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February 27, 2013

Video: How Bad Is Satmar's Spring Valley Boys School? Very Bad, It Seems

United Talmudical Academy Satmar Spring Valley, NYIf the people interviewed in this video are to be believed, Satmar's United Talmudical Academy in Spring Valley, New York is a very dangerous school.



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What a shame that a fine New England building is occupied by these Rumanian peasants.

Ron, can you count to sixty? You can use your neighbors' fingers to assist you.

Oh my god that's a nice building! I imagined some make-shift run down garage-turned-cheder. He's a prinipal in a school that owns that building?

Damn, that's a nice building.

R. Wisler --Please dont denegrade the romanian peasants they are hard working people who dont hurt anyone.

Sorry my spelling was incorrect meant to write denigrate

"Oh my god that's a nice building! I imagined some make-shift run down garage-turned-cheder. He's a prinipal in a school that owns that building?

Damn, that's a nice building."

That building USED to be an East Ramapo school building and was in excellent shape. Now, most of the windows are broken, trash is all over and the kids hang out from the windows in warm weather. You can drive by in Spring and see the boys half way out the windows. It's a wonder they don't break their necks.

Hahaha, "My-lick" Spitzer... I just can't get over that dude's funny name. Apparently, neither can the newswoman in the video. Ah well, I guess it was "Pyurrim", after all...

Poor him and poor us.

"What a shame that a fine New England building is occupied by these Rumanian peasants.

Posted by: R. Wisler | February 27, 2013 at 07:36 PM"

Spring Valley is in New England"? Since when did it secede from the State of New York?

yo this kid wasn't slapped he was punched fuck his eye is bruised like a boxer's.

The building was once a nice building, now it is a wreck due to all the mistreatment. Windows are broken and the yard is a mess. They only showed the front of the building, from the back it looks like it should be condemned.

So...on other blogs, I am reading that in a normal place outside of Ramapo, if the parents did not cooperate, the parents would be turned over to CPS to start proceedings to have the boy removed from their care. I cannot understand how the mother can justify not pressing charges. If someone did that to my child, I would want revenge. I hope the boy gets the help he will need to recover.mthenphotos are brutal. What a beautiful boy with such sadness.

By the way, the pictures of the building look pretty ok, but the actual school is in very bad shape.

I said it before, I'll say it again. That building is a h*llhole. I question how any responsible parent could sent their child there. Please parents, these are your children. Luke.

they don't care.
they don't care about the building...because east ramapo is IN THEIR POCKETS.
so all will be ok
they don't care that the kid was hit.
that's how they do things.
the parents are probably blaming the kid.
if the parents are not blaming the kid and still don't cooperate with authorities, that's really scary. then satmar is a cult.
they're all talking about us, the media, etc. that we're so stupid making a big deal out of nothing. no doubt.

Whenever the frumma take over a nice historical building they always destroy it (along with the people within).

Extremists have no aesthetic or historical sense. Look what the Muslim fanatics did to Islamic shrines in Timbuktu, Mali. If the chassidim/chareidim built Bayit Shlishi, it would have a polyester parochet, cherubim made in China of molded plastic, a plain blank industrial facade, and the Cohenim would be dressed like Eastern European nobility.

I wonder if this handyman is gonna get fired for commenting. I remember from my times in that school 15 years plus. He works directly for the administrator, Spitzer's brother.

I would bet 100 bucks he's no longer working there. And I also would bet he's an illegal. That school is a mess to clean.

Darth, I suspect that R. Wisler was referring to the architectural style of the building.
It does look like Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall in Boston.


No, the building was already in poor shape before the Satmars moved in. Obviously the current management has no interest in arresting the rate of deterioration, but let's not pretend everything was fine and dandy before they moved in. This is Spring Valley; things have been going downhill for fifty years now and the charedim are only 70% responsible. Okay, maybe 80%.

i hope that CPS step in and save that child and his siblings from his neglectful parents!

Satmar does seem to have sooooooooooooooome kind of a sense of architecture if you take a look at the buildings in this wikipage; it to an extent is probably the only means of artistic expression their cult allows them.

The original building drawings were not available. Our city wasn’t a city when our house was built so they didn’t have our plans. The county didn’t have them either because they no longer have plans for us since we’re now in an incorporated city (can you say “run around.”) We could go to the original builder to try to find them but most likely they wouldn’t have them since our house was built 15 years ago.

The roots of the coward Teitlebaum's "lum'dus" in Toiraw and his thug-like followers' "mor'a'shes".


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