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April 12, 2013


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"It's all about a Chabad school and the cover up which still continues till today..."



This is a good question....

From day 1 I said he'd fight this to the end....
I still think he will....

The Kramer case was as clear a cover up as one can find...Heck, they paid for his ticket to leave Australia....

And I hope that because of this the then 12 year old in USA sues Melb yeshivah and each of the trustees individually...

As we saw at the committal hearing they will deny they knew about Cyprys....

Trial starts soon so time will tell....

Wishing he would do the right thing


I wonder what the chances of " the locksmith" pleading guilty are now?



You miss the whole point here....

If Kramer is a Rabbi or Chabad is a moot point...

This is not even really about Kramer at all...

It's all about a Chabad school and the cover up which still continues till today...

It's about protecting the "Rabbi son of a baker" who if it all came out in court could face prosecution under Victorian Mandatory Reporting laws....


Shmarya, grab a beer, say lechaim, smile and chill out…

Amazing humility :)….


Shosh –

1. Being a thousand times smarter than you.

2. Knowing the case for years.

3. Knowing Chabad s hiring policy at the time Kramer was hired.

4. Knowing people who knew Kramer then.

5. Knowing people who knew Kramer after that.

Now toddle off.



And your evidence is???


Shosh –

As always, you are confused. Try very hard to process: Kramer has smicha and was a Chabadnik when he committed the Australian child sexual abuse. Chabad protected him and helped him flee. And no matter how harrd your little mind tries to make those facts disappear, they will not do so.


1) What qualifies Kramar as “Rabbi”? the fact that he was a teacher at a Jewish day school?

2) Where did you get this info that he is “Chabad”?


David4 –


For me to knows days ahead that Kramer would plead guilty means I know a lot more about what was going on. That might be confusing for someone as intellectually underpowered as you are, but most people grasp that if I reported the plea deal almost one week before it was made public and entered, and I said it resulted from Chabad pressure for the reasons I gave, I know what Im talking about.

Now as for you, little man, toddle off.


LOL David4....

Only you and your fellow yeshivah apologists are happy it didn't go to trial....

The rest of us wanted all the dirt to come out at trial..


So the victims are happy. Waks is happy - but birdbrain Shmarya would rather it would have gone to trial because "someone told me that..." and "my source said that..."

Did you all see him frothing at the mouth when his "exclusive" was reported in another paper - except, as was pointed out by many "it wasn't really reported quite like that."

Give it up little man. Your shoddy journalism just his a new low. Who thought that was possible?


Next court visit is in the County Court on July 17.


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