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March 13, 2013


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ger tzedek

> Posted by: dh | March 14, 2013 at 01:45 AM

Christianity picked up a lot from paganism, so the whole tradition of silver weapons to fight monsters doesn't seem that far out of the ordinary. Considering that the whole "silver bullet" trope is (AFAIK) an anti-werewolf defense to begin with, and Christian folklore often ascribes Christian symbols with magical power against such creatures, it's pretty reasonable that the two would get counfounded into one -- a silver bullet with Christian engravings.


Jeff, you can email me if you want to and if Shmarya is willing to send you my email address. It is ok with me if he releases teh address to you. If you'd rather not thats fine as well. Anyway for now, have a good night.

Audrey the Liberal

All religious fundamentalists are basically the same: News at eleven.


Ha! You're right, and when the prison refuses to accede to their demands, they'll all be screaming, "Antisemitism!"

Yochanan Lavie

Jeff: You know that I too am among the chorus of your admirers. Sorry for not being touch- I am insanely busy. It's good to hear from you.

Here's how I think it will go down: Chareidi suicide bombers will board non-Mehadrin buses after some rebbe declares a Jewhad. The bombers will wear the special glasses so as not to be enticed by the immodestly dressed women, both in the flesh and in the bus ads. The bomber will tug on the tzitzis of his non-shatnez suicide vest and shout "Yahweh hu Akbar!" But the bomb will fail to detonate due to a lack of technical expertise and that the components were purchased at a chareidi electronics store in NYC that practices "bait and switch." The would-be terrorist will demand super-dooper Glatt prison meals, and access to the prison Beit Midrash.


>Jeff, take a look at the comments to this article

They're incapable of seeing themselves. Are you "c"?

I had an exchange with a Haredi on the Forward's website the other day. You know they can only sing one tune in that world - the liberal denominations are dying, the frum are reproducing up a storm, we'll be gone within a generation and they'll be all that's left - the same tired crap. He offered up defunct synagogues in Queens as proof. I told him this is the result of changing demographics; he replied, "Where did they all go? To the North Pole?" (Seriously.) I told him the world is bigger than New York; I don't think he understood the statement.

As I've been saying for some time, we now have two distinct religions; we just haven't wanted to acknowledge it. Within a generation (if we have that much time left as a species, which I doubt), we will be forced to do so. There will be the Haredim, the right wing MO and the so-called "Centrists" on the one hand, and everyone else on the other. The left wing MO will be caught in the middle and forced to choose sides. It's going to be awful for them.

In the diaspora, the liberal Jews (and the left wing MO, if they want to join them) will go on. The frum world will continue to inbreed and under-educate itself into oblivion, bleeding members desperate to escape.

In Israel, one of two things will happen. Either the government will cut the Haredim loose and they will devolve into a sort of underclass, or there will be violent, escalating confrontation, the beginnings of which we are seeing now. I doubt the government will abandon them, in which case they will continue to breed prodigiously and will bankrupt the nation. As I keep saying, they are more of a threat to Israel's future than are all of the surrounding hostile nations combined. They will, in all likelihood, be its destruction.

You know what, ca? I don't care. I have little sense of connection to the Jewish people left (despite my nephew's stubborn, childish insistence upon the existence of the "Yiddishe neshomoh"), it deteriorates further with each passing year and I don't really care about Israel, which I think is getting precisely what it deserves. As I've told you, I no longer care about Judaism, either (and again, we can thank Chabad for at least part of that). In my opinion, the existence of a personal, benevolent, involved creator is insupportable, and even if it does exist, it is irrelevant to the reality of our lives. In any case, I have my own problems (most of which have been caused by Jews).

As I've also told you, I was out there for decades, performing my "due diligence". I recently mentioned here that occasionally, I will ask someone (such as my nephew or the MO rabbi), "If you are right, and I am wrong - why am I where I am?" You might have noticed a response a helpful frum person posted to me: "Because sewer rats remain in the sewer."

I think that tells me all I need to know.


Pagan, that is so interesting. I don't know a single thing about that stuff. So how did it come to be that the "silver bullets" had xtian engravings on them? Was it an evolution into something entirely different or two completely separate frames of reference?


Jeff, take a look at the comments to this article: http://www.vosizneias.com/126013/2013/03/12/san-francisco-officials-condemn-groups-bus-ads-as-anti-islamic


I say silver-plated because the 'silver bullet' carries xtian symbolism.

No, pagan symbolism. It was the Delphic Oracle that advised Philip of Macedon to employ weapons made of silver. The incident is recorded in the Odes of Horace.


".. That's the only landscape I can see. ..."

They can also make an unholy mess of Israel's major cities. Remember not all of them are completely uneducated and ineffective. All it takes is a few leaders and a mass of followers. Perfect for Haredim; that's just how they function. Throw rocks. Drive the tourists away. Block highways, rail tracks. Damage the economy. I suppose if faced with guns they'll back off but going that route would be playing into their hands. I do see a pattern of escalation of their violence over the past couple of years. I suppose we'll see soon enough what happens and can stop speculating.


Sorry S M L, I got distracted. Thought I saw Tink and started clapping.

Anyway, Haredim are sissies. They spit, throw diapers and rocks, rape and abuse the small and weak, lie, cheat and steal but never face to face with a gun. They try to pillage old ladies' wills, throw a fist or two at each other and light a match here and there, boycott and kvetch. They do all of this without being able to serve their countries or even their wives. They can't even get a woman to plotz somewhere else on a bus. Warriors this does not make. They can't strategize beyond Yossi's Posse and even that is hilarious. They have to bring their wives' undergarments to someone else to look at for Gd's sake.

The only thing left is Plague, but even that is still around. You know how I love me a good Plague... but I digress.

The only changes will have to come from within. It will start when some bright kid who hasn't had half his brain bred out by his mom and dad (Uncle Fred and his niece, Cousin Ethel) will get dragged into some menial service. There will be a tiny spark in his addled brain and he will desire to learn. He will bring that back to his community. What else can happen?

That spark in the brain will be to them what fire was to the Neanderthals.

That's the only landscape I can see.


If we are waiting for Israel to cut off their funds that ought to be around the time the sun burns out.

So, what does Israel look like when it reaps what it sows? The severed Haredim won't shoot them or hire a mercenary army to shoot them, they won't turn off their power supply because they don't know how, they won't poison the water or use germ warfare because it will blow back on them.

What will it look like? They'll boycott or asifa themselves to death or blow themselves up?


"Prepare yourselves. It is not going to end well.

Posted by: Jeff | March 13, 2013 at 06:12 PM "

As I said however you expressed it more elegantly.

"How can there be irrevocable schism ..... when they have no infrastructure and no ability to learn or critically think?

Posted by: dh | March 13, 2013 at 07:21 PM"

It won't be an intellectual or theological one. Eventually the non-Haredim will cut off their funds and the proverbial pot will boil out under the lid. if they don't cut them off then Israel will reap exactly what it has sown all these years.


But how will it look. It's not like WWll where someone will invade them and take over the radio; it's not like someone can cut off their internet; no one will substantially cut their gov't funding and if so they will discover more methods to skirt the law. I mean, practically speaking, what will it look like?

How can there be irrevocable schism (sans herpes or genocide, or my personal fave, Plague) when they have no infrastructure and no ability to learn or critically think?

Garnel Ironheart

When it turns out that it was Russian mobsters because the store owner didn't pay some "debts" what will you say then?
I mean really, if there was any proof that would be one thing like a shtreiml left in the remains of aisle 5 or something but all you have is "Chareidim have done arson before, this is arson, therefore it was Chareidim"


Thank you, guys. That's very kind. I've looked in from time to time, but I can't deal with it here on a daily basis any longer, for a number of reasons.

Re: the matter at hand - they will grow increasingly bolder, especially in Israel where they have a stranglehold on the society. The situation is only going to get worse and is leading to an inevitable state of confrontation. They will not stop before it's too late; there will be no moment of realization, no pulling back from the brink. The Orthodox have no "meta-position" to which they can withdraw to observe from an elevated perspective. They are collectively unwell, they have been for generations and collectively, they grow increasingly detached from reality with each passing year (and not to keep harping on it, but the inbreeding certainly hasn't helped). There is no coming back from this. Orthodoxy is unsalvageable, and the amicable relationship between the Orthodox and the frei yidden that existed prewar cannot be resurrected. This can only result in a final, irrevocable schism.

Prepare yourselves. It is not going to end well.


Oughtn't you read that Yeshiva World headline again? No one is accused.


Ought we not wait for evidence before we accuse anyone?


Jeff is the silver-plated bullet. I say silver-plated because the 'silver bullet' carries xtian symbolism. I think FM uses its silver-plated bullet sparingly because it explodes on impact - though I too miss his intellect and humor.


Arson, no way, can't be. They were just trying to kasher the place.


All they have currently is tools of arson. When they start with the high explosives then the Israeli government will realize what they've enabled by coddling these people for this long: an internal intifada. Won't take long now. Then they'll have what amounts to a two-front war: with Hamas and with the Haredim.


Jeff if your out there, I'm understanding you more and more.


How did the local residents protect themselves from the smell of roasting pork?

Perhaps a use for the gas masks every Israeli home has?

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