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March 14, 2013


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And that filthy flea-infested double-beard is a sign of someone holy?

It is an absolute disgrace and a Chillul Hashem!

dapper danny

Apologies to George Harrison ("My Sweet Lord")

Oy mein zeis Reb
Oy oy mein Reb
Oy oy mein Reb

I really want to smell you
Really want to kvell with you
Really want to eat gebrochts
right from your beard, mein Reb

Oy mein zeis Reb
Oy oy mein Reb
Oy oy mein Reb

I really want to pray with you
Shockle night and day with you
Really want to braid your beard
So it ain't so long, mein Reb

Oy mein zeis Reb (hairy kishka)
Oy Oy mein Reb (hairy kishka)
Oy mein zeis Reb (Kasha Varnishkas)
Oy oy mein Reb (do the dishes)

I really want to smell you (hairy touchas)
I really want to kvell with you (hairy touchas)
I really want to eat gebrochts
right from your beard mein Reb (hairy touchas)

Oy mein zeis Reb (bumalouchus)
Oy oy mein Reb (auf dein touchas)
Oy mein zeis Reb (Ger und Breslov)
Oy oy mein Reb (Belz und Lubov)
Oy mein zeis Reb (Vishnitz kugel)
Oy oy mein Reb (Spinka rugglaach)
Oy mein zeis Reb (Sqverer gotkes)
Oy oy mein Reb (Bobov latkes)

etc. etc.


klaus - he just told a guy who didnt want to learn anymore to go to india instead of the army. for which part of that should i applaud shteinman?


You guys are PATHETIC!

Rav Shteinman has been attacked by your enemies because he has told guys who weren't learning to join the IDF (http://www.nkusa.org/activities/Demonstrations/monsey102304.cfm).
Also, How do you like THIS quote from the Jerusalem Post: "Steinman was also the only member of Degel Hatorah's council of Torah sages that openly supported the Nahal haredi"? http://www.jpost.com/JewishWorld/JewishNews/Article.aspx?id=21972

He has guts AND integrity. Do YOU?

western jew

I'm sorry, but if you are so bent on giving your advice based on what you think might be going on in the corruption, you have fastened fraud to your liability. This rabbi who is esteemed has lost his own resolve to solve problems for the justice of the community. And so it goes...

(The other) Eli

Yeshiva Bochur, learning the Talmud, works of Gaonim, and the stupidity of "chassidis" does not make anyone knowledgeable. This guy probably has almost no grasp on Jewish philosophy or any secular subjects which promotes rational and critical thought.
Life experience in an insular community is absolutely worthless.


good one, pard.


Yeshiva Bachur -

YBM is right. Shteinmans experience is limited to reading old books. and he doesnt even understand their words enough to apply them properly.

and why does he have a rasta beard ?


Hey Yeshiva Bachur, your comment raises a good point. "an elder who has more life experience and knowledge" is actually misleading and a big part of the problem.

The leaders of right wing orthodox Jews may be Talmudic scholars, and they may have experience with a specific subset of communal issues that they are exposed to during their reign. This is in no way comprehensive knowledge on matters that are required to guide a Nation.

The appointed leaders seem to have rejected the fundamental enterprise of looking inward at their own communities to adapt to the very real and changing challenges that emerge with every new day. It would seem that an Orthodox community is fundamentally flawed and it's leadership in need of change, if they have no real plan to honestly and productively interact with the host societies.

You can draw very clear parallels between fundamentalist Muslim communities and the right wing Orthodox Jews. Ingratitude, intolerance, dishonestly are the actual values being implemented by their societies, regardless of their stated values.


Is this guy supposed to be like double holy cause ha has two beards? Roflmao

Lo K'darkah

הודו לה׳ כי טוב

Yeshiva Bachur

what a repugnant moron this yosef ben matitya is. Starting from the fact he has no respect for an elder who has more life experiance and knowledge then you could ever dream to comprehend


Profound !


Yochanan Lavie

Maybe in India he'll convert to Hinduism.

Yosef ben Matitya

what a repugnant moron this shtaynman is. starting from his appearance, his clothing thru the s-it that comes cout of his mouth.

Garnel Ironheart

Actually the student should visit this blog. I just got a pop-up confirming my eligibility for 11 million dollars in prizes after clicking on this link. Imagine how many people this student could help keep in kollel with that kind of money.


Ha Ha! Sounds like an excerpt from a Woody Allen book ... freestyle fleeing champion ...

The leaders of that world are anointed based on criteria that are at complete odds with a healthy, vibrant, normal, ETHICAL, MORAL, and truly pious society.

No surprise, but truly amusing story. Thank you Shmarya!


smart man.

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