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March 13, 2013


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Mrs. Creant

Whatever happened to the Dog and his side kick double billing the district on tolls, when they both rode in the same car?

Oh, that's old news! The auditor found that issue, reported it and was promptly replaced! Dog refused to provide the documents and it was swept under the carpet. Nothing unusual.

Cabal Miscreant taxpayer

Some times there are even four lawyers present (costing $1,000/hr) Richard Stone said it would cost less money, but I guess he never counted lawyers at the meetings.

Whatever happened to the Dog and his side kick double billing the district on tolls, when they both rode in the same car?

Pearl of Wisdom

Really, when you think about it, the wheels came off the District when the Board hired Dog at 2:30 am. Dog is just doing what he was hired to do. I don't understand why he cannot control himself and I don't understand why he is so angry. Ok...well I guess I do understand why he is angry....roadblocks and investigations. What is truly gross is that often, the district is paying $500 per hour to have 2 lawyers present at board meetings...what's that about? Padding the bill or incompetence?



Very true, speaking of "integrity", remember who hired him. Our very own Mr. Wieder. Luke.


The Board loves D'Agostino because he is doing what they want him to do. Any other school district would never have hired him. He showed his true colors from the very first time he appeared at a Board meeting. Just the fact that he took a State pension that he knew he wasn't entitled to should have been enough for the Board to question his integrity and not hire him.


It appears anger management is in order for both he and the esteemed chair. Great example for the children and a greater example for the community as a whole. Thank you School Board members for putting forth the positive face of Jews to the community. This group has done more than just damage the district, they have destroyed a community. Let us not forget to thank the original charter member and another stellar member of our community, Aron Wieder, for igniting the initial flames. Luke.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kJMH916DS4 XD

Garnel Ironheart

And if he's censured, so what?


D'Agostino seems to be the the head of the "Cabal of Miscreants" rather than the other way around (as Danny seems to think). Maybe once they succeed in creating "separate but equal schools" they can re institute the Jim Crow Laws and mandate modesty laws in Rockland?


I bet this pussy won't go to the gym where the advanced weight lifters are and talk shit.


OK even if you grant the cursing as free speech, threatening to fight a K-12 student? Is this guy a fucking animal?


Which grievance committee? I went to the Journal News but couldn't get in. I did see a headline there that someone mentioned dividing the this district into two districts. What's up with that?

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