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March 11, 2013


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Berland has a long history of erratic behavior. Stop lying.


Stop & think in reality. Rav Berland is 76 years old, has been ill with diabetes for over 10 years, has a respiratory problems for about as long. The medical possibility of the accusation being true is too close too ZERO to be even considered. Look again at the accuser & you'll realise that it is he who is off the wall. BTW via contacts I have learned that the accuser is a known nut case, was expelled from the community for gross misbehavior.

Nigritude Ultramarine

"The yeshiva student saw Berland having sex with the young teen [...]"

Mind bleach. Stat!

Yosef ben Matitya

D | March 11, 2013 at 08:02 PM

D names dropping, doesn't make one clever, what is the connection between R' Akiva and the Besht or Berland?


Posted by: Lo K'darkah | March 12, 2013 at 02:57 AM

sometime they ned to ralax and eat chazer or a cheese burger have some pity on thse pressured people.

never heard that and you will never say that


Ballfour Defecation

Yochanan - This months Geographic right? Plenty of G to G in the yeshivas these days as it is...


"I wonder if it is due to the unnatural cultural practice of not permitting young haredi males to develop the needed interpersonal skills to deal with women."


Bingo ! Absolutely, some have no coping skills or the ability to temper improper behavior since they are learned traits, to which they have been denied. The issuing of the ridiculous gender separation rulings by the Rebbi's teaches them that they have NO will power or control, and they weak when it comes to sins of the flesh. How disabling.


Yochanan Lavie

Oy vey: Why are you hijacking this thread? (By the way, it is thanks to BG that there are subsidies for yeshiva parasites to begin with.)

oy vey


justifying being a parasite.
What is your take?

Yochanan Lavie

There is something about patriarchal institutions that engenders such crimes. I remember the Schadenfreude the religious Jewish community experienced when the Catholic priest scandals first came to light. "It can never happen here. Our leaders are normal. We don't even allow celibacy, so everybody has a healthy sexual outlet, etc." But there is a pattern: The Catholic Church, Penn State football, ultra-Orthodox rabbis, even remote Pitcairn Island. (http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=103569364) When Alpha Males are given too much power, everyone but them suffers, including less powerful males. Maybe we should act less like Chimpanzees and more like Bonobos.


Hole in the sheet, you don't really believe that rubbish do you? Any way it does not count with a child because they might suffocate and the aim of sex with a minor is to mess them up for life not to shorten thier life. I am sick of reading about the frum world and to you inoccent frummers out there, yes I do believe that these "Tzaddikim" have comitted these dreadful crimes!

Chief Hole-in-the-Sheet

Posted by: Lo K'darkah | March 12, 2013 at 02:57 AM
"until [I've] been in his shoes"!
Never. I heard that when he doesn't have a customer he davkah does it in his shoes. So that's the last place I would want to be.

Atheodox Jew

Posted by: Lo K'darkah | March 12, 2013 at 02:57 AM

Great, don't judge the man. But when someone commits a crime of this nature, they get punished severely, and they lose their job, so that it doesn't happen again. "Feeling" rachmanus and "having" rachmanus are two different things.

Lo K'darkah

None of you understand the stresses and pressures of being responsible for the frumkeit of so many yiden. Sometimes, you just need to unwind at the end of the day and relax with a bottle of mashkeh and a young person. Sometimes one thing can lead to another and you find yourself having intercourse with an underage girl. It can happen to anyone. When the yetzer harah comes into the world, he heads straight for the gedoilim. Don't judge this person until you've been in his shoes. Have rachmanus.

Chief Hole-in-the-Sheet

I hear that at this very moment there is an emergency meeting between R' Eliever Berland and R' Chaim Halpern in the Canary Islands to decide how to respond to these slanderous stories. (And my understanding is that they have invited two "guests" to participate.)


Posted by: Shmaryah,should change his name to Julius Streicher

Hasn't it already been explained to you, harav hagoyon the great trollover rebbe, that this individual is far older than yeshivabokher age and speaks English as a fifth or sixth language?

Don't bother replying. I don't read a page more than once.


Call a spade a spade....noone ever thought berland was normal.
he's out of his fuckin mind.

a true retard-fuck-breain


With his consistent and passionate defense of survivors of child abuse, and his laser focus to expose the child abusers, money launderers, tax evaders and other assorted hypocrites who masquerade as frum but instead are the worst of the worst, Shmarya is actually a modern day prophet and has a lichtige gan eden waiting for him.

Shmaryah,should change his name to Julius Streicher

juncsibacsi,does your rebbe in yeshiva know,that you are wasting your time and life on this antisemitic website?
let me give you some advice jancsi,if you are not happy in the chasidishe yeshiva you are in right now,and i realy cannot blame you if you aren't,then just tell your parents that you want to switch to a more modern yeshiva,you don't have to throw away everything and become a self hating and jew hating antisemite, do you realy want to end up like this piece of human garbage Shmaryah,a 300 pound swine holed up in his mothers dirty basement,spewing venom and hate 24 hours a day on his fellow jews

John Nagle, Silicon Valley, CA

The US will send him back if Israel wants him. He's not a US citizen. He may not even be in the US legally.


There are a sufficient number of incidence of child sexual abuse within the haredi community that a study needs to be commissioned and conducted by a sociologist to determine if the incidence is higher within the haredi community compared with the non-haredi Jewish community. If it is, the reasons need to be determined. I wonder if it is due to the unnatural cultural practice of not permitting young haredi males to develop the needed interpersonal skills to deal with women.


I noticed previous I was called a troll, I'm not sure what that is..i had to look it up.....
The wrath of the trolls was boundless. It was therefore considered very important not to make them your enemy. Because of the trolls extremely shy nature, their true origin, their lifestyle or what surprises they might pull has always been a mystery. Rarely seen as helpful or friendly, living in small groups, and not Christianized.

Now even in modern times it is well advised to keep a good standing with the trolls, since you never know when you will meet one yourself. Beware, the next time you go into a dark forest, remember they probably mean no harm, but you are no longer alone..only you, and the trolls.


"So this guy is a qualified psychiatrist."

I guess that is better than an unlicensed therapist or a "professional" (sic) PR man?

Sad. Luke.

Abu Jihad Schneerson

NeverFrum,afaik the Torah deals with your doubts:it says that if a man claims to have 'visions' of the future and these come true,he's a prophet.If they don't,he's a charlatan.


I'll go one further D.....if there is any truth to the story of Moses in the bible, such a man would be institutionalized immediately...talking to a bush, hallucinations on a mountain....but back then they were prophets.


So this guy is a qualified psychiatrist.
Many Rabbonim, prophets and sages would have been institutionalized if they were here today. Baal Shem Tov, Akiva, Zakkai etc. Having visions and possibly even some disorders. And maybe acting differently or out of the box, or what society might consider normal. Underlying conditions might be depression. His son and grandson was the first to bring this condition up as a mental illness, when in fact it might be a developmental disorder of some kind. Some of the greatest scholars had difficulties with social nuances, but were blessed to be quite gifted in other areas. But social mores might be difficult. Some of those developmental disorders include intense focus and knowledge of certain subjects, some gifted. But social nuances…need to be addressed, and never perhaps are. Just because someone acts differently, or odd, does not necessarily mean a “mental illness”. That coming as a result, or a secondary to something else, sometimes. I’m not a psychiatrist. But just a thought… Rav Berland, with his other idiosyncrasies, makes me wonder. Demanding to sit in Reb Nachmans Chair etc. I’ve watched him, something else might be going on. No excuse, should he be guilty of this other but..just a thought.


Theese rebbis have it so good that they just go bunkers,loose their value and become animals.

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