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March 22, 2013


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The Israeli High Court of Justice operates under the rule of law. The State Rabbinical Court operates under the rule of the seat of your pants.

We really need to devalue the importance of "the rabbi" in Judaism.


"In practice, this means that one spouse – usually the husband – can force the other spouse to have these issues adjudicated in a state rabbinical court by filing a claim for divorce that includes these specific issues with the rabbinical court first, before the other spouse can file her claim for those post-divorce issues in secular Family Court."

Not true. No side can force adjudication in a rabbinical court without consent of both sides. Certainly not the man, who is given the lower hand in all divorce negociations in Israel. Women frequently choose as they please between the two courts, which in turn argue that the man must follow the terms according to the lifestyle at the time of marriage, even if that included long outdated promises towards the wife and children that have not been rewritten to account for the standards of the modern economy.

Alter Kocker

There is absolutely no reason to have parallel court systems. Unfortunately Israel pandered to the rabbis and gave them latitude that was neither warranted or deserved. Time and time again religious courts have proven themselves neither fair nor balanced. Hopefully this ruling emasculates the rabbinic court without actually outlawing it. That will come in time as Israel begins withdrawing from the oppression of extreme ultra-orthodoxy dictating it's agenda to the secular masses.

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