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February 09, 2013


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Daisy Chain

The trouble is that the politically correct card is being played too often. One word of criticism and some people believe they are being discriminated against.

Believe me, many of our own coreligionist feel the same but are afraid to say anything for fear of being labelled as bigots.

Ron Low

Meddling in your rituals?

You're fiddling with a defenseless person's privates and reducing them for life! It's a shame the city didn't ban the cutting outright.

Foreskin feesREALLY good. Seriously, it's trhe best part.


Meir of Brooklyn

Herpetologist, as in one who studies snakes, as in the serpent that tempted Eve. Chabad, get a life!

Ray Kaufman

"I remember a story about a political race in some southern state where one accused his opponent of shamelessly masticating in a public place."

Isn't that the same guy who accused his opponent of being a thespian?


Gevezener Chossid - Is this the incident you remember?

Chabad's extreme reaction to the lottery commercial is because it reflects the true feelings and reactions of New Yorkers to their arguments to allow MBP- Complete Ridicule. The judge was too polite and respectful in dismissing their argument in a long and respectful judgement when she could have just dismissed the action with 'Are you fucking nuts?' which is what New Yorkers reaction is to MBP and which the lottery commercial taps into.
Ridicule is the strongest form of contradiction.


How did Heber see the commercial if smiling waving mendy has assered television?

spacedout BT

Now I get it, thank you very much!


Rockey - "So let the Holy Rollers all move back to Mother Russia. They won't be missed"

What makes you think that anyone missed them there or anywhere? I can't count all those instances I have heard 'thanks God the're gone' ,...

yoli the snag

big deal,,,its a satire commercial....levi heber take a chill...

John Nagle, Silicon Valley, CA

If someone wants to get back at the New York Lottery, publicize the odds.

Gevezener Chusid

I think they knew that 'herpetologist' would have that reaction as well.

I remember a story about a political race in some southern state where one accused his opponent of shamelessly masticating in a public place.

Flatbush Girl

I agree, danny, the ad agency knew exactly what a herpetologist is, but used it because of how it sounds. Brilliant!


It was a brilliant commercial and a brilliant joke.

I think the ad agency knew exactly what they meant when they used "herpetologist". I think it is amazing that this got past the Lottery Execs, but good for the copy writers.

Yosef ben Matitya

sc--w them, always and nothing but furious, indignant outraged. yiikes!


The Jews remain unrestricted in the use of this practice as before. It's just limited to doing it to each other, adult to adult. And rightfully so.


how stupid...
because here in the united states we have codes and laws and are trying to protect the babies...
good morning!!!
are these people stupid...i mean, if I can figure this out.....


But what might be even more ironic

Not as ironic as their use of that word.


After watching a few times, I fail to see what got Chabad's underwear in a collective knot. Much ado about nothing.


"The City's meddling in our rituals reminds many of Communist Russia. What's most ironic is that in Russia today Jews are more free to practice this mitzvah than in Brooklyn." So let the Holy Rollers all move back to Mother Russia. They won't be missed. The move will save American taxpayers a bundle in welfare handouts.

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