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March 13, 2013


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Wow, that's interesting. I wonder if they are on the same wing. Weberman co-mingling with Levy Aron. They are equals now. Bissel step down, eh?


The NYS website shows him at Sullivan.


Really? I thought Levy Aron was transferred to a NYS satellite forensic psychiatric facility.


Posted by: Robert J. Barron, Attorney-at-Law | March 13, 2013 at 07:53

He's been placed in New York State's Sullivan Correctional Facility. From what I've read so far, it has a protective custody unit. He'll be davening with Levy Aron and the NS Arsonist. So he's keeping company that suits him perfectly.


Only a committed idiot would willfully live next to people he hates.

It appears that the holocaust has not taught some survivors or their children anything.


They'll put him with like minded ppl. Not a damn thing will happen to him as a result of his crimes against children.

Robert J. Barron, Attorney-at-Law

I've said this here before and I'll say it again- unless he's in protective custody, he's not going to do much of that 50-year term. Child sex abusers/child rapists are right down there in the prison hierarchy along with snitches.

Bear in mind- all the other trashbags in there- murderers, thieves, etc...all of them have MOTHERS. Many of them have DAUGHTERS and NIECES. They don't react just the opposite of the frums when they find out a child (esp. a girl) has been raped or sexually abused.

Don't be too surprised if this guy (eventually) gets shanked in the shower.

And what a loss to humanity.

Thekvetcher 2

So fucked up. Reb Yoilish be a meilitz yosher for your kinder


dh --Wow you must have telepathy,its not me that is a ladies man it is youre haeilige rebbes who keep on trennking humping young girls so you need to sharpen youre telepathy a little more,to get to me:)


jancsi, I know what you're doing. You're letting yourself get all upset about the attacks against you so you can get sick enough to call the all woman Hatzola! I hear you're quite the ladies' gentleman.


I support a ban on Weberman and the community that shelters him. They have enough blood on their hands to drown in it.


Jancibacsi is not a young hasidic satmar punk, he is over 60 years old, I suppose, and he is very critical towards satmar, and he grew up in hungary, and he is right to be outraged about the contents of the leaflets, an outrage I completely share with him, so I have no problem with this small missunderstanding, and I respect Jancibacsi as a person for his comments.


Shmaryah,should change his name to Julius---Its still better to be young hassidik punk then and old hassidik shmock like you.go back and reread what i wrote afterwards you farrikte beheime.

Shmaryah,should change his name to Julius Streicher

jancsibacsi, what exactly is your problem with soso? All he did was translate the two signs for those of us that can't understand the Hebrew. Are you so full of hate that your vision has blurred from it?

Posted by: Shlomo
please forgive Jancibacsi,as he is a young hasidic satmar punk,who never got a decent secular education,and when reading in english he has absolutely no concept in understating the message the writer is trying to convey.
Jancibacsi,please go back to yeshiva where you belong,and don't waste your life on this self hating antisemitic sewer called FM


The Westboro Baptist cult could be useful here. Someone seriously needs to picket in Williamsburg over this.


soso-The father is right in sofar as not wanting to go to court, i agree with him,i would myself rip weberman apart slowly skin him alive if my daughter was violated in that manner.


The Glaubers z"l likely perished in that tragic car accident because of Satmar shtick like this. How's that for blood on your hands?


"just what business is the father in?"

He publishes a phone directory, yellow pages, for this borough park community, or satmar, or whatever... and they want to ruin his business now.


After the trial, after weberman was convicted, the father of the victim stated repeatedly that he did not agree with his daughter going to court... Must be quite a strange family dynamic there...

Furthermore, the father was not present when the abuse took place. So he cannot confirm or negate what his daughter says, except perhaps for the general setup (that she went to weberman, that he paid, etc)

this webermann party is really beyond dirty. And the rebbes too, if they side with them.

Apikorus al ha'esh

Appalling. But do we know the source of these 'pashkevillen' ?

There are dozens of similar signs up in hasidic communities all over the world, and they're just as, if not more, inflammatory. And they're all unsigned.

I imagine it may be similar to an inflammatory blog, for people who don't have that kind of outlet.


Darth Zeidah --You cannot stop youreself from being an asshole, i apologized you blind idiot.

dapper danny

The filming of the daughter is the most puzzling aspect of this story. I can't wrap my head around it, nor can I figure why Weberman's defense though it would help them.


The only bloody thing here is the shmatas that this animal used to wipe up the virginal blood of the poor girl he raped over and over.

Atheodox Jew

Someone correct me if I'm not remembering the facts... Didn't the victim's father supposedly film her in bed with her boyfriend at the time, under the advice of Weberman? And that was the basis for Weberman's defense team developing this whole story that her charges against Weberman were revenge for the video?

Of course I sympathize with the family in the face of these sleazy smear tactics, but if the above is true then the father is quite a piece of work himself!

Darth Zeidah

Perhaps we should put this jancsibacsi into cherem as well - just for his stupidity,for his ignorance and for his zeal to rush to criticize others without knowing the facts.

Yes, I know that English is his fifth (or is it his sixth?) language. If yiddish is not among them then I am extremely surprised.

But then again, why am I surprised at anything that is published here?


I still do not understand why the AD isn't enforcing his post-trial edict. It's not like Satmar is going to vote for him again. Luke.


The idiocy is that they refer to Weberman as N.W. (initials only) as if to protect his identity, when the whole world and his dog knows who it is.

Also - he didnt get 103 years - he got about half.

Either way, these tactics are disgusting and Mafia-esque. Now that Weberman has been put away, what possible gain will he receive from this guy's Parnossa being ruined?

put a square into a hole

This must be an old fliyer. It SATES THE PRICK GOT 103 YEARS, HE ONLY GOT 50 YEARS.

At least they didn't say where the bussiness is located or it's name.


Theese satmerer anthropouds stop at nothing they have no shame whatsoever,they dont have respect for justice it is their way or the highway to post such pashkvils about the father is tantamount to murder in my view



Don't Jump to Conclusions

Put up on behalf of the father's competition?


Not that it matters but its not wall posters its some leaflets strewn on the street.

Ray Kaufman

Soso is just translating the pashkevil. I don't think that he's endorsing it.


Yiddish. Not Hebrew. Just sayin


Frum woman arrested, charged with terroristic threats at public meeting, guns confiscated...



Shlomo --IF that is the case then i ask for forgiveness, thank you for telling me ,soso i am sorry didnt mean to attack you if youre just translating it.


jancsibacsi, what exactly is your problem with soso? All he did was translate the two signs for those of us that can't understand the Hebrew. Are you so full of hate that your vision has blurred from it?

Lubavitchers are Christians


The poster clearly states the name of the victim's father. You should blot out the name; I did not know the name until now.


So to these "Jews", Judaism is all about allowing men to rape girls and women, and covering up and protecting the rapists. And of course, punishing the victims' families, too.


soso -You need to commit youreself into a mental institution,when youre daughter or son will be put into the same situation as that father and daughter the victim then you will learn how insane you are until then i am afraid you will never learn,because you are a shoite of gigantic proportion,sick and getting sicker.


You "gotta" love Satmar. They just don't get it. Where is the community PR dude? We could use some spin on this. [Patiently waiting.]

Whatever happened to the DA's edict of no community intimidation of the victim or her family?



translation second poster:

Don't stand by the blood of your neighbour.

Dear Jews

Do not take in the bloody business directory of the year 5773, because it is soaked in Jewish blood.

As is known, ((Name of victim's father)), the owner of this blood-soaked book plotted a blood libel against a dear Jew, N.W., so that he went to prison for 103 years.

You killed - and you also want to inherit?


Do you know that the sadly known ((name of victim's father)) said in public, in front of innumerable witnesses, that he wanted to bring to jail the dear jew n.w. "just for a few years".

Do you know that the person named above signed an affidavit in court that his wicked daughter is telling the truth and that he take responsibility for her blood-libel declarations.

Dear jews, let us spit out and throw out the bloody business directory.

That's the first one.


You need to let us know a Paypal account a we can donate to for the family.

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