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March 29, 2013


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Jim Zaspel - YouTube

Thanks for this very useful info you have provided us. I will bookmark this for future reference and refer it to my friends. More power to your blog.


Fact is the Governor's spokesman spared precious time to deny it.
But its a lesson to learn, that this is how "true" all your stories are.


Fact is the Governor's spokesman took spared precious time to denie it.
But its a lesson to learn that this is how "true" all your storiesare.


Oh and BTW, I am hoping to get the Kosher concession right! Go me!



Hmmm... Aaronites v. Zalmanites in the newly renovated "Satmar Paint Ball Forum." They already have the perfect outfits for a run through a darkened labyrinth [google it.] :) They just need to add goggles. What fun and so convenient!


X satmar

This was a NY POST story
$1M handout to ill health 'exec'

Last Updated: 10:20 AM, September 25, 2011

Posted: 2:15 AM, September 25, 2011

A wealthy Hasidic real-estate family with a checkered past and a nonprofit medical center in Williamsburg has paid its patriarch more than $1.2 million in recent years with taxpayer cash -- though he’s an 89-year-old Alzheimer’s patient who needs round-the-clock care, The Post has learned.

Zvi Kestenbaum received $343,292 as executive director of ODA Primary Care Health Center in 2009 after earning $427,163 in 2008 and $494,851 in 2007 for purported full-time work, the latest records show.

Kestenbaum, stricken with Alzheimer’s in 2001, needs assistance being wheeled from his home on daily trips to a nearby synagogue, say those who know the family.

Zvi Kestenbaum

Eugene Ehrenfeld, the center’s CEO, said Kestenbaum has stopped working there, but still gets “retroactive salary adjustments.” He would not elaborate.

“It’s not salary,” he insisted.


We recommend

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/brooklyn/handout_to_ill_health_exec_Ge4FgIAzCgol3jgd9cFKFN#ixzz1Z0iB4Z28

Michelle Stein-Evers Frankl

So will it be a rabbinic families only wedding hall?


bloc voting
they can have anything they ask for.


It looks like a nice heritage building. You can be assured that the frumma will desecrate it with inappropriate alterations and a failure to look after it or respect its heritage.


What makes the sale illegal?

x satmar

Louis (eliezer ) kestenbaum from the Opurtunity Development Association was accused of having sex with a minor in florida a few years ago, the case ended up settling for millions of dollars, he was also arrested for stealing millions in Ohio from Procter and gamble, I don't know if he did jail time, but you could google it. These are the satmar leaders a bunch of low life molesters and sheister goons

Sam Fischer

Zalmen Teitelbaum is indeed also the Authority on the operational level jointly with Moses Friedman (gabai) & Louis Kestenbaum.


>and the report of the "miraculous recovery"


Of course, when Christians tell the same miracle stories invoking Jesus, then it's goyishe nonsense.

John Nagle, Silicon Valley, CA

Apparently some Satmar unit has been using the Williamsburg armory. Ineptly.

See "Teen critically injured after forklift accident inside Williamsburg Armory
17-year-old dismantling stage after Hasidic celebration". The New York Daily News says he crashed the forklift into a metal beam.


and the report of the "miraculous recovery".


It's illegal for anyone under 18 to drive a forklift. Over 18, it requires approved training, because it's really easy to screw up driving a forklift.



A shame a beautifull building.

A belzer chosid

Louis (eliezer) Kestenbaum and Moshe Freidman the two biggest theifs ganovim in town already are blocking it, these two theifs don't want peace, these two trouble makers are the source of all the strife in satmar, they need strife in order to rule. Louis kestenbaum from the Oppurtunity Development Association already said on my dead body. Zalmen Teitelbaum the Zalonim Rebbi is just a tool that kestenbaum and Moshe gabbi ganof Friedman to controll, zalmen teitelbaum has no own mind or say to do anything, it's whatever these two goons do he follows, so I guess will have to sit back and watch what happens

Turd Degree

Rumor has it that they're going to convert it into a Roman-style amphitheatre where Aroini & Zaloini gladiators will duke it out to the death in front of thousands of cheering onlookers.


San Francisco's former armory is now a porn studio. I kid you not. At least, it is on the city's property tax rolls.


Is it a 'heritage site' for the city? Satmar have no respect; will probably destroy it to put in staggered-balcony apartments.


Maybe they could build a kosher jail. The Satmars surely need one.


what are the satmar gonna do with it ?

a multiple yeshiva ? 'maze' style where predadators can go galore . you get lost in such a huge place .

steven k

its in the heart of jewish williamsburg, it makes a lot of sense to sell to the jewish community


Any idea as to the asking price? How long it's been on the market? Other interested buyers?


Rumor of a sale is on for quite a few months the amount mentioned is not true.

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