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March 14, 2013


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ger tzedek

> Posted by: shosh | March 14, 2013 at 03:23 PM

No. Opposing the Haredi isn't anti-Semitic. The Haredi engage in the worst sort of chillul Hashem -- exploiting halacha to their own advantage while ignoring basic moral principles of religion. Jews as a whole will benefit from getting them out of government.

To me, it sounds more like "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead."

Darth Zeidah

"Will The New Israeli Government Really Be Haredi-Free?"

אם ירצה השם, כן


""Does the sound of this have a familiarity or similarity to ”Judenrein”? Just thinking aloud…

Posted by: shosh ""

no, not at all. are you always this confused? just typing silently....


Does the sound of this have a familiarity or similarity to ”Judenrein”? Just thinking aloud…


"Will The New Israel Government Really Be Haredi-Free?

oh golly gee i hope so.

dapper danny

Left vs. Right isn't much of an issue this election. I highly doubt Bibi will change his foreign policy much between this government and the last.

The major change is the that Health, Housing, Education, and Immigrant Absorption Ministries will be under non-Haredi control. The ramifications for religious freedom will be significant.


There are two motives for this government formation: 1. To have a government when Obama arrives, 2. Survival, because anything else would lead to new elections and Likud would go down the drain.

Bibi is scared of cutting off the Haredim. Bennet is going to continue to funnel funds to Shas until Shas rabbis vote in a Zionist Chief Rabbi. Lapid takes the finance minstry, so that he'll have to take very seriously the ramifications of cutting the Haredim off too quickly. Bennet is the brains, and he guarantees both sides that if they listen to him he'll cut them off by just the right amount but not too much: There won't be an internal Haredi economic collapse, and Lapid can save grace at the end of his term (by not having the economy go totally down the drain).

Getting the Haredim back on board once Bennet begins working his wizardry of financial ballance and pleaseing the majority of voters, there will be little chance of turning back.

In the case this government survives, one thing is sure: The left is going to be filled with hate and rage towards it more than ever. Lapid will be (and he's totally capable of being) part of the farthest right-wing governments in the history of the country. Livni as well.


@Garnel Ironheart

United Arab List–Ta'al, Hadash, Balad and Kadima would all be on the outside looking in. Unsure where their seats would have landed.

Garnel Ironheart

> The electoral threshold for a party to win Knesset seats will be raised from 2% to 4% of the total votes cast,

This is easily the biggest detail on the list. It could wipe out lots of the smaller parties and bring much more stability after the next election. Does anyone have an idea what this knesset would have looked like if the 4% rule was already in place?

Outcast Yid

Very glad to see that the Education portfolio was assigned to Modern Dati-Leumi Rabbi Shai Piron, the number 2 member of Yesh Atid. Israel's educational system should instill Jewish literacy and pride without being coercive toward one derech.

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