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March 12, 2013

New Passover Humra Has Haredim Worried About Hat Hametz

Shtreiml Black Hat Fedora 2Haredim are reportedly rushing to buy or rent new hats for the Passover holiday out of fear that their old hats may contain hidden crumbs of hametz, leaven.


Haredim have apparently started a new stringency for Passover – special Passover hats.

The move isn't done for fashion, though – according to a new report in Mynet, it's allegedly done for kashrut.

That's right. Kashrut.

Some haredim apparently are worried that food gets into hats during the rest of the year and some of the food – bread crumbs, for example – are hametz, leven, and forbidden to eat on Passover.

Because some styles of haredi hats – shtreimls, for example – are very difficult to clean, the reasoning goes, there's a likelihood that hametz crumbs will still be in the hats come seder night, and those crumbs could fall into food, accidentally causing a person to eat hametz on Passover.

Some haredim solve this problem by buying a new shtreiml for passover, But shtreimls cost a ton of money, and most haredim can't afford to do this. And while the black hats we're all familiar with are easier to clean, even they aren't perfect.

What is the OCD-addled haredi man to do!?! This is, after all, a crisis!

Some yeshivas have apparently begun offering special pre-Passover cleaning services for the black felt hats for those who cannot afford to buy a new hat for the holiday.

And shtreiml-wearers who can't afford a special shtreiml for Passover-only use have begun to shift to wearing new black hats for the Passover holiday. While the new black hats are a step down spiritually, they solve the problem of minute crumbs of hametz falling down into the matzo ball soup, and that makes for a much better Passover spiritual experience.

Indeed, there even are hat rentals now for those who want a new hat for the holiday for kashrut reasons but who can't or won't spend the money to buy one.

And to think, Moses and the Israelites didn't even wear yarmulkes let alone fedoras or shtreimls.

[Hat Tip: Jonny.]


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just in case you are forced to eat your hat.

Kol hakoved.Seems as a good opportunity to make a buck.

Right, because when I can't finish my sandwich my first thought is to store it in my hat.

You know it's easy to make fun of people because of irrational fears or beliefs.

But it's a lot worse to marry in to one of their families.

What do you mean! They totally wore black hats at Sinai! There's a drawing of it in one of our haggadot!

I guess they read your last post and said "I'll see your quinoa and raise you a hat............."

I think they should also change their beards since all year round all the chumetz that touched it and seeped into it made it unfit for pasech:)

Very cute article but a total fabrication. Has the author of this brilliant piece ever considered that they are buying new garments in honor of the Holiday? Does the author really think that people are going to put away their Passover hats together with the dishes? Articles like this discredit any objectivity on this blog.

they should burn thier hats with the chamatz on eruv paysach.

Jancsi maybe they need to burn their beards with biur chametz crumbs most certainly would have fallen into them, hey we've not even mentioned the chumra of boiling your false teeth before Pesach

dovi –

Smarter people than you – and that would be most of the people who come here – note that I cite a source and provide a link. Your complaint should be directed to the mynet. And the point, little man, is that what used to be buy a new hat in honor of Passover if you can afford it has turned into a kashrut issue. Maybe if stopped people randomly on the street and ask them to help you, they be able to explain it to you.

Theese bozos would never ever dare to say or do the things like buying new shtreimels and spend so much money for pesach if they would have to work hard to earn the money they spend,with sec.8 food stamps and other goodies they can treat themselfs to anything they can conjure up in their frivolous mind.

What a load of bs

It's been a couple of years now since the Greatest Rav of our times issued his ruling, per below, which is NOT being widely followed, which is of course keeping us in misery and devoid of Moshiach:

The Meshuggener Rav (of the Infinite K Hechsher) ruled, according to his Gemorrah Bava Meises, that one should open all of their matzoh in a certified chomotz free area, BEFORE Pesach, and pop all of the bubbles baked in, to make sure that no unincorporated grains of flour remain inside, where they could, gevalt, react with saliva or other bodily fluids, and oy vey, make chometz. Nu- do you want the ground to open and swallow you? Get cracking. Or should I say Get Popping.

I was actually referring to the Mnet article. The fact that you can accept that as fact shows some naivety on your part. Even were it true that one store in Israel is trying to promote new hats for reasons of kashrut, the article doesn't tell you if even one hat was sold on that basis. Why don't you go around and survey some haredim to see if their hats are a chametz concern for them? The answer would be a resounding NO. You malign an entire community based on the likely unsuccesful marketing ploy of one individual store in Israel - if even that is true.

I tip my hat to them.
Home is where you hang the chametz from your hat.
Does a Texas Jew say about someone: he's all hat and no chametz?
He returned home from the dry cleaners, hat in hand.
He'd say a prayer at the drop of a hat.

I have heard of a Dead Head, but not a Bread Head.

Well, I could eat my hat.

Since a hat is not something one would eat anyway since they are an item of "clothing" and also because frumma hats are made of non-kosher animals (e.g. rabbit fur for a hat or for a shtreimel sable, marten or fox etc..), how could it possibly be an issue?

They make it up as they go...

I have heard of a Dead Head, but not a Bread Head.

Posted by: Yochanan Lavie | March 12, 2013 at 04:21 PM

A regular Franklin's Tower of chametz - especially that streimel....

Before I arrived at my yeshiva, one of my rebbeim told me of a student who was there before my time (this is about 25 years ago) who had two yarmulkes. One was his milchig yarmulke and the other was his fleishig yarmulke -- he switched them depending upon the type of meal his was eating.

Who knew that yesterday's crazy would be today's normal?

People who wear shtreimels do not eat matzah ball soup on Pesach.

Just a minor error in Jewish practice.

>>minute crumbs of hametz falling down into the matzo ball soup

That better be a non-gebrokts matzo ball!

"And to think, Moses and the Israelites didn't even wear yarmulkes let alone fedoras or shtreimls."

Posted by: Shmarya

I would appreciate if someone can post a link to back up this assertion, as well as a link to explain in general how the Israelites looked and behaved as opposed to today's haredim.


They're just brimming with new ideas. Hats off to them!!

They need to get four shtreimels. 1) Pesach fleishig. 2) Pesach milchig. 3) Regular fleishig. 4) Regular milchig.

I wish hats were still in style, some are very nice. I like big ones, with flowers.

Jancsibacsi"" you should be the last person talking about sec.8 and food stamps,if not for those goodies you would be starving,just ask your mother,and she wouldn't be able to pay your tutions in yeshiva

Interesting, Jancsi, that you have nothing but contempt for charedis, to you they are all bozos, all morally corrupt, yet you admit yourself that you have used Hatzalah many times. Next time you have a medical issue, just call 911 and leave the bozos alone.

Posted by: Hans Doolittle
don't you realize by now,Jancsi"is one of them,he is a hasidic young punk who would love to leave,but does not have the guts to do it,that is where the self loathing and hate comes from,just ignore the snot nose

think they should also change their beards since all year round all the chumetz that touched it and seeped into it made it unfit for pasech:)

Posted by: jancsibacsi | March 12, 2013 at 03:24 PM

You have to burn chametz. Douse the beard liberally with lighter fluid, say the brucha, set fire to beard.

Shmaryah,should change his name - I never said they are all morally corrupt dont put words into my mouth,i said those that are no good give all a bad name ,there are many very good ones i have satmerer neighbors that i am very good friends with in fact one of them told me about fm i didnt know this site existed,he did say he is sorry he told me about this site, he knows me well in fact comes to my house to watch baseball which he tells me not to tell other he watches it he loves baseball never said all are corrupt, i do give hatzoloh nice donations i love hassidishe music so you see i am not all bad ,and dont try to paint me here as a hater of chassidim.

Yet another chumra that someone just pulled out of his hat...

If you asked me, it's what's under the hat that needs to be replaced.

Shmaryah,should change his name to ---How many times do i have to write here that you should realize that i am in my 60 s and not a chassidishe yeshiva bucher get that through youre thick head i am retired in my 60 s i was born near satmer you know where that is do you? most probably i am older then youre father.

They need to get four shtreimels. 1) Pesach fleishig. 2) Pesach milchig. 3) Regular fleishig. 4) Regular milchig.

Posted by: David | March 12, 2013 at 06:24 PM

No they need 9 hats: 1) Pesach fleishig. 2) Pesach milchig. 3) Pesah Pareve 4)Pesach kitniyot 5) Pesach treif 6) Regular fleishig. 7) Regular milchig. 8)Regular pareve 9)Regular treif

Ben --Now youre a dreikop twisting our minds here:)

Ok ok ok let me make some peace here, Janice bachi , ta besselch maujar? Ein besselem majar. Anyways that is my Hungarian talk, to start let me make a statement, ALL JEWS ARE GOOD, there just good meshugener jews, good twisted Jews, good off the wall Jews, but the foundation of every jew is GOOD. That's the bottom line. I would not change my religion never , even if you give me a billion dollars, I was born a Jew and I will die a Jew, like perl from the wall street journal said before these Muslim animals murdered him. So again, no one hates Jews here, it's just that some Jews are either twisted or maybee they don't know the selfs that they are twisted, shmarya's job is to make them aware that you are wrong , zy gezunt

Moshe Aron Kestenbaum, Williamsburg --Besides youre hungarian spelling youre ok,i would never ever change my religion either,the tragedy is that there arent more people like you among the religious jews you are a rational thinking person and you are not confrontational in a rude manner, on the rest i agree with you 100 per cent about shmaryas goal to make others aware that their way is not better or many times wrong, di oih zay gezunt in shtark.

Posted by: jancsibacsi | March 12, 2013 at 03:49 PM

Sure that would spend money for a hat or shtreiml, as they do spend large sums of money on Sukkos for an etrog and lulav.

Oh wow a new churmra that costs more money to follow. That never happened before.

Since we're on the subject of hats:

Well, now, if you've got a cutie who's a real sweet patootie
better keep it under your hat
Just remember curiousity in fables of old
Killed the curious cat

Supposin' you love a laddie who's a sweet sugar daddy
Better take in the welcoming mat
Remember there's a dozen dolls for every Dan
You're not the only sweet pea in the can

So, if you wanna know the way to keep your man
Keep it under your hat
Keep it under your hat!

If you wanna know the way to keep your man
Keep it under your hat
Keep it under your hat!

Keep it under your hat!

From "Calamity Jane" music by Sammy Fain, lyrics by Paul Francis Webster, both Jewish

I love the alliteration in the title of this post: Haredi Hat Hametz Humra.

Oh my lord...you just can't MAKE this stuff up. Only in the land of the haredim.....

It's not a chumra, there are numerous stories of chametz being found in streimls even during the seder! May Gcd spare us from such things.
The only way to merit long life these days is to honor those who honour the Torah, even if it's not our standard and if it rubs us the wrong way. let the record show, I am here today because I have made pursuit of Torah wisdom my dream, and moreover because I've never mocked those who have different stringencies than I do.

"I've never mocked those who have different stringencies than I do."

Edge Man @ 11:06 PM

Really? Because three minutes ago you said this:

"...they are important, even for the minim."

Edge Man @ 11:03 PM

Didn't anyone ever teach them that it's impolite to wear a hat during dinner?
And how filthy must you be to have food in you hat?! I know haredim aren't exactly the cleanest bunch, but come on!

Considering their hats are made out of dead unkosher. animals, why doesn't that pose a problem for them?

If this is true, I'll eat my hat

Isn't it enough to go over your hat with a vacuum cleaner and a soft brush attachment? Or take your hat to Bencraft or J&J where they can do a thorough brushing and cleaning?
Oh wait, that would require common sense.

This so reminds me of the "lockout" the Rabbanim imposed on the Toronto Orthodox Shul Baseball League several years back on the fear that baseball gloves might contain shatnez.

Maybe I can buy all the streimels from this who need to ditch them like I have to sell my chametz. Maybe there's a deal that can be done....

Edge Man --Good for you,not everybody is like you,rules without an end is no rule at all.

WoolSilkCotton--I always wanted to say this,i see this insanity of making up new silly childish chumres in this way,by the chassidim the ones who come up with the craziest new chumre is the one who is a tzadik and the more crazy and rediculous the bigger his recognition is as a outstanding talmid chuchem he is,this goes to show that the more insane crazy someone is by them the more famous and rightous he is,so be crazy and laugh at the whole world is their motto meshuge meshuge is the way to go.

The real proble are the Chreidi that use their hats/shtraimels as napkins by hanging them on their putzes not to allow any crumbs to fall on the floor.

Cute Purim torah. Everyone take a (kosher for pesach) pill.

DH - wow you are good. I didn't even remember having written that. Look minim are totally different animals, we're not talking regular folks... I think even you'd agree that minim have lost a certain amount of their humaneness...

Does the basement rat spend all his time scouring the internet for asinine stories then report them as authentic?

Seriously man, you've gone for hate-fueled to ludicrous. It's absurd for one man to write this (perhaps only intended as satire). It's even more absurd for a guy who likes to claim credibility (but rapidly losing it week on week) to repeat it.

I realize you're not very bright, and you're certainly not honest.

Do process, little man: Mynet reported the story. You can see that because there's a link and a citation in my post. I picked it up. Yeshiva world did its own version of the story today, agreeing with mine.

Now toddle off.

David, one terrible mistake! You left out parave. Very important!

So ridiculous

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