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March 20, 2013


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The comparison to JewWatch is very stupid.
Hate sites are looking to propogate an unproven theory. This theory is roughly that every single bad thing which occurs in the world, is due to a Jewish conspiracy. Their basis of proof is that because A is or has a Jewish name, and B is Jewish, therefore the poor result as they see it, is because of this Jewish conspiracy.

I have also spent time debating these folks. But I have realized that I cannot control someone else's propensity to hate. Sure, you can debate online and refute their points.

Now here, the news is primarily regarding abuse cases in the Orthodox community. If there are cases in Modern Orthodox they are reported. Please tell me where there is such a case in MO that was not rported.

I consider YU as MO.

In other communities which are Chareidish, the news is reported. Are there more there is not important, this is not the NHL standings.

The point of publicizing as I see it, is to punish the criminal who it seems, can get away with no internal that is Beis Din punishment.

Personally I think that they should be punished according to the American law, i.e. reg. as such, and court. jail is given in this country and they should not be exempt.

Other benefit is to keep the issue alive for other victims whose perp. has not been caught. that they can come forward and complain.

In some cases, I am speaking from personal exp. the victim is too young to know, that something is weird per se.

Fourthly, it is hoped that the criminal will see that he/she cannot get away with murder as before.

In what way, is this site in any way comparable to JW and the like? in no way at all.

To continue to mention JW makes me think you are from that site looking for audience.




I was at rhe CB 14 meeting where this ganif petitioned to have a street in Far Rock demapped in order to...wait for it...build a religious girls high school. Have any of you been down to The Rock and seen what monstrosities are being built in a residential neighborhood? I hooe now that they've been exposed and will hopefully get thrown in jail that this school goes out with high tide.


Wait a second, don't they discourage or forbid their students to use internet? ,...



your goal of maligning shmarya and FM is obvious. thats why you keep insisting no one has answered your "question" as to how FM differs from jewwatch, even though many have.
i have a question for you. since youre obviously against any blog which points out the truth about ortho and charedi judaism, how are YOU different, or any better than the ortho/charedi establishment which assists child rapists, for example? how are YOU not complicit in the molestation of hundreds of past and future victims, since you desire silence, and silence equals the status quo? what work have you done outside of the blogosphere to change the catholic churchesque model employed by them?
how would YOU propose to effect change in the amount of rampant fraud which is the financial backbone of many yeshivas and frum communities?
how would you even know about it if it werent reported?
some of the honest parents of kids in BBY might be horrified by these allegations and force change. isnt it better if MORE of them are aware of whats going on?


Kermit - You asked some questions and people here took the time to answer you. Why not take the time to reciprocate, let them know what you thought of those answers to your questions? Other than your p-match with Shmarya, you seem to have lost your tongue. (And for a frog, that's not a very good thing! ;)

David H

It is only a Chillel Hashem if they get caught.


"If that had been a frummer arrested for DWI, what would have been the response from the frumma?"

It wasn't me driving it was a shiksa but she ran.

It wasn't me driving it was a 14 year old boy but he ran.

Antisemite, you cannot stop me from partaking in ritual wine.

I know the Town Supervisor stupid.

Its not my car.

I live in Jewland and therefore do not recognize your laws.

..... and so on and so on.



To Joe Field

How you can deduce from my post that I envision a world full of child rapists is a classic example of the delusional hatred that is regularly spewed on this site.

As a victim of a molester many years ago, I should feel outrage at the likes of you. But I make peace with life everyday and I will merely assume that you got caught up in the moment. There really is no reason to speak to each other or write to each other in this way.

Joe - I invite you to reread my post and tell me what you truly object to without making insinuations that demonize (and that goes for everyone else who comments on the site - little corrective good will ensue from hateful comments).


I am reminded of a story told by Pres. GW Bush (II), when he was arrested and convicted of DWI when he was younger, his father (later became Pres. Bush I) wrote a letter to the police chief thanking him for arresting his son, so that he would finally have the opportunity to see the dangerous and destructive path his life was on, and now have a chance to deal with the consequences of punishment and correct his ways.
If that had been a frummer arrested for DWI, what would have been the response from the frumma?


"The tell-tale sign of a Chabad troll, coming from the group hovered around the screen, this time deciding to use the name 'james'."

Actually, I am anticipating the arrival of Elmo next. Dealing with the posse is "kinda" like playing Whack a Mole. They keep poppin' up, we keep whacking them down.



ItsNotEasyBeingGreen –

I think you need to read their responses more carefully.


James, let me explain to you by way of example why FM is not a hate site

Sime time ago I read in a magazine about a mother who ‘snitched’ on her son for dealing amphetamines resulting in the son getting a short prison sentence. The mother explained that she did not do this because of some high point of principle but rather because she found out that her son had attempted to persuade her otherwise law abiding daughter to provide a false alibi for him. The mother feared that her daughter would most likely be persuaded by her son’s claim that she was not running a big risk in perjuring herself, however the mother understood that her daughter was at great risk of getting into serious trouble and ruining her future if she did what her brother suggested, and out of love of her daughter and to protect her from harming herself, she ‘snitched’ on her son. The son is furious with his mother, believing he could have got away with his criminal behaviour. The mother knows better and at least she has saved her daughter and hopes that as her son matures he will understand why she took that action and one day they will reconcile..

FM plays the role of the mother in this situation, whilst the Haredim play the role of the son, insisting that they could get away with their immoral conduct if only FM kept his mouth shut. Like the son, they will scream that by publicizing their criminality it shows that FM hates them when in fact his motivation is to protect the reputation of the innocent by publicly disassociating them with the guilty.

Stormfront has no difficulty finding individual cases of Jewish criminality because in every society you will find a particular level of individual criminality. This becomes dangerous when this criminality becomes spread throughout a particular culture and it becomes obvious to the average man on the street, that this is so. It is because people like FM condemn criminality, the average man on the street will not fall for Stormfront asserting that Jews as a whole are criminal.


they call me kermit precisely because of the handle I've chosen. On purpose. Did you not get that. And even a 2nd grader would realize that even those that disagreed with me here did so in a coherent manner and declined to commenton my IQ. And you and dh have yet to explain how someone can lie about their opinion or lie about a question.


Kermit -

Here's the deal. News is news. There is no meaning to it unless you ascribe meaning to it. So a website that has lots of news relating to Jews, like VIN, was called "Anti-Semitic" and banned at some point, because someone ascribed meaning to some of the VIN news reporting that they didn't like.

One person's Anti-Semite is another's Jew-Lover. The Arabs called President Obama a Jew-Lover at the same time as some Jews called him an Anti-Semite. It's all a question of how you interpret it, and how you see it.

The Hareidi establishment tends to call any reporting of wrongdoing by Hareidim "Anti-Semitic." They called the prosecuting of Rubashkin for his crimes "Anti-Semitic." There are now Satmer Chassidim who now call the entire New York State judicial system Anti-Semitic for prosecuting and jailing Weberman, a man who was proven in court to have raped a 12-year-old girl for 3 years of her life.

So you can intepret the news and label it as you choose, according to your value system. If you believe that the reporting of crimes by the Orthodox and other strange or bizarre behavior by Hareidim is "Anti-Semitic" than that is your choice. Others see it differently.

Additionally, as Rebitzman and others have pointed out above (which you have not yet responded to), Jew Watch is run by and caters to non-Jews who want all Jews to die. By contrast, FM is run by a Jew and read by Jews who love being Jewish and would like Orthodox Jews to universally behave in a way that makes the rest of world Jewry proud. Especially since Hareidi Jewry holds itself to be "better" Judaism and to be practicing "Torah True Judaism" (a favorite term of the Agudah) to the exclusion of every other flavor of Jewish observance. While in actuality, the systemic failings of Orthodox Judaism as it is practiced today are a problem that all Jews who care about Judaism and who care about world Jewry, would like to see acknowledged, worked on, and ultimately fixed by both the leaders and laymen of Orthodoxy.

This website shines a light on those systemic, uncomfortable failings of Orthodoxy. If you would like to interpret the shining of that light on Orthodoxy's system wide failures to be "Anti-Semitic," that is your choice. You can then join the ranks of many who believe that all of Hareidi Judaism is perfect, Divinely inspired, and God's will as manifested on Earth, and to ignore the system wide problems is better than to see and deal with them. That somehow, the once-a-week very public Chillul Hashem in the news doesn't matter and is not a reflection of system wide problems.

There are others who believe that the Orthodox, Hareidim, and all of world Jewry would be better served by leaders and laymen recognizing that with some honest self-reflection and hard work, Orthodoxy's problems can be fixed, the Chillul Hashem can be stopped, childrens' lives can be saved, the hypocracies can end and Orthodoxy's way of life can become what it believes it is, and what it would like to be.

As with much in Judaism - it's all up to your interpretation.

WoolSilkCotton, I am a work of art as well as a sports and rock superstar

"...I realized he was an anti-semite after Rubashkin was sentenced to 27 years..."

The tell-tale sign of a Chabad troll, coming from the group hovered around the screen, this time deciding to use the name 'james'.
"Hey, let's pick a goyishe sounding name, so they don't think we are frum."


Sorry to break it to you:There is no real difference between Stormfront,Jewatch
and Failed.
I raised that point a few days ago, without your eloquence,though.
You will get the standard Rosenberg nastiness:"You are not to bright, toddle off, I pity your kids" etc. Obviously, because you are right.
Btw, I"ve been here almost from day one, when he discussed his first ever shave, while he was "only" anti Chabad.

I can tell you that it was difficult for me to really get the idea of a jew becoming a real anti-semite.It just hit at a certain point.I would say that I realized he was an anti-semite after Rubashkin was sentenced to 27 years in jail, two years longer than the even the prosecution asked for and it was still not enough for Rosenberg.He would still not let go


ItsNotEasyBeingGreen –

They're almost all calling you "Kermit" and pointing out that you're not smart and that your are a troll. And they're making fun of you, as well. So you either are incredibly stupid or you are lying. Either way, it stops now.


Funny how I have managed to have a normal conversation with almost every other poster in this thread, but not with you. Are they moral cripples too? Can they not see that I am one? How is it that all of these people can manage a real conversation without resorting to insults. When i did converse with some of them Yes, they did give some answeres. not great ones but answers non the less. And they were civil. And they were a pleasure to talk to. You on the other hand decided not to be. this could have been a real conversation but.... it turned into crap. Thank you deremes, Pard, darius and Joe (sorry if I missed anyone)for actually participating in an actual normal conversation.


Bunker would have brought up Grampa, wouldn't he? I'm guessing Yossi Posse of Nazi Posse. OMG, if I thought I was talking with Bunker... I have to have a bleach bath.


Will we be seeing two epic bans in one day? First it was the Julius Streicher character, and now Green to follow?

And why does Green's last rant sound so reminiscent of Bunker? Has Bunker re-emerged yet again?

Stay tuned!


ItsNotEasyBeingGreen –

Your questions have been answered by several commenters and by me. You seem to be too intellectually limited to understand the answers – or simply too dishonest to address them.

You accuse me of changing the meaning of a story when the Israeli press and Yeshiva World saw the exact same meaning in that story as I did.

You hurl other accusations that are equally nonsensical.

And your own blathering proves exactly what wrote about you – you have no moral or ethical compass. You are a moral cripple.


Who said I am a newbie to this site? I have said all along that I have been a reader for a long time. As for you SR,

"haredim are making use of the shtreiml rental service" Prove it.

"As I wrote previously, you have no moral or ethical compass. You truly cannot tell right from wrong" Once again, prove it

"You are a complete idiot. Its five days before Passover, moron, and the president and Israels prime minister met in Jerusalem and held a long press conference. Did it ever occur to you that people – including me – might be a bit too busy to respond to your idiocy?"
Are you implying that you are involved in some way with that summit?

Until now I have been trying to have a civil discourse but it seems you dont know how to have a conversation without insults. So I will stoop to your level.

I am sorry you are such a pathetic being with such delusions of grandeur. You are irrelevant. You think you are a mirror to the jewish community but in fact you are the smegma of the jewish community. You claim superior logic but even a cursory reading of this blog reveals that you lack the basics of even a glimmering of logic. As you sit and stew in your flea ridden chair and scratch your flaky crab ridden crotch you watch as the world passes by the basement window and imagine that you matter. I pity your parents too for having to live through the absolute hellish punishment of having you as their son. But I'm sure they tell you that their proud of what you do with that faint uncomfortable smile/grimace. Ill bet you love seeing the sadness hidden behind that smile. I would say that you are mentally retarded but that would be an insult to the MR community. You seem to believe that you are the arbiter of moral and ethical behavior. I would posit that your moral compass is badly broken. Even a person with no compass at all can still navigate simply using known truths. Yet you see these truths and still choose to ignore them thinking that your compass is correct. Its a shame the world has to waste oxygen on you. Roaches would put it to better use than you. I don't pity you, you are undeserving of anyone's pity. Grow up little boy, put the big boy pants on and recognize when you are out of your league.

Ok, this concludes the SR method of debate.
getting back on topic in 3....2....1....


The fact is that these schools have a well earned reputation for abusing the system, which means everything they do should be looked at carefully. Unless things like this get looked at abuses will continue and society will suffer. OR we can keep our miscreant mouths closed and things will continue like they are.


Let's get back to the topic at hand: Haredi trying to defraud the e-rate program, again. How long will it be before the fraudsters go to prison?


"Typical SR response"

Interesting statement coming from a newbie just asking questions. Most newbies I run across have no idea what is and what is not typical.

But to your original question: folks here are different from jew watch in that they are Jewish love being Jewish and want Jews - especially those who hold themselves to be superior among Jews - to adhere to a standard we can all be proud of.

The posters here want Jews to be a light unto the nations - the folks on Jew watch simply want us to die.

Seems pretty simple.


Make that Demonizing. Spellcheck error


"And you dh are a tremendous herpes laden twat oozing forth multi-colored viscous moldy discharge. See what an intellectual conversation having!?!"

Kermit, your responses are that of a troll. Give it up. Please. This is a serious issue with serious ramifications. I get that you don't like Shmarya - I am sure there is a club you can join of similar minded people. But this issue is far more disturbing than you realize. The midos these schools are teaching are not the midos followed by its leaders. Liars, cheaters, and overall reprehensible men committed severe financial crimes. That is a problem.


Posted by: ItsNotEasyBeingGreen | March 20, 2013 at 11:07 AM

I would suggest that FM has on occasion broken very important stories that have helped Jews and non-Jews who've been victims of crimes committed by Orthodox perpetrators. Jewwatch has never had a mission other than sermonizing all Jews by misreprentation and distortion.


"Typical SR response, no answer for the criticism just insults."<<


I answered your criticism and I insulted you. Clearly you aren't smart enough to understand the answer, which kind of proves the points I made about you.

Your parents and your teachers should hang their heads in shame. They produced a man with a broken moral and ethical compass and no real intellect.


Typical SR response, no answer for the criticism just insults. Somehow I have managed to have a pretty decent, civil, and logical conversation with the people here. But that seems to have evaded you. I am also unsure of how you have come to the conclusion that I lack a moral compass. I think my moral compass has led me to re-evaluate the direction and value of your blog. I think you are rapidly becoming irrelevant precisely because of your hateful attitude. I am sorry chabad ruined you. I am sorry you fell for the loopy element. I am sorry you were so gullible back then and now feel that you have to make up for it by bashing and hating all the time. Despite all your experiences with Chabad, it doesnt make what you say and feel rational. It also doesnt indict the rest of Judaism.

Btw, I hate to break it to you but, you are an outsider.


>>"I am sorry that I kind of hijacked this thread, but I didnt really see a different way to discuss this. I dont know about Bnos eligibility for this program, but there is plenty of tech out there besides the internet. If their application is honest and correct, and they qualify for the discount and use it for tech even tech that doesnt include the internet, then there is no story. If they did something wrong in the past it will be dealt with. The juxtaposition of a real story and a non story leads the reader to suspect that they are doing something wron now and from now on everything that Bnos does should be suspect. "<<

As I wrote previously, you have no moral or ethical compass. You truly cannot tell right from wrong. And you clearly grew up in an allegedly frum home.

I pity your parents, your siblings and your spouse and your children.

As for doing something wrong now, the school was reportedly doing something wrong a least until a few weeks ago when the state audit began. Youre clearly not educated enough, smart enough or mature enough to know this, but in the real world, that isnt some crime committed in the distant past.

You are a truly sick, pathetic little man.


>>"You see even that ridiculous story was mis-characterized to make it look like this was a valid chumrah that was starting to be held by the chareidim when in fact it was just a stupid business idea dreamed up by an enterprising yokel. So far as I can tell, no one is rushing to partake of his business and/or the ridiculous chumrah. But SR made you think that people were, in an effort to bolster his view that chareidim practice excesses in insignificant areas and not where (he thinks) they should be. Its stuff like this that bothers me and ultimately leads me to think of this as more of a chareidi bashing hate blog than a whistleblower blog."<<


It was characterized that way by the Israeli press and by the haredi press. And despite your thoughts, haredim are making use of the shtreiml rental service.


>>"No real answer huh dh? I didnt think so. Am I hitting too close to hoe? Does it hurt to come to the realization that you are, in all likelihood a rabid anti-semite?"<<

You are a complete idiot. Its five days before Passover, moron, and the president and Israels prime minister met in Jerusalem and held a long press conference. Did it ever occur to you that people – including me – might be a bit too busy to respond to your idiocy?

Whatever religious, ethical or moral tradition you follow has failed you – or you have failed it.

When an alcoholic is lying in a gutter covered with his own vomit, and is approached by his two brothers who hold up a mirror and says, Youre lying in the gutter! You are covered with vomit! You stink! You have ruined the lives of you wife and children! Stop drinking and go into treatment! in your small mind, those brothers are anti the alcoholic brother. And he is no different in your addled mind than a gang of thugs who see the alcoholic in the gutter and shout at him, hold up a mirror so he can see himself, curse him out – and if police or other witnesses arent around, beat him up. Because, you think both groups are equal because both hold up a mirror, and both think lying in the gutter drunk and covered with vomit is wrong.

You are a mental midget, morally and ethically blind, and a fool.

Somehow, I get the feel youve been called all of those things (and probably worse) by people who know you well.


Jane I am sorry that I kind of hijacked this thread, but I didn't really see a different way to discuss this. I don't know about Bnos' eligibility for this program, but there is plenty of tech out there besides the internet. If their application is honest and correct, and they qualify for the discount and use it for "tech" even tech that doesn't include the internet, then there is no story. If they did something wrong in the past it will be dealt with. The juxtaposition of a real story and a non story leads the reader to suspect that they are doing something wron now and from now on everything that Bnos does should be suspect.


Can we just ignore Kermit, and talk about how scary and appalling this situation is?

Tens of millions of dollars were essentially spent on lining the pockets of these supposed gedolim. Why is that okay?


ItsNotEasyBeingGreen –

You are either remarkably stupid, a Nazi or a troll. To call me an outsider after I spent almost 25 years INSIDE Chabad and the haredi community is insane – but so is what passes for your logic. You appear to lack even a rudimentary moral compass, and I shudder to think of ethical and moral lapses you make because of it. If you have children, I pity them.


Pard, it may be relevant, but ultimately it detracts from the purported goal of this blog. You see even that ridiculous story was mis-characterized to make it look like this was a valid chumrah that was starting to be held by the chareidim when in fact it was just a stupid business idea dreamed up by an enterprising yokel. So far as I can tell, no one is rushing to partake of his business and/or the ridiculous chumrah. But SR made you think that people were, in an effort to bolster his view that chareidim practice excesses in insignificant areas and not where (he thinks) they should be. Its stuff like this that bothers me and ultimately leads me to think of this as more of a chareidi bashing hate blog than a whistleblower blog.


ItsNotEasyBeingGreen, you didn't ask me a question, although I answered one anyway; I know you don't think; I don't own a hoe; and finally, no.


Kermit, good job keeping the conversation off the topic that was originally, a group of large black hat wearing crooks are stealing educational opportunities from innocent and needy children, coupled by the fact that they are fostering a hatred towards Jews by their actions. Do you really think that people who hate Jews read this blog?



The mockery of the chametz streimel is relevant to the theme.

Tremendous concern over matters that could be considered even within the Law to be trivial, but widespread obfuscation of far greater problems in the eyes of G-D and man.

Serves to demonstrate that the people in question can take certain things seriously, if they are so inclined, such as the fear of a crumb in a hat. Perhaps those same folk can look into better control of herpes transmission by having their Mohel's checked regularly.



abc, interesting analogy. I never heard that one.



Did I get the point wrong?

Charedim should be capable of empathy and understand the need of respect for others since they were victims of such a failure not long ago that resulted in slaughter.

Charedim (and others) have made it a sacrament to remember the Nazi evil, but they have little regard for other human beings.

Of course, they only steal from others, they do not gas them.

Clear enough ca?


HOME that is.


No real answer huh dh? I didn't think so. Am I hitting too close to hoe? Does it hurt to come to the realization that you are, in all likelihood a rabid anti-semite?


Watch out for Pard. Here is part os one of his comments from a different thread where he compares charedim to Nazi's and minimizes the Holocaust:

"Ironic indeed that folks who experienced widespread slaughter just 75 years ago due to mankind's inhumanity to man (and who forever bear grudge for same), have developed such a thoughtless disregard for others." Posted by: Pard | March 19, 2013 at 10:13 AM


All religion is severe Delusional MENTAL ILLNESS! A delusion that there is an imaginary
MALE Deity who judges and punishes and rewards us for proper or improper behavior is insane!
Humans cannot deal with their animal instincts and SEX, so they make up rules to cope with
them and call this Religion. Humans are the only creature that can contemplate their death. They
fear death and cannot cope with the thought of it. Religion is a COPING mechanism that allows
humans to get through the day without the panic that they are just like any other primate on the
Earth, except that they know they will DIE and their powerful sexual and violent behavior has to
be tamed and controlled or they cannot function as a society.
Humans wrote the Torah, Bible, Koran and other holy books.
How can GOD have gender? ..always referred to as a MAN--HE, HIM, HIS, KING etc.? Why
would god who created the sun, the earth, and formed man out of dust --need a human woman
Mary to create a son? Why would god allow the torture of his son to forgive bad actions of
people thousands of years later? Belief in this silly fantasy/fable is a delusion and total insanity!
Where was god during--Hiroshima Bomb, the holocaust? The WTC attack? On vacation? What
did god do on the seventh day of rest, take a nap, lie in bed in Heaven, read the newspaper, watch football, have sex with his goddess wife? why would an almighty powerful god need to rest?


It's the old housekeeper vs. cat question.

The housekeeper doesn't want to kill the mouse, just wants it out.

The cat wants to eat the mouse.


I though I took those pictures of me down.

You are still a liar.


And you dh are a tremendous herpes laden twat oozing forth multi-colored viscous moldy discharge. See what an intellectual conversation having!?!

Harold, no one said that the alternative was silence. Just because there are questions about this forum doesnt mean that the only alternative is silence.

Darius, thank you for expounding on my concerns.

Joe, Its not that I dont want to believe you. I desperately want to believe that this site, and many of the posters have only the best of intentions. But I cant. The tone and content here, the posting of unconfirmed and vague cases (ie breslov rabbi with no name in miami) and the desperate attempts to make even the most insignificant story into a fiasco leads me to believe that this is not a site interested in community improvement. For instance the post about hat chametz. Ridiculous? Yes. Criminal?? No. Posted just to ridicule a portion of Jews who might be over scrupulous? Yes. And there is the problem. The blog has morphed from real criticism of Jews to ridiculing them. You know, I think I just crystallized this in my head. I think the point where a "whistleblower" site crosses into a hate site is when its participants move from criticism to flat out unreasonable/unnecessary ridicule and mockery.

Joe Field

Posted by: darius | March 20, 2013 at 04:06 PM

You are right, you envision a universe were raping kids, stealing from government programs for the sick, or misallocate funds for connecting to the internet, and so on, should be the order of the day.

We don’t want to stay silent while even on child gets raped. We have a goal to combat any molestation or other criminal behavior in the Orthodox community, which affect the public at large. Why us? Well we are a collection of people who are Jewish by birth, and we feel an obligation to correct a wrong. We learned from history, and we are willing to admonish our brothers and sisters, and to bring them back to be a proper model citizen.

The question, why your community, why not other communities, like the Catholic Church, or other institutions of higher learning e.g. Pen-State? You see charity begins at home, we know we cannot change the world but we strongly believe that in the idea, that each individual must do his part, and then the world will be a better place. We cannot shrink away from either our collective responsibility, or collective consciousness.

I know you don’t want to believe us, nevertheless, as a brother each of us are felling the responsibility, to criticize and try in any way to correct your misguided approach to living with the rest of the community. I know that you and your community are against molestation or other illegal actives, but you cannot come to grips that others know off your deficiency and immorality, facing your demons is the way forward.


ItsNotEasyBeingGreen, you're a lying sack o' shit.

And in answer to your question "why is your site different than any other site?" the difference is that this site allows posts by
intellectually feeble outlaws, such as you.



Interesting point you raise.

Is there any public forum in the Jewish World (Particularly the Orthodox Jewish World)that allows mass criticism of it's leaders?

Is there any forum to shed light upon criminal wrongs?

If there are, they will invariably attract a certain harsh and bitter crowd, IMHO, because one does not gain insight into that protected world without first generally experiencing grave disappointment and letdown.

When you discover that the Messiah was a fraud, one tends to dispense with the pleasantries.

Do the Orthodox critique their perceived enemies with a gentle touch?

Are the communities referenced in this site open to audit of any kind of their performance?

Hard to be gentle with a fire breathing dragon.


In a sense I agree with IAEBG. I would not put forth the analogy of Jewwatch, but the more I read on this blog, the more I see posts and comments that basically accuse Orthodox Judaism as being one big flawed exercise. There are many regular commenters on this site that are always poised to take a swipe at entire communities based on the actions of a small minority.

I think what IAEBG's point is that if this were the only Jewish-related site a person would read, that person would have to conclude that Jews are dispicable, the more religious the worse. That is frightening. If Shmarya wishes to contend that he is truly trying to "fix" Orthodox Judaism, the claim runs a bit hollow. Many of his posts carry a bitterness that betrays an agenda against Orthodoxy. It's his blog, so he can do as he likes, but it would be more effective with a little less bile.

That said, I also agree that the contents of this site are essential. Chillul Hashem is killing Orthodoxy. Lack of Yiras Shomayim in the Orthodox calls into question all the chinuch that is being imparted, particularly when that chinuch is being fueled and funded by fraudulent schemes. Our grandparents would be appalled, having sacrificed so much to acquire a Jewish education for their kids.


Mr. Green,

Every leader in the Jewish world should visit this site daily to discover what they can do to help improve their community.

Haters will hate.

A good Shepard will not delude himself. A good Shepard will take care of his flock.

Truth is not hate.

Harold F


So if we accept your premise, any exposure of wrong doing in the Haredi community is by definition hate speech. Therefore, everyone must be silent.

How does silence help abused and molested children?

How does silence help people who are ripped off and defrauded?

How does silence help people living in unsafe housing or attending unsafe schools
because alas, there are Haredim who violate
building codes?

Tell me how silence helps these victims?


Sigh... It was a simple question. All this grief...sigh.

Look, some disclosure. I am Jewish. I am MO. I don't hate this site nor its founder. I don't bait blogs and I don't troll. I do however attempt to make as much sense of the world as I can. I've been a reader of this site for a long time. Not a big poster though. I believe in intellectual honesty which is why I asked the question. When I mentioned to an acquaintance of mine that I read this blog they called it a hate site. This acquaintance happens to identify as conservative btw. It was his characterization of this site and some personal thinking that got me wondering. And asking the question above. It prompted me to ask myself if I am perusing a "hate" site. Which then led to well, what makes a site a hate site. Its content? Its intent? Its denial of being such? no one denies that a literal hate spewing site is hateful. But take jewwatch. It doesn't actually have any "hate" articles on it. Its a news aggregate, but the general consensus is that its an anti-Semitic rag. So I sit here and wonder what are the qualifications for being an anti-semitic rag. Btw, I'm only using that site as a reference because its the most infamous, I am sure there are others targeting all sorts of groups. Is anyone else bothered by this? Either way, it bothers me. So this question and the ramifications of the answer really only affects me. I am beginning to feel increasingly uncomfortable reading this blog.

To make matters worse, in typical hater fashion the question is not answered but the questioner is ridiculed or belittled. That alarms me too.


"So the answer to your question FM is not a whistleblowing site its a site that aims to instill as much hate as possible towards orthodx Jews."

If your people would cease raping babies, cease defrauding the government, cease ruining school districts there would be no hate. Talk to them, not us.


Deremes-You should keep quite youre group is the biggest hater of them all of other jews who arent like them,i see hassidishe kids as they are in their teen and even younger mocking other jewish kids who are not like them with lange payes and a dishelved beard you guys are a tottal joke bozos and you cant even grasp that youre should be the last one to judge others in hate,you see in others what you youreself are.


ItsNotEasyBeingGreen- other antisemitic sites are classified as hates sites only by Jews in general.Most non-Jews are not really bothered by its existence.

FM IS classified by Orthodox Jews in general as a hate site which promotes hate toward Jews who live by the torah.Supposedly the claim goes that FM is only a whistleblower and is here to help frum Jews to get rid of their criminal mentality.But any sane person who reads this site will tell you that many times FM is writing posts that has nothing to do with frum criminals,corruption,rabbis or anything slightly close to criminality and the only purpose is to hurt that person whom ever he choose to write or posters should get another chance to spew hate.
So the answer to your question FM is not a whistleblowing site its a site that aims to instill as much hate as possible towards orthodx Jews.


Me thinks Kermit is attempting to bait the room =)


Harold F


The difference between jewwatch and FM is simple. Jewwatch's premise is that all Jews are criminals, evil-doers, parasites, string pullers and are the source of the world's misfortunes. Therefore, they must be wiped out.

FM makes does not have that premise. While it can be harsh at times, the purpose is to expose the misdeeds in the Haredi community order to end them. Sunlight as Justice Louis Brandeis noted is the best disinfectant.

Is a blog about Catholic clerical molestation of children expressing hatred of the Catholic Church?

Again if the blog claims that the Catholic Church is the source of all misfortunates and must be wiped out, it is a hate site.

But if the purpose is to stop the molestation of children, punish the wrong doers, and get justice for the victims, it has a legitimate purpose.


ItsNotEasyBeingGreen is just a comedian who hates Shmarya and FM. Not worth responding to.


tsNotEasyBeingGreen-I cannot beleive that someone like you doesnt see the difference between this site and a hate one,in my oppinion is that you choose not to see the difference it is obvious to any person with an iq of 10,you are the one who is trying to start a fight with others that you hate its a no brainer.


I blame no messengers. And I am not (yet) calling this a hate site. I was just wondering what is the difference (in practical terms) between this site and Jewwatch. Both seem to be an aggregate of stories about Jews. Though I think most anyone would agree that FM seems to lean slightly to the negative. Now, claiming your just a whistleblower....well I would agree with you but you seem laser focused on only the Jewish community. Kinda like the NYPDs stop and frisk policy targeting minorities in NY. Yeah you could claim its all "innocent" and that it just "happens" to effect mostly minorites but most people see it for what it is. And besides whistle-blowers are usually people on the inside that wish to out a moral, ethical, or financial misdeed that leads to some sort of intervention. You seem to be an outsider collecting (sometimes unconfirmed) reports of crimes committed by Jews for the purpose of..... Well, I don't really know what the purpose is. Most all of us know that crime and debauchery plagues humanity universally. So the "whistleblower" excuse doesn't fly. BTW, Jewwatch also claims just to be a news site that collects news about Jews. You could probably get most of their results by creating a google newsfeed that searches for Jew, or Jewish. So once again, without resorting to insults, can you clarify what you do here and why it is not classified a hate site like say.... Jewwatch. Now, I don't really read that site and I am pretty ambivalent about this one, it just seems strange that what you do seems acceptable to your readers (mostly) and what they (jewwatch) do most probably not. Now I get the whole "I can be critical of jews and not be an anti-semite because I am Jewish" OK, its a defense. Not a good one but I can understand that sentiment. But in reality, thats really a sorry answer. Like the black community claiming that there is nothing wrong with them using the N word but white people cant. At the end of the day, if I showed someone the articles on your site side by side with Jewwatch and didn't let on which was which, I'd bet that most people not only couldn't distinguish between the two but would actually ascribe your reporting to the Jewwatch site. I propose that this site is no different than Jewwatch. You both post news about Jewish misdeeds. You both profess to just be documenting Jewish goings on, and you both claim not to be anti-Semitic. Why are you different?

Now, can you give a coherent answer while avoiding your go to phrases such as "toddle off", "process", and so on? Its a simple question, your readers deserve to know and hear the answer from you. Not a "well most reasonable adults....." cop-out.

So, in honor of Pesach I ask, why is your site different than any other site?


Posted by: ItsNotEasyBeingGreen | March 20, 2013 at 11:10 AM

if the community would be as angry at the people who commit these crimes as they get against the people who report I am sure the crime rate would be lower

think about that them


Reporting criminal behavior does not a jew-hating site make. I get that you (ItsNotEasyBeingGreen) don't like this story, but maybe you should go ahead and ask the criminals why they committed these acts, instead of blaming the messenger(s)


How is pointing out the foibles of people who claim to be holier than thou considered a hate site?

If that were the case, then all news agencies covering the government are hate sites.


ItsNotEasyBeingGreen –

Actually, I've been thinking that you're not very bright – either that, our you're a Nazi.

At any rate, most adults with a reasonable or better level of intelligence know the difference between a website run by a whistleblower or concerned member of the group being reported on and a site run by Nazis or other people who hate that group. The first is aimed at cleaning up problems and making the group better. The purpose of the second site is to promote hate. Of course, there are people who aren't very bright – like you, for example – who don't grasp the obvious very easily. But the rest of us can't structure the world around your intellectual and moral defects.


Actually, Jewwatch posts all stories related to Jews. Not just the criminal ones. So maybe this site is worse than Jewwatch? I don't know. I used to think that a site like this would be a good idea, but now I'm not so sure. Does anyone else here ever surf over to that site?


Just a quick question. I was wondering why sites like jewwatch are considered a hate site and this site is not. After all it seems that the goals are the same. Just a documentation of the crime and excesses of Jews everywhere even the most minor uncorroborated stories. In the past (I dont know about now) stormfront supported jewwatch. Maybe they can sponsor this site too? Note, I'm not attacking here, but its just something I've been thinking about. What is the line that separates a site like jewwatch and this one?


You're just not devout enough. If you were, Hashem would show you these internet devices (kosher, of course).

Or, if that fails to move the state, they were all washed away by Hurricane Sandy.

Yeah, that's the ticket.

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