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February 03, 2013


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Do they still have the rule against a women and/or a convert being president of the congregation?


More chabad shul in US than conservtive and reformed combined

Not that#s matter . Just mentioning.

If numbers don't matter - then why mention it? Meanwhile, renting a house near a college campus in which one lies habitually to eighteen year-olds doesn't make it a "shul" - no matter what your dead moshiach told you.

simple jew


Blah blah blah

Few thousand rebitzins in NY for chabad convention

More chabad shul in US than conservtive and reformed combined

Not that#s matter . Just mentioning.


Satmar Rebbe

Chabad stealing a shul
They know this and it will e interesting to see how this plays out.

Yochanan Lavie

YI in general has moved to the right.


There are Young Israel branches now that have a Chabad rabbi, thereby taking over without leaving the Young Israel brand.


Whoops I read to quickly.

Yochanan Lavie

Will Chabad have a similar clause about shul stealing. Being more to the right does not make you "more religious." There are dedicated, spiritual people who are MO, and roaring assholes who are chareidi (and vice versa). Furthermore, one can be a heretic on the right just as easily as one can be a heretic on the left. The right violates "baal toseph" by adding bogus new chumrot to the Torah. Chabad worships a dead man as the messiah and part of the godhead. Satmar denies the geulah by siding against Israel with its genocidal enemies. Many rabbis either are molesters or are apologists for them. Dina de' mechulta dina is observed more in the breech (i.e. not at all). The list can go on.

Chazal Qaeda

Ari's article is very familiar to this site. The old synagogue was in financial ruin, and Miracle of Miracles!, the "new" board member refers the shul to Chabad.

It's exactly what Shmarya posted a month ago about the shul on Long Island


This amendment probably came about because of a recent court case where NCYI tried to takeover a orthodox synagogue in Syracuse NY.

The rabbi there is incredible. He and his wife have really dedicated their lives to communal leadership. I have known him since we were teens.
They had a great smorgasbord at their wedding.

I do wonder why this clause was ever initiated. Since Young Israels don't close very frequently it certainly was not a mainstay of finacial support for the National organization.


Good news, this way if a shul wants to become more frum the can move further to the right. As the haredi movement continues to grow more and more shuls become frum.

Of course - to the frum, the rise of ignorance and repression is always a cause for celebration.

And how typical. You find an article about a dying congregation in a retirement community being appropriated by Chabad, and twist it to validate your desperate need to believe in your dead moshiach.

Just keep practicing your idolatry while civilization moves forward without you.


Good news, this way if a shul wants to become more frum the can move further to the right. As the haredi movement continues to grow more and more shuls become frum.

Here is such an example.

An unexpected partnership

How a Chabad group rescued a Conservative congregation, Temple Beth Israel, from extinction.

On November 29, a deal was signed in Deerfield Beach, Florida, which saved Temple Beth Israel, the giant Conservative congregation, from extinction. And the lifesavers were none other than Chabad Lubavitch. How an ultra-Orthodox group came to form a partnership with a Conservative shul is an compelling story for our time....

For more read http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Op-EdContributors/Article.aspx?id=85990


The original section 12.4 of NCYI's constitution was originally meant to stop Orthodox synagogues from joining the Conservative Movement

Yes, because God forbid people should be allowed to do what they want to do. The concept of independent thought is barely intelligible to frum people, even to many of the Modern Orthodox, despite the manner in which the latter attempt to present themselves to the outside world. They're programmed for authoritarianism, and ultimately, the will of the individual or the subgroup must be subordinated to that of the hierarchy.

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