where they bother to teach any secular subjects it is normally done in the afternoon when the kids are exhausted after "learning" Torah all morning.

Outcast Yid

"A good curriculum for the State of Israel's students . . ."

and 6 hours of the Babylonian Talmud, taught in Yiddish-accented Aramaic


they will pretend to teach the core subjects just to receive the money. the government can't supervise the schools every day. when the supervision appear at school they wil put some 6 students in a class with a fake math teacher.we just can't trust haredim.they should make haredim students to take bagrut exams to see if they learn any of these "sinful" subjects

Adam Neira

A good curriculum for the State of Israel's students should include the following subjects...

The Tanach, especially the Pentatuech ("Five Tools" in Greek.)

Hebrew; Arabic; English (Kids can usually learn languages far more easily than calcified adults, lucky for them.)

History - Both Jewish and Non-Jewish.




Music; Sport; Art

Other subjects can be added to the curriculum as need be and depending on the age and choices of the students.

Outcast Yid

Another great outcome of the Yesh Atid - Habayit Hayehudi partnership. Here you have a politically moderate, religious Zionist member of Yesh Atid attempting to integrate charedim into Israeli society. They will, of course, continue to villify the likes of Piron and Bennett, whom they view as "worse than" secular.

Alter Kocker

It is blasphemy to deny your child, and the community's children the basic tools for their life. Math, civics, basic science & english in no way diminish religious belief. HOWEVER, the reaction of the rabbinate and yeshivas in this matter are evidenciary of a deeper problem.

In a cult, where utmost devotion is required and brain-washing is a matter of course, restriction of information is tantamount to maintenance of control over the followers. The inability to think, coupled with repetetive dogma produces an automaton.


History, civics, science, english... it's hard to imagine they would intentionally hand their sheeple everything they need to figure out the titanic web of lies their worldview rests upon.

So although they won't be able to resist $igning the agreement, expect them to employ every means at their disposal not to honor it.


About time the real world came knocking at the doors of Haredi schools.

Yochanan Lavie

Get ready for chareidim and their apologists to go apeshit ballastic. Piron is a real educator, unlike Schwartzy in Ramapo.

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