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February 04, 2013


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the fact is that all theJews around world appreciate what CHABAD
does..... so .the heck with shitmaria


This section keeps getting blanked. Let's backtrack it and report it to the Internet police.



Google Manis Friedman. Second result. His personal website. What word is used to describe him? SHALIACH!!!


Once again, Please prove that chabad.org tampered with the site

put a square into a hole


Moti Sligson"s father signed a fake will from bella raksin 2 years after she died. In order to cut out the husband (lazer raksin) He was paid heavy cash for this.


You're welcome.

You're wrong.



I proved Friedman is a Shaliach as Chabad was trying to deny that.

You're dishonest and really not bright, but the fact still remains that Friedman is shaliach. That's my point.

I didn't lie to the Age – Chabad did.

Past that, you don't even know the difference between hearsay and direct evidence.

Lovely Chabad education you had.


hearsay. thanks.
@shmarya so you make up the ancillary details and I'm the dishonest one. gotcha


Moshe, did you mean heresy or hearsay?



Chabad denied that he is a shaliach. I traced that denial to Motti Seligson of Chabad.org.

My posts before that denial were meant to show that Friedman is shaliach – and that I did.

Chabad's lie is perfectly clear and proved.

That the website was tampered with to try to cover up Friedman's shlichus is ancillary – although someone as dishonest and foolish as you are probably can't understand that.


So you've reduced yourself to here-say? why didn't you save a screenshot of the tampering?
please post the screenshot of the tampering or it looks silly

From another blog

Saw this ona nother blog:

Dear Benny

Your open letter is a shameful demonstration of your willingness to perpetuate a terrible Chilul Hashem just to self-righteously enjoy a few moments in the sun, receiving accolades only from people who are more ignorant than you are. You open your letter by providing your impressive credentials, all of which give you the ability to speak with some authority on the laws of the United States, and the state of California, but none of which give you any credibility in the areas of counseling or in the opinions of Torah and/or Chassidus.

You then proceed to build a straw man in order to have something to argue against, that your argument should sound damning. You bring examples from Torah where the perpetrators of sexual sins are gravely punished, trying to make it sound as though Rabbi Friedman ever argued against that!

You then try to teach Rabbi Friedman some Tanya, which is in itself a despicable joke. The Tanya is, again, speaking about one who commits a sexual sin, not the victim.

Did Rabbi Friedman say that one who commits a sexual crime has done nothing wrong? Only a non-thinking crisis chaser would ever even suggest such a thing! Do you know of even ONE instance where Rabbi Friedman encouraged communal support for a perpetrator of sexual molestation? Can you cite even ONE instance where Rabbi Friedman discouraged a victim from going to the authorities?

Rabbi Friedman was making the point that we all agree on, that is that one who is the victim of such a crime COMMITTED NO SIN! Do you have a problem with this position? Do you believe otherwise?

His was a message of empowerment. You have done nothing wrong!, he says. G-d sees nothing wrong with you, the victim! In His eyes, you are as pure as the day you were born! Did something bad happen to you? Yes, of course! But does that have to be a dark cloud over your entire future? Certainly not! A lot of bad things happen to people, through no fault of their own. Should it fill you with self-doubt or feelings of self-worthlessness? So the rabbi asks, should having once had a bad case of diarrea fill you with feelings of self-worthlessness? They should be given the same weight IN THE EYES OF THE VICTIM. Don’t let it stop you from valuing the wholeness of your life, or the fact that G-d still has a plan for you.

And he wasn’t talking to victims. He was discussing this idea with rabbis and counselors who dedicate their lives to helping victims. He was explaining, in the video you saw, the end-goal realization that those counselors are aiming for: for the victim to be able to say, “I am not a victim. I will no longer live with the victim mentality. The molester must live with this sin, not me!”


“I am unaware whether you have ever had a candid conversation with a victim of sexual abuse or whether you took them seriously…”

What Chutzpah!!

As you know very well, Benny dear, Rabbi Friedman has spent the last 45 years helping victims of abuse, sexual and otherwise, and has never in his life done or said anything to suggest that he dismisses the pain of the victims. Au contraire! He has dedicated and continues to dedicate his life and days to easing their pain and helping them overcome their abuse.

And from a G-dly, Torah and Chassidus perspective, the perspective he knows best and has been the address for so long for so many people looking for that perspective, the victim has indeed done nothing wrong. The victim of abuse has not blemished his/her soul. He/she has not been ruined forever. He/she has not any reason to feel guilt or embarrassment for the rest of his/her life.

In fact, the only thing the victim should fear is people like you, Benny, who make a living that is dependant on these victims indeed being “scarred for life,” or “irrevocably damaged,” or the like.

Indeed, Benny, it is you who needs the Teshuva. Beg the Rabbi for forgiveness, for positing that such vile and disgusting ideas came from him, and not from you! And beg for forgiveness from the victims, whose continued pain and suffering you directly depend on to make your living.

Shame on you, Benny, for trying to pull a fast one over us. You are not learned enough, and we are not blinded enough by your fancy titles.

Robert J. Barron, Attorney-at-Law

THIS is why this blog/website is so important- it exposes the sordid underbelly of this lifestyle. I'll repeat what I said several months ago- with any luck, this lifestyle only has a couple more generations left. The light of day (as generated by the Internet, Social Media, etc) is bringing down dictatorships in the Middle East- and there's no reason to believe it can't happen to this lifestyle as well.

Once people realize that they don't HAVE to live lives of poverty and enforced ignorance in order to be "good jews", then it's only a matter of time before this lifestyle gets swept into the dustbin of history.


just checked. He's listed there. oh well

Posted by: moshe | February 04, 2013 at 12:55 PM


Do you read? Do you understand English?

That's what I'm claiming.

After I outed Chabad's lies, they put it back.


just checked. He's listed there. oh well


Bais Chana's listing was not displaying on the West St. Paul or St. Paul listings or in Brooklyn.


What were the signs of tampering?


@shmarya they didnt try to hide him he is still there, the screen shot is unimportant if it is still currently the same.

Posted by: moshe | February 04, 2013 at 10:42 AM

Were you born this stupid?


@shmarya they didnt try to hide him he is still there, the screen shot is unimportant if it is still currently the same.

You should link to this




This article from the NJ Jewish News quotes a spokesman that a Chabad rabbi facing charges is not affiliated with the Lubavitch "mainstream".

Looks like there's a pattern here.

Posted by: tesyaa | February 04, 2013 at 09:30 AM

That rabbi is not part of Chabad's official New Jersey group of emissaries as I reported previously. He's part of a competing Chabad group recognized by the vast majority of Chabad followers but not by the international Chabad organization.

There is a pattern here, but your example isn't a proof of it.


out of curiosity, whats the point of lying about the "recent tampering" on chabad.org? He's still there.

Posted by: moshe | February 04, 2013 at 08:00 AM

Just out of curiosity, were you born this stupid?

Or did your rabbis do this to you?

Read my post again. Look my original posts on Manis's statement.

You'll see I have screenshots from Chabad.org with Manis listed.

What I wrote is that Chabad had tired to hide him, which is true. They just didn't do a very good job of it.



This article from the NJ Jewish News quotes a spokesman that a Chabad rabbi facing charges is not affiliated with the Lubavitch "mainstream".

Looks like there's a pattern here.


Isa. chabad are the most brazen jewish sect of HEATHENS PLACED ON GOD'S earth. cheatjng people for their money is their livelyhood.They are like creeping lice and for the last 25 years taking synagogues from non chabad congregations by tier deviuos ways ans succeeding as well from what is observable. with or without this manis person they are DANGEROUS.


zalman shmotkin is the head who seligson works for

manis is the author of the book doesnt anyone flush anymore (blush)
about modesty

he is also the father of benny and the brother of avraham freid


If each of them would just be a mentch, be a good person, and stop obsessing about being sexually abused, they'd be fine.

Shmarya - Just to set the record straight, Rabbi Manis Friedman did not say that. He said that if only the victims of abuse would do more mitzvos such as saying Al Hamichya (the after-blessing which is supposed to be said after eating a snack), THEN they would be fine so long as they did those mitzvos and stopped obsessing over their having been sexually abused. He said nothing about being how being a mentch or being a good person would help victims get over their abuse.


out of curiosity, whats the point of lying about the "recent tampering" on chabad.org? He's still there.


This whole Manis Freidman story would have 'died' and be forgotten.

But no, the coverup begins and the story gets refreshed!

I wonder what Chabad is truly afraid of?
Maybe they cringe at the thought of the civil authorities looking into their little enterprise. Then discover all sorts of questionable stuff.

Shmaya something needs to be uncovered here! Got to find where the smoke and stink is coming from!

Yochanan Lavie

We want shaliach now!

Tzemach Dovid

You report on what his true intentions are as if you are him, but you are not. Don't confuse op-ed for reporting. You know, if you weren't so extreme and even a little even handed (or rational) in your posts, some people might actually take you seriously. thankfully you are not.


Stories of what he has said and done in counseling can be found here:

Atheodox Jew

I do know some of those people, and what they have told me is far more incriminating than any of these tapes.

Posted by: Levi Keller | February 04, 2013 at 05:01 AM

That's important to know.

Levi Keller

I do know some of those people, and what they have told me is far more incriminating than any of these tapes.


Well, the record of it is in Wikipedia, though someone keeps trying to delete it.


You probably aren't aware of it, but you are rambling.

Atheodox Jew

Even if R. Friedman's true feelings on the subject came out in this informal Q & A caught on video, how do you know that he wasn't sensitive and appropriate to those who actually came to him for counseling? I'd like to know what those people have to say.

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