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February 22, 2013


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just saying

sad how the same peopel who want to cliam freedom of speech, their 1st akendment right, dont respect the ther part of the same 1st amendemnet-- to allow others to proactice their religion as they see fit. if this is how Jews act when Jews in the same community do /behave differently than the, imagine what went on with the protestant christians which is the reason this country was founded as it was... time to let live. And if you cant respect the law of this country, go move elsewhere. Dont think you'll be getting the privileges while taking them from others... bunch of ignoramuses.

It's a lot easier to picket than to go get a real job, go study some biology, medicine, find the cure to cancer through science (chas vshalom)

Alter Kocker

Absolutely despicable, I wonder if the modesty squad wanted a "donation" or two.


Thank you, all. Gut Shabbos


Vin has let my non conformist critical posts through.

You don't have to follow a Satmer chassidic line there in order to post.

I wasnt aware that Shmarya actively moderates his blog except for the rare post. Ie the gay former Charedei pediatrician.


Mike, I don't think you're Yurtur either.

And, Devorah, on behalf of humanity, I apologize for those vulgar remarks.



Can't see IP's but am guessing that Mike and Yurtur are the same person trying to make a "point".

Shmarya WILL delete posts - but not just for disagreeing with him.

Posted by: Rebitzman | February 22, 2013 at 02:12 PM

That came out of left field. I am most certainly NOT "Yurtur" however it is easy to make that claim and have someone like myself not be able to prove you wrong. However all I can do is state, whether you choose to believe it or not, that I an not Yurtur.


Wow, aren't you glad you're not his parent?

something smells

if the protest is legal then there is not much that can be done.. organizing a counter protest is about the most you can do.
With the Internet thing, the counter protest was weak and ineffectual.
This forum is for people who like to sit behing an anonymous keyboard and complain... Just like me :)



Can't see IP's but am guessing that Mike and Yurtur are the same person trying to make a "point".

Shmarya WILL delete posts - but not just for disagreeing with him.


Devorah--This yurtur even outdoes the rest of his clan in lowlife trash behaviour its a record for even the chassdim to be this low,may he go and disappear from fm or ver geharget yurtur.


Yurtur, I assume you are one of VIN's censors. The truth always prevails here. On VIN, you protect all rapists, fraudsters and all unethical activity. I am ashamed you and I share the same religion.


VIN censors most posts, about 99% of mine for the past year. I never curse or use vulgarities. It's a much friendlier environment here with you guys where truth prevails. :)


SkepticalYid, what's VIN? I keep seeing people mention it here and I'm curious to see how bad it is.

Posted by: (The Other) Eli | February 22, 2013 at 12:00 PM

This is VIN: http://www.vosizneias.com/

(The Other) Eli

SkepticalYid, what's VIN? I keep seeing people mention it here and I'm curious to see how bad it is.


maybe the vaad will demand that all women who shop there go to weberman for "therapy" . is he available?

WoolSilkCotton, I am a work of art as well as a sports and rock superstar

I like the Grill on Lee, and I've had lunch there a number of times. The proprietor seems like a real mensch.
I just hope the thugs don't target him next.


The despicable hoodlums who do this are not Jews. They are only masquerading as Jews. They are part of a breakaway sect who has lost all perspective on what is important in life. They do not practice Jewish values in any way. Judaism was not meant to be practiced by threatening people because they do not comply with some arbitrary standard of modesty, or any other arbitrary standard.

When judged by G_d, he will consider only if you lived your life as a good person, helping others, and what you did to make this a better world. He will judge harshly those who act the way these hoodlums are acting, harming people who are trying to provide goods and services to others. They are a disgrace and an embarrassment.

Gevezener Chusid

reminds me of the pictures of Brownshirts carrying signs

Wehrt Euch! Kauft nicht beim Juden.

Be careful - don't buy from the Jew.


The idiot posters over at VIN are defending the harassment of these businesses, citing "Freedom of Speech." It would serve them right if every business in the neighborhood picked up and left.

Outcast Yid

Standing in line together? Oy, it might lead to mixed dancing!

(Someone was going to post this old joke, might as well be the Outcast Yid.)

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