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March 15, 2013


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Now those of Shas who are scum as well as the other scum from the haredim who are not learning will have to...excuse my language.... WORK and (gasp) serve in the ARMY. Goodbye waste of government funds and blackmail by those frum people who make the rest of us look bad. Hello peace and harmony amongst our people.


My naivete finally paid off. These guys are plain desperate now. Israeli citizens have had enough with them mooching off their money while getting absolutely nothing in return. Israel's future prospects are looking brighter by the day. Hopefully the new government will finally drag the haredim kicking and screaming into the 21st century.


Theese hareidim are getting a taste of their own medicine,and they dont like it hahah.

Garnel Ironheart

Like a druggie who can't get anyone to sell him his next hit.

And forget parodies. Let's just quote Billy Joel straight:
I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints,
the sinners are much more fun.

Moshe Aron Kestenbaum Williamsburg

Into the army, into a real education, stop theft of government funds that end up in the pockets of people who stand close or who are in the leadership. No more bullshit that the these students are protecting Israel by learning torah, I would bet that over half of these students don't learn anyways , they work underground , live in fear of Being detected, it is a bankrupt situation that the time has come to end this, thank Hashem that now things will change and chariedimg will look back years from now and say, it wasn't so bad afterall


The rhetoric coming from many top Charedi leaders is inflammatory and revolting.

If ones positions are unreasonable, it often makes sense to scream nasty things the loudest.


Hat--As the saying goes,the one who screams the loudest has the least to say:)


of course they fail to mention when the issue was brought up to do national service instead of the army they said NO

evil all the government will ask from them is to be treated like everybody else

Alter Kocker

Like a petulant child that cannot get his own way, they are now at the name calling stage of anger.

(The other) Eli

If they're calling the new coalition evil, that means that the government is doing something right.
I can see why they're upset that they are finally losing control. I mean, it's not like they're a mall percentage in a democracy or anything.......


I'm confused. Has Israel joined the Axis of Evil, or the Evil Empire?


Sorry Garnel, couldn't resist

("Evil Woman", Crow -- not ELO)

I see the look of evil in the nation
It hasn’t been this bad since the creation
A coalition will be a shameful deed
The seculars are the demon seed

Evil government won’t let us be in it
Evil government won’t let us be in it

We know what it is we’re looking for
Don’t make us tell all the lashon hora
But if you don’t let us into coalition
We will treat you with a great suspicion

Evil government won’t let us be in it
Evil government won’t let us be in it

Wickedness lies in your secularism
We won’t be able to daven through this prism
Eretz Israel is safe with us
God said this was always thus

Evil government won’t let us be in it
Evil government won’t let us be in it

John Nagle, Silicon Valley, CA

All they're going to do is whine. This is progress for Israel.

The anti-draft noise is coming from old guys with beards afraid of losing power, not young guys who will get drafted. The age range of those mentioned in the article is from 55 to over 100. For young haredim, the IDF is a way out of slavery to the beards.


“What do they care if a haredi person wants to remain haredi?” Shtreinman said, noting that it is impossible for a haredi man to remain haredi in the army."

The inherit presumption here, of course, is that it is worthy to be "haredi". Since it is neither a morally or Halachically correct lifestyle, they are being saved from themselves. It's no different than saying something like "they are stopping us living our chosen lifestyles of being serial killers / pedophiles / fraudsters etc..

Charedim - just remember it is for your own good and for the benefit of the Jewish people.


No complaining existed from the ultra-Orthodox/Hasidim when they were positioned as power brokers to form a government in exchange for more money for schools, communities, religious education or laws than ran counter to a secular society.

Now that they are on the outside looking in, they whine. I am sure their support to form a government will come again and they will be rememeber being left out and ask for twice as much.

Disgusted in Ramapo

Can we get the Knesset to take over in the Town of Ramapo and in the East Ramapo School district?


Can we get the Knesset to take over in the Town of Ramapo and in the East Ramapo School district?

Posted by: Disgusted in Ramapo | March 15, 2013 at 06:09 PM

Why not? It is not part of the United States anyway, is it?


“This axis is itself based on a campaign of systematic and foundational hostility and harassment to the Torah world, the haredi education system, the holy things of Israel and everything beloved of Judaism. Its partners established a covenant betraying God and His Torah,” Maklev reportedly said.

Why is it that every time these people fail to get their way, it's the greatest catastrophe ever to befall the Jewish people?

What a bunch of drama queens.


"UTJ’s MK Moshe Gafni called the new government one of the worst Israel has ever had spiritually and materially."

Silly Gafni! For the first time a majority of Jewish MKs are Shomer Shabbat. This is cause for celebration- and yet he dons sackcloth. Once again proving that UTJ is neither United, nor Torah, nor Judaism.

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