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March 07, 2013


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They will not be drafted, they will not be arrested, and if the are, it will be a brief detention and will walk away with a fine or some kins of delayed trial which will eventually end up in nothing being done. Don't be delusional folks, this is Israeli politics at play, a game of "let's pretend to be tough on the Haredim"


I wanna see real statistics on how much of the chiloni population is either gay or FSW (feminist single women)

Bob Guthrie

Posted by: gopjew
"Israel should issue orders for its jewish gays and feminist single women..."

*Sigh* You have already copy/pasted this same exact statement three times already in related articles. Care to refresh the material?.

Bob Guthrie

Posted by: D
"My only concern is the underlying hatred."

You should have that little problem looked up then. "Hate" of other people dissenting opinions is not healthy for you, you should try a "critical outline" attitude angle.

"You should be very happy bob." Quite, thank you. Daresay more when draft dodging apologists insert thine boots in their mouths trying to justify this unpatriotic behavior towards the G*d created land of Judea.

A very pleasing sight, indeed. ^.^


Israel should issue orders for its jewish gays and feminist single women to engage in sexual reproduction if it wants to get serious about the demographic problem.


You should be very happy bob..they also pay for these services that they do not use, including Reform Rabbis salary, filed under Ministry.. Sports and Culture last I knew.. I could say the world is round and you would call it flat. My only concern is the underlying hatred..but I see it's not underlying, it's right here..we don't need flyers with little cartoon characters..we have FM.

Alter Kocker

n addition, Haredim bring money into the Economy by attracting foreign charity, and consume and waste less than the general population."

Posted by: Bob Guthrie | March 07, 2013 at 08:23 PM

Much like cockroaches.

Bob Guthrie

Posted by: D
"A good book, Real Jews: Secular VS Ultra-Orthodox and the Struggle for Jewish Identity in Israel; Noah Efron."

Sorry, I don't read Fantasy Fiction books:

"Haredim point out that the Israeli military has no great need for unskilled manpower, and that Haredim are less burdensome to the state treasury in many ways: they don't commit as many Crimes (thus reducing the need for Police and Prisons) and they do not use a variety of Government Services oriented towards secular Jews (e.g. modern art, television and radio, all of which Haredim tend to avoid).

In addition, Haredim bring money into the Economy by attracting foreign charity, and consume and waste less than the general population."


Ben that's okay. A good book, Real Jews: Secular VS Ultra-Orthodox and the Struggle for Jewish Identity in Israel; Noah Efron. Pretty good book if you have time.


posted by D

Wow D ! You are so mindbugingly stupid !
Thank you for posting though. Your rants help to educate people in Haredi fundamentalist lies.

Moshe Aron kestenbaum, Williamsburg

Lock em all up together with their rebbi. have the rebbi hold court,tish pish, whatever they call that crap IN PRISON a, it's about time to share the burden , show me ones place in the Torah that your a born to live an asshole? Show me one place in the Torah that it says " throwings eggs from a overpass is cool? Or screaming after a women that your touches is to tight in this drew


then you might be familiar with the Tamazight Tudayt...Berber, Morocco, once immigrated into Israeli society I believe this unique cultural language might have disappeared. Possibly now speaking Judeo Arabic? Not clear..it's a unique community..just a thought on immigration and losing ancient customs and languages. (assimilation) The history of Piyyutim, still in use and sung today, the poetry, prayers ...in Yemenite culture is also very beautiful. Still probably sung in Monroe?


posted by D
and their language, from loshon koidesh to Ivrit...
the Morrocan and Yemeni Jews spoke lashon koidesh until they got to Israel? So why dont the ones who never went to Israel speak it now? And while on the subject of languages it may come as a surprise to you that Jews from those countries never spoke Yiddish until they came to Monroe NY. And if anything, sephardim had Ladino.


Joe that was taken from a much longer statement/story by a holocaust survivor..the other is already common knowledge I didn't think it necessary that anyone would need the entire story. We know what that was.


You really believe that the Germans needed the Polish teenagers to point to them out the Jews who STILL had beard and payos, you know that it doesn’t make any sense

No, it doesn't...not one whit. And why didn't the Germans kill them on the spot instead of just cutting off peyos and beards?

Joe Field

Posted by: D | March 07, 2013 at 11:58 AM

You really believe that the Germans needed the Polish teenagers to point to them out the Jews who STILL had beard and payos, you know that it doesn’t make any sense.


Draft dodgers, draft dodgers everywhere;
Not a cop to pop.


Its a no brainer they do not want to serve because israel is their enemy just like the arabs are the jews, they think they are aiding and abetting an enemy,lets face it the zionists all theese years were growing and feeding an enemy within,called hareidim.


the herideim simply do not want to serve since to them they are sharing the burden and as a matter of fact to them taking on more of the burden and giving much by learning Torah.

that is why they do not think they need to join the IDF

all other stuff is just a smoke screen they will come up with excuse and excuse demand more when people give in to them.

lets not play their game


"If a person did not serve as everyone else, he would be ostracized from society. The chances of getting a job dissipated, life was unbearable." If not in practice in theory. Those that serve generally are looked on in securing a career a bit more favorably.


There are many haredim that would like to work, but military requirements prevent this

Fact not in evidence.


AVI..saw that too..they may be recalling as well..

From a survivor:
Polish teenagers: They couldn't speak German. They only knew one word in German "a Jude, a Jude". Whenever the Germans were patrolling the streets, the Polish were always quick to point out "das is a Jude, das is a Jude". And they would go around with scissors in their hands and cut off beard and payos of the Jews.

HaRav Moshe Shaprio:...the founding generation of the State forced hundreds and thousands of immigrants from Morocco, Yemen and other oriental countries to give up their religious lifestyle. They made them "Israeli" by changing their appearance -- cutting off their beards and payos which had been preserved throughout the long years of golus amongst the Arabs -- and their language, from loshon hakodesh to Ivrit.


How infantile!

Posted by: Larry

I agree. The Haredim ARE infantile. Also, lazy and useless.

Alter Kocker

The IDF needs to make a statement. Instead of using civil police, use military police and throw a couple of dozen of these yeshiva boys in with a bunch of hardened criminals. I'm fairly sure that they will: a) report for duty and b) let their colleagues know that refusal of service can be quite painful.


Make it a requirement to be clean shaven in order to receive welfare benefits. You'll see haredim shaving off their beards - hell, ripping them out with their bare hands if they have to.


Israel: Frum Soldier Jailed for Refusing to Shave his Beard

Israel Air Force airplane technician Pierre Yitzchak serves in an air force base. He is a frum soldier and he was sentenced to seven days in jail for refusing an order to shave his beard.

Pierre is from a chareidi family. At some point, he decided to grow a beard. In line with protocol, he signed the necessary forms attesting to the fact the beard is for religious reasons. This was done with the chaplain of the S’dei Dov Base, Rabbi Menachem Alfasi, who approved the paperwork.

However, Yitzchak’s commander, Lt.-Colonel Erez Harel decided not to give his approval, instructing Yitzchak to shave, JDN reports. Yitzchak attempted to explain that his decision was based on his religious beliefs, but to no avail. The order to shave remained with the explanation that failing to comply would land him in jail.


Real smart. Not exactly the message to give to the haredim as to what is in store for them if they choose to comply and go against their rabbis and enter the world of the military.


Three thousand have received their notices to report in I believe the Fall. They can be rounded up at any time before then. Great way to control the population and shidduchim. My Torah Scholar is in high ranks in the military..that’s not a big plus on a resume’ for a shidduch. Those that are married, will get extra stipends for their families. They can afford this? No where have any high ranking officials of the military spoken up..do we want them. Can we accommodate religious belief. The mess tents where it’s funny to mix meat and dairy utensils. Those “all for one, one for all” requirements in the Code of the IDF, plus other requirements, doesn’t quite match. A nice leave from service, coming back discussing ones, exploits. It’s a fraternity. Since the match with the now Hebrew Playboy and Israel is so welcome, I’m sure it’ll be a required reading. For new olim in the service, one of the goals listed is assimilation into Israeli society. That includes free tickets to the Ballet, trips to the Golan, Hebrew classes…maybe could that include free coupons for meals at McDonalds. In the tech Industry in Israel, if it lists required reserve service, your unlikely to get a call back. How many secular Israelis have they yet to round up, might take care of their perceived quota of troops. Not to mention there are many conscientious objectors in Israel that are not Haredi. Who are also sitting in jails. The first amendment in the USA protects religious belief in a true Democracy. There are many haredim that would like to work, but military requirements prevent this. Many are trying to get into schools and expand their knowledge to join the workforce. Will they be hired? Or would the true nature of so much of this become apparent, the complete dislike by some of a certain population. Not to mention that brave ones that have enlisted voluntarily. They are going to align with the left. Talking boycotts now. The only solution, have every single yeshiva student up to the age 24 demand to enlist. Demand their religious beliefs be accommodated…think of it as kiruv…4 thousand go in…6 thousand come out. A religious IDF.


"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sees haredi political parties as his natural allies and counts on their support to keep him in power. Drafting haredim under his watch would likely end that alliance, leaving Netanyahu vulnerable to being replaced by a centrist or leftist prime minister."

Huh? Haven't you been reading the news recently about the hareidim being out of the new coalition?


my guess is Israel will not have the balls to do it and arrest them

Garnel Ironheart

Well the Chareidim are calling the bluff.
The army doesn't want an influx of Chareidim. They haven't had time to teach instructors how to speak Yiddish.
Bibi doesn't want to push the issue. He might need the Chareidim for a coalition at some point.
And the police are too busy with other things to chase down hundreds of passive-aggressive boys who all look the same to them anyways.
So unless Lapid et al are prepared to set up a posse and round these boys up it simply won't happen.

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