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March 14, 2013


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Apple Juice



If meshiach comes before he will be forgiven and released lets hope meshiach comes and all of us be freed from all the evil bad things that are happening to klal yisruel


"Yossi in blackface mimicking Dov. Reserve early!!"


Joe Field

Posted by: dapper danny | March 14, 2013 at 12:48 PM

He was offered 5 years.

dapper danny

There was a Chicago Tribune article today about a mega-church pastor in northwest Indiana who committed statutory rape with a 16-year old girl in his congregation:


The key quote:

"The girl was sent to him for counseling because she had exhibited "self-destructive" behavior, according to prosecutors, who say Schaap took advantage of his role."

He plead guilty and got 10 years in prison followed by 10 years supervised release. Weberman could have gotten a similar sentence had he plead guilty.


wow i never realized how many jew haters are on this website...id put a bullet in each one of you...this weberman guy got what he deserves...



I hear they are arranging a party bus from Willy for a group visit. $50.00 round trip includes a nosh and entertainment. The entertainment you ask? It's Yossi in blackface mimicking Dov. Reserve early!!


Joe Field

Posted by: Edge Man | March 14, 2013 at 07:40 AM

Get real; nobody is going to sodomize some old fat hairy ass Jew.

R. Wisler

Edge Man,
He's more likely to suffer sodomy and disproportionate punishment at the hands of jews.


If (is) he is now going to suffer sodomy and disproportionate punishment in the hands of gentiles?

I certainly hope so.


Edge Man--There is no punishment severe enough to punish weberman, i for one would skin him alive slowly if he did that to my daughter, he deserves the punishment he gets his acts were so inhuman as to compare him to the natzis he killed her spiritually and physically its like a fate worst then death,in a way he is getting that mida keneged mida.

Edge Man

The issue of Mesirah still looms. Was it justified? If he is now going to suffer sodomy and disproportionate punishment in the hands of gentiles, was it permissible to turn him in?
I believe the gemara's example of someone running to rape a woman is illustrative. Such a person, being a rodef, forfeits his right to life. The question is whether he was still a rodef at the time of the trial. That is the question.

yudelman nachman

thank you mark for your thoughtfull explanation on sentencing guide lines.


Chaim @ 12:46 - There is a NY statute that automatically reduces to 50 years all sentences that exceed 50 years, as a matter of law.

Atheodox Jew

If he'd done real tshuva, felt deep shame for his disgusting behavior, gone down on his knees in sorrow for what he did to his victims, and resolved to dedicating his life to making their lives better and campaigning against abuse, just maybe his punishment could have been less severe. But his arrogance and desire for kavod to the very end will now have to keep him company as he's locked away for the rest of his life.


As far as I know he was Sentenced to 103 years It was never reduced by any sort of hearing or appeal process as of yet.

I believe the way it's displayed on Department of Corrections website is not factual.

May he rest in peace!


Is that the NY state prison with a kosher kitchen?

( note vast majority of Jews I am referring to are not Orthodox Jews. At the time of the NY Times article less then 20 of over 400 Jewish inmates were Orthodox.)


Thank you for this excellent news.

And thank you for all the young souls you help to save every day.

Office of the Chief Rabbi

Beautiful Fallsburg. Over half are lifers. He'll meet David Berkowitz - Son of Sam.

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