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April 18, 2013


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Yosef ben Matitya

Chicago Sam | April 19, 2013

Not really, CS. They are thriving in throwing sand in peoples eye, and getting away with it unpunished.
It doesn't pay for them to be honest. Their trade is that of robbing.

Chicago Sam

What a crook, just like the rest of the movement; Chabad should study the laws of genevah and mussar rather than waste their time in the esoteric gibberish of the Tanya and other Hassidic works,

Yosef ben Matitya

כֵּן יֹאבְדוּ כָל-אוֹיְבֶיךָ, יְ--ה
-31-5 שׁוֹפְטִים


roy raphael tashi might be a smart entrepreneur, but he is also stupid , as smart as he is . stupid to deal with a chaBAD crook . now, he knows he acted stupid .


"believing Gutnick’s claim that he would soon be able to sell the shares at a good profit"

I am very sympathetic to the suffering of others but it is hard to be so when anyone thinks they can "get rich quick". It is nothing but gambling, at best.


joseph gutnick is the bernard madoff of australia . he is a scammer .

in 2000 , gutnick was found guilty to have illegally structured a take over of Great Central mining . he was ordered to return $28.5 millions to investors .
gutnick resigned as director of Great Central mining .

gutnick has a long history of criminal activities . in 2004, gutnick was the target of a terrorist plot to have him killed . gutnick is always surrounded by body guards and never walks by himself anywhere . he is constantly afraid for his life .

Moshe in Israel

Who is this Roy Tashi?

Well, I'll tell you.

He is in investment parlance, an Accredited investor, which means that he KNOWS the risks, and he has the financial resources to absorb the possible losses.

Tashi "came to him [Gutnick] for financial help...after losing his $500,000 per year job in 2010."

Aside from what one thinks of Gutnick, there is WAY more to this story than what is contained within this post.

Here is his background from his website:


Roy Tashi, OAM

Roy Raphael Tashi is co-founder of the Mongolia Fund and serves as its Executive Director. He has extensive experience in establishing, building and developing a variety of businesses in various sectors including manufacturing, distribution, importing, exporting and trading. He has focused on private equity investments where he added value as a director or serving on the advisory board assisting in developing strategy and overseeing the drive for growth. He has been involved in both private and public companies and continues to serve as a director on a number of companies. Mr Tashi has also been involved in property development in Australia and the United States of America. Whilst based in Australia, his experience extends to Asia, Europe and the United States.


@believe, all judges around the world know very well that chassidim 'don't go to work' . chassidim scam or collect .


judge will say
go to work, stupid!
how do you believe in stocks ? go to buy a megamillion ticket and you have more chances


@ who would trust chaBAD, ( the case of beth alexander).

chaBAD is evil. vienna chaBAD, jacob biderman tricked beth alexander. he told her, her busband will give her the get quickly if she drops the custody battle . biderman persuaded her to drop the custody battle ,stating no matter what she will get the kids . she believed him. she did .

she never got the kids .

dr schlesinger ( beth's husband) paid rabbi biderman to pressure his wife to give up the custody battle . the twins need their mother and MORE , beth needs to be with her children . but chaBAD is evil, they don't care . all they care for is the money .

biderman screwd up the case and came out glorious . and now the twins will grow up without their mother thanks to the evil chaBAD 'rabbi' biderman. do you know how painful it is for a mother to have her children away from her ? chaBAD is disgusting . they are nazis .

oy vey

Written by
Mareesa Nicosia

Filed Under

Rockland County, New York

MONSEY — A 3-year-old boy is being treated for serious injuries after he bolted into the path of an oncoming vehicle and was struck Wednesday evening, police said.

The boy suffered from internal injuries and possible broken bones but no life-threatening injuries, Ramapo police Sgt. Margaret Sammarone said.

The boy and his mother, both Monsey residents, were walking on the sidewalk on Rita Avenue just before 6 p.m., Sammarone said.

The driver, a 32-year-old man also from Monsey, was traveling west on Rita Avenue when the accident occurred, she said.

“As far as I know he was walking with his mother when he bolted out into the street,” she said.

Police don’t plan to issue any tickets.

Emergency responders from Hatzoloh Ambulance Corps treated the youngster at the scene and took him to Westchester Medical Center, where he was in the pediatric Intensive Care Unit Thursday morning, Sammarone said.


ps. who can trust someone who has the appearance of a sorcerer ? seriously .
chaBAD physical appearance tells everything about them . it's a red flag .
decent, normal ppl should think twice dealing anything with them .
those who don't end up in court.


that's all i wanted to hear .
the moral of the story is NEVER TRUST chaBAD for ANYTHING . NOTHING .

chaBAD ' social ' relationship with secular jews are 100% fake . chaDAB is not honest . whatever the situation is , chaBAD will USE you to their own advantage .

i hope gutnick will go to jail for a very long time , just like the notorius sholom ruBASHkin . even if he can afford the best criminal laywer . or pay roy tashi BIG money.

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