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April 12, 2013


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While his father may say the brocho that one says upon hearing very bad news, and while I also don't wish death upon anyone, the death of this person does not qualify as "very bad news" to anyone decent or to any gute neshoma and thus "Baruch Dayan HaEmet" is not appropriate.

Yosef ben Matitya

orthopinionated | April 12, 2013 at 12:24 PM

please, let us know, what was well said?

Yosef ben Matitya

Baruch dayan emet.


Adam, well said.


I wonder what, if anything, will be said at your funeral?

Adam Neira

To Maven,

Perpetrators use many techniques to control their victims. Silencing is one of them. I don't appreciate your attempt at intimidation. Here's an 80's song from a famous Aussie artist. Listen to the lyrics closesly. Something to ponder on shabbat eve...


Adam Neira

To Maven,

A wise sage once said...

"It doesn't matter what you think, we will all know the truth and what is correct in the end."

I can prove my assertions about lies and denial leading to "dis-ease". Communities and societies also become sick when the lies that have accumulated build up too much. Beware of toxic groupthink. BTW, people hated Moses because he told the truth, nu ?

P.S. Be careful who you cast aspersions on...


"neira", your comments on cancer are unacceptable and cause pain to people. you are a delusional would be guru and would do best if you simply shut your gob.


Is this true? I haven't seen it anywhere else.

Adam Neira

To Yochanan Lavie,

It is not the natural order of things for a son to predecease their father.

Stay well...

Yochanan Lavie

Baruch dayan emet. Whatever one thinks of RYY's politics, or of his dad, it is terrible to loose a child; even an adult child.

Adam Neira

Prayers for Rabbi Yaakov Yosef.

Cancer is a literally and metaphorically something that eats away at a person. Repressed feelings from early childhood trauma, especially anger, that are not recognised and validated will be displaced onto the person affected, i.e. Dis-Ease, Cancer, Addictions, Self Defeating Behaviours etc. or onto others, i.e. Violence. Disease thrives in a climate of denial. Lies are the fertilizer that the satanic forces sprinkle on the farmlands of disease. They make evil grow.

Shabbat Shalom !

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