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February 02, 2013


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privately speaking Religious Studies are as significant as weapons development and deliberation, though the two are diametrically opposite in their standing. If this big Think Tank that is human intellect is to develop progressivly beyond much of the ignorance of the present, then a means must be mediated to allow evloution of the synogogue. Perhaps some day down the road all wil have been exhausted. Until then, productive studying and research are essential to the development and understanding of where we are heading. It should lend itself to our better preparation. Clearly, far too many of us too easily concede our essential freedoms for that fallable promise of security that feed Military States. . .

Alter Kocker

Good for Peres. Special consideration for the religious class must come to an end. Secular israel is tired of subsidies and deferrments to a group that demands special consideration, but will not release its grip on conversions, marriage and burial. The time will soon come, if they are not careful, where the state will not give them any consideration and they will have to obey the laws and fend for themselves.

A. Nuran

Good for him. This is one question which can't be resolved by patronage business as usual

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