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February 07, 2013


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Duvid Moshe

This is a most unfortunate story -- NY knows and sends him off without a "scarlet letter" pinned to him.
He should be stoned! No amount of teshuvah can slease him -- not even Red Heifer ashes.

Duvid Moshe



ive read that here too. i wonder if it happened and how often.

free the west

. Aubrey Levin has made a terrible chilul Hashem, he was trusted as a forensic psychiatrist and often provided the courts with reports. His sexual assault of victims was outrageous and captured on video. They had to bring in both a Crown and Judge from Edmonton for his trial. He played every dirty trick in the book to delay his trial which was by jury(not common here in Canada)and instead of taking 2 weeks took 4 months with all his dirty tricks. To top things of his wife has been charged with trying to bribe a juror (unheard of here in Canada) it’s all reported in the media.
Rabbi Miller (nephew of Reb Avigdor) wrote a letter in support of him stating "he is loved and respected" and a humble person. The press took him to task and reported his letter read in at his sentencing hearing.


APC, I read on another blog a few years ago, that back in the "Old Country" (Eastern Europe), known pedophiles in the Jewish community were dragged out of the synagogue during Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur services by two strong men, and drowned in the nearest lake or river. I am Sefardi, so I don't know of this custom. Has anyone on this website heard of this thing? Sounds like a good idea.

Bas Melech

how true. Did you notice that Interpol is involved in the investigation too? Wonder where lese he's been


Why do Israeli police keep pretending to be investigating crimes like this when we all know nothing will ever come of it?? Have they ever actually prosecuted and imprisoned such an abuser? Not to my knowledge!


jancsibacsi -

i do know, and there would be no greater justice and closure for victims than that.

despite everything youre doing great. my hats off to you.


ah-pee-chorus-I always keep writing here that i would skin theese pedos alive slowly,they are beyond evil,i agree with you 1 thousand per cent of youre other poits,after 50 years my anger has increased exponentially,i hope you know what i am refering too.

Bas Melech

I forgot to add that many believe that the victim enticed the perp.

Bas Melech

I agree with your comment. His name is important, so we know to stay away from him and who is protecting him and why.

Yerushalmis tend to ignore the issue. Their general attitude is that if you ignore a problem, it doesn't exist or goes away. Also, they believe that children forget wrongs done to them.

In addition, they believe that pills can regulate negative behaviors.

I know this from experience.


in a just world the parents would beat the pedo to death slowly, would beat those involved in 'handling' the situation to death quickly, and would sue for every penny from any institutions involved.


No mention of the menuval's name. The pills might have reduced sex urges (doubtful), but not the urge for power. He did it, because he could. He also knew he could get away with it.

Posted by: Bas Melech | February 07, 2013 at 10:59 AM

What is your problem, the menuvals name is irelevent, the menuvalim are the one's that let him do this to children, Rabbonim and askonim and all you people that shun reporters of abuse


See also:




It's not the abuse that is astonishing. What is astonishing is that our community continues to protect and enable sex offenders. Google "Dr. Shock"/ Dr. Aubrey Levin. Dr. Levin is a convicted sex offender. Even with a video showing Dr. Levin undoing a patient's belt and jeans and appearing to fondle him, the Orthodox Jewish community in Calgary, Canada supports him. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/sex-assault-victims-confront-convicted-psychiatrist-in-court/article8029586/
...a letter from Dr. Levin’s rabbi that said the psychiatrist is still respected and loved in the Jewish community. “His humble manner and complete lack of arrogance endeared him to everyone,” read the letter from Rabbi Yisroel Miller. “The bad does not erase all the good. I know all the goodness within him still remains. A prison term would be a death sentence for him.”

And like the Weberman case, there was even an alleged attempt to bribe, in this case by the doctor's wife:


all of a sudden they believe in science.

they are full of it since they would never recommend this if the abuser was not heridie


Is this guy related to a prominent Haredi family?

Bas Melech

No mention of the menuval's name. The pills might have reduced sex urges (doubtful), but not the urge for power. He did it, because he could. He also knew he could get away with it.

He should be tried and sentenced like Weberman.


They probably used saltpeter.


There has been either one or two of these announced every week for the past month. Is it just me or is Monsey and NS experiencing an epidemic? I guess there is going to be a plethora of fundraising events going on. Luke.

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