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March 04, 2013


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Ad Mosa

Kaminetzky knows his stuff but is as crooked as they come!


It's like North Dr Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard but shorter.

Double Helix

Fitzroy St?
What's the equivalent in Atlantic City NJ?

Emanuel Newgant

Yeah, deep and frequent insights down Fitzroy St.


Posted by: micael C | March 04, 2013 at 05:33 AM

Actually, Rabbi Kaminetzky happens to be a very great scholar, who has acquired more knowledge and is more insightful than you would be in ten reincarnations combined.

Levi Keller

Where can Kaminetzky's 'response and apology' be found?

micael  C

Bunch of raw disability jews who in the real jewish world are plainly FUCK UPS.

Lo K'darkah

It would be fascinating to know, Shmarya, which of the two sides in this sensitive dispute between a court and an individual is making their correspondence public (i.e. available to internationally-read journalists such as yourself) within hours (my guess is minutes) of it being sent. If you think the answer to that is so obvious that I must be an idiot, then leit man d-palig, but it’s not so clear to me, and I was curious…

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