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March 13, 2013


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Yochanan Lavie

Get the frock outta here!


"Rabbi Who Stole His Own Community's Torah Scrolls" As if you care about someone stealing torah scrolls.

Moshe Aryeh Friedman also stole torah scrolls yet you call him "odd" and "strange" but otherwise you refer to him as an upright citizen.

But hey, what else to expect from the Minnesotan basement gossip girl.


Maybe he was just setting the stage for the mitzvah where you pay the ransom for a scroll.


Maybe he sold them them to pay the rasom for weberman and rubbishcan


According to the the Times of Israel, the Chief Rabbinate took the action as part of what it reportedly claims is a new policy to strip the title of rabbi from any rabbi proved guilty of a crime.

I would not bet on this to really happen

Expatriate Owl

"According to the the Times of Israel, the Chief Rabbinate took the action as part of what it reportedly claims is a new policy to strip the title of rabbi from any rabbi proved guilty of a crime."

This should leave Israel with at least 3 or 4 rabbis.


YL, lol!


Don't know if you folks understand how rare this action is.

I have known of Orthodox rabbis who became reform rabbis and nothing was done.

I know of two Ortho Rabbis who had affairs with their secretaries and later married them.

Plus we all know of rabbs,who steal or who are convicted abusers as covered on this blog.

Today smicha can only be cancelled or reclaimed by the rabbis or rabbinic organizations that ordained the individual.

Last time I heard of this was close to a decade ago when Rabbi Shlomo Riskin was going to request that the pedophile Marc Mordechai Gafni.

When Gafni found out he renounced r returned the smicha he received from Rabbi Riskin before Riskin revoked it.

A tiny bright light comes out of the dark Chief Rabbinate at last..


although he did something very wrong...
was there one person in the community that
bothered with this family...
asking if they needed something?
asked if something was wrong?
maybe he thought he had no choice!

if he did this purely for the money, he
was never a rabbi to start with and he's rightfully
been ejected.

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