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February 28, 2013


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Danny, did my tax dollars pay for that awful green suit? Please go to Barney's and order a different color. Just invoice East Ramapo and they will pay for it.


Thank God! That district needs some serious help. First thing on the agenda should be firing all of the incompetent chassidim who dominate the committees and boards.


andy, you are despicable.


The real deficit is much more than 9 million dollars. At least NYSED can see that there is no way for the district to repay the bond for 7.4 million plus the 2 million dollar bond for tax certs. This should get interesting.


Wow scum of the world these hareidi politicians are

Darth Zeidah

andy, you are despicable.

Posted by: dh | February 28, 2013 at 08:47 PM

Enlighten me, please: who is (or was) this "andy"?


LOL Devorah :) Luke


If they choose Yossi G. as a Board member replacement maybe he could also act as spokesperson for the Board. He would truly represent their intelligence level. Luke.


Enlighten me, please: who is (or was) this "andy"?
Darth Zeidah @ 02:07 AM

Jimmy Hoffa?


("Be True to Your School", The Beach Boys

When Shmarya’s FM tries to put them down
And says the school board is crap, I tell him right away
“Now what’s the matter buddy
With my fake school board?
We are raping the state!”

So keep stealing from school
Because our sanity has run awry
Keep stealing from school now
And if you’re caught deny
Keep stealing from school

I bought myself some nice threads and a fancy car
I got from property tax
I’m proud to wear them now
When I cruise around the goyishe parts of town
I know just what they all lack

So keep stealing from school
Because our sanity has run awry
Keep stealing from school now
And if you’re caught deny
Keep stealing from school

Come next week we’ll meet with New York State
And we’ll be ready to fight
We’re gonna rape them now
My lawyer will be working on our appeal now
And we’ll be yelling Anti-Semite

So keep stealing from school
Because our sanity has run awry
Keep stealing from school now
And if you’re caught deny
Keep stealing from school

Don’t let our stealing break down
Don’t let it break down


The school board has nine member slots. Seven are held by haredim and Orthodox Jews. The only non-haredi non-Orthodox school board members recently resigned, citing haredi threats and intimidation, along with alleged dirty tricks against them by the haredi-Orthodox majority as reasons for resigning.

i'm not an expert but this sounds like a case for the feds .....


I concur. Since the state hasn't done anything, hopefully the Feds will. As someone who believes that public education is one of the things that separates us from third world countries, I find the destruction of public schools, to be deplorable.

Yochanan Lavie

Sarek: yashar koach.


Thanks YL

Not only here, but just once, I'd like someone to run for school board with a platform of cost efficiency.

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