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March 13, 2013


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YWN is the Jewish Enquirer or epensive toilet paper.

Garnel Ironheart

Except that Lapid's success seems to have gone to his head and he's now apparently the one holding back a coalition agreement. I think he believes that if Bibi fails to form a government and there's another election that he'll win the most seats!
More fool him: Bibi will just turn to the Chareidim.


"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s outgoing government held its last cabinet meeting Sunday – without four haredi cabinet ministers."

In related news, Ynet is reporting that this final cabinet meeting is the first one where something tangible actually got done.

Lubavitchers are Christians

Uh oh.... YWN is reporting that things aren't so rosy between Benett and Lapid.

Alter Kocker

Don't go away mad...just go away

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