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February 25, 2013


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Serge Liberman

As are many of the contributors to this thread, I too am very much at the opposite end from the haredi along the broad Jewish religious/ social/ political spectrum.

But what contribution is being made to the debate by the overly nasty vituperative hostility towards them expressed here? A haredi will be very unlikely to read this. If one should do so, it is just as unlikely that even one neurone in his mindset will change. While he will be quick to see - and, in this instance, see the truth - that there is not a sliver of meeting ground where any meaningful discussion may so uch as begin.

Schisms in Judaism are not new. What we are seeing are open signs of a de facto separation between the haredi and Israeli society at large. Let none be surprised if the inetervening chasm so enlarges that de facto inthe end becomes effectively alienated de jure.

Until then, as medical man, may I suggest that you spare yourselves ulcers over an issue whose adversaries are metaphorically light-years apart.


Sorry, I had no intention of insulting Tink or Peter Pan. Why, some of my single friends have Peter Pan Syndrome!

And most children outgrow these beliefs by age 12. Maybe rabbis don't?

MIkal W. Grass


Please be nice to fairies and Tinkerbell - my 5 year old daughter loves them. Oh, never mind.

zionist goy

The wars are all thier fault? Even to a casual observer of Israeli society it would seem that the conscription of women might be the "fault" of the charedi. And as we know stateside, an overburdened economy can to some extent be the "fault" of those able bodied citizens who by no rational or moral grounds are deserving to be subsidized by the taxpayer.


tracker --Thees statements from gownups such as this is very very immature and childish,and the tragedy is that it comes from those that are suppose to be the most respected responsible people looked up to, it is very very disturbing sad.


I am personaly embarressed to be "frum" after this statement.


Jeff, I just saw your comment on an earlier article about MK's be counted in a minyan. I don't know why they didn't count me in the minyan in Mt Kisco. My guess would be because I wasn't dressed like them and didn't have a shaved head and payos. I was wondering if I was wearing a hat and jacket (which I wasn't), if they would have counted me.


YTHM - you are exhibiting classic guilt projection for Hareidi holocaust guilt.

Bas Melech

This rebbe and others like him pick and choose parts of the Torah to support their opinions. They forget to say that if Torah study and practice were done properly, other Jews would do the same thing. According to this way of thinking, Jews don't keep Shabbos, because the purveyors of a Torah way
of life aren't observing it properly.

As Ruthie always says, a Jew is a Jew is a Jew.

Rebbe, don't put the blame on Jews who aren't like you. We are judged as an entire people, not just by your followers.


these cunts could have never have heard of hitler and of course NAZIS were imaginary.Bassterd jews.I have holocust family members ;these worms know zero about the real world.

Joe Bloe

"Rabbi Meir Rosenboim, the rebbe of small but influential Peremyshlyany hasidic sect"

Without going into the substance of the matter, who made this guy influential? Certainly not in the Chassidic world? There are Rebbes whose influence transcends there small following. But not this guy. Frankly, I an avid reader of Yateed, Hamodia, Mispacha etc never heard of him. He is one of bunches of nadvorna grandchildren running around. Frankly, Shmaya is (unfortunately) 1000 times as influential as him!

But any lie or exaggeration to smear the frum is OK I guess.

R. Wisler

YTHM, I agree completely...

God will indeed be around forever. Torah will be around forever.

However, your way of thinking and those around you will be destroyed by God's wrath at your perfidy and perversion of His Torah. Your "religion" is no more or less valid than Islam. Islam's imams pronounce the same crap that your "gedolim" do in the name of the "true" religion. Your "gedolim" and "rebee'im" spew the same ejaculate from their (and your) perfidious and blasphemous lips.

A. Nuran

YTHM - Always the Nazis and Amalek. Every single time a frumbag doesn't like what someone says he screeches "Self-hating Jew! Amalek! Nazis!" and retreats inside his shell. You've completely devalued the words, robbing them of all meaning.

Look at what people are actually saying in this thread. They are demanding that Charedists put themselves in the same danger as real Jews. The most violent they're getting is suggesting that parasites and cowards like Rosenboim be forced to serve.




You people sound like nazi's and amalek, calling up for violence in combination with the complete doubting of HaShem.

Zionism in its nature is a chillul HaShem and will not be around for long, HaShem and Torah will be around forever and ever!

flora freida

prehaps the reason for war is because this sick chassidim,orthodox,or the hell you call it masturbate...and of course it's all women's fault...
At least this time women are not to blame.
sick people, meshugneh.

Joe Field

So who should serve in the IDF?
Posted by: Rocky | February 25, 2013 at 11:47 AM

The Hessians

Joe Field

he should be immediately apprehended, shaven from head to toe,
Posted by: Alter Kocker | February 25, 2013 at 11:33 AM

Why shave his pubic or ass hairs?


So who should serve in the IDF? Former residents of the Soviet Union and their children? The very same people whose Jewishness is questioned by these rabbis? Secular Jews in Israel should move abroad and avoid the rush. Almost every post on this blog that relates to Israel suggests that the country faces a grim future. As the Haredim continue to have lots and lots of children, the religious squabbles will only get worse.


You really cannot make this stuff up. Lol.

(The Other) Eli

Can this guy even pronounce the name of his sect?
I wonder how he would explain all the wars and massacres Jews experienced before the enlightenment? Granted, they didn't have the luxury to sit around and do nothing, I mean learn tayreh and gimooreh, all day, but they weren't secular either.

Alter Kocker

What a f--king idiot!
Comments such as this require that the government of Israel enact legislation to silence this type of idiocy. (Probably won't because Bibi is afraid of burning diapers). I personally don't care how old this ignorant f_ck is, but he should be immediately apprehended, shaven from head to toe, and placed in an army unit. If he refuses to fight then he will be placed at the front of a minesweeping formation. That might send the message to these mindless freaks of nature that time is here and now. The middle-east is hurtling headlong into a military confrontation and we simply cannot have a piece of the country saying that the fight is not for all Jews. This is going to be about survival, and the sooner these aberrations get with the program, the sooner the coming war will be won.

The conscription in Israel is there for a reason. It is for Jewish survival. If they are not part of the solution, and I am saying all Haredim, then they will face military tribunals, mass incarceration and most of all, in a wartime economy, mass expulsion from the welfare rolls.

Western Jew

Another prestigious Mel Gibson.


i never heard of this idiot or his sect of delusional ignoramuses (ignorami?).

the need for an army derives from gods hatred of lazy, parasitical men dressed like penguins studying old books. if all yeshivas would close no army would be needed. ok, rebbe, your turn. isnt this game fun?


R. Wisler -

that cracked me up.

jancsibacsi -

100% RIGHT.


Shmaryah should change his -And didnt i tell you to go hagdeh of , hang youreself on the tallest tree next to you youre sicker then a diseased animal,you cant stop youreself from attacking me on every blog that shows how sick you are .

Shmaryah should change his name to Julius Streicher

this criminally insane ignorant savage needs to be locked up in a insane asylum,
This savage is a perfect example of whom CHAZAL were talking about,when they said,that a TALMID CHACHAM who has no brains is worse than a rotten and stinking carcass
and by the way i am chareidi myself,what a CHILLUL HASHEM this so called rebbe has caused

hey Janci,didn't we tell you to go to your mommy and wipe your runny nose,you really sound stupid,please go back to CHEDER


Theese hassidim think the whole world depends on their learning toireh you cant be more delusional then that,in a few words they live like, alice in wanderland,and to top it all they want to force the rest of us to live our lives like they do, complete insanity if there ever was one.



You are kidding, never heard of them, just how big is this Hasidic group? Are they able to scare up a minyan on shabbos?

A. Nuran

R. Wisler - Actually, studying Sharia would be more productive. It is a legal code that worked in the real world for a thousand years from remote villages to continent-spanning empires. Toyreh Law doesn't have that kind of track record.


Our right to be quiet and serene

LOL!! Oh, my.

You really cannot make this stuff up


Rabbi Meir Rosenboim, the rebbe of small but influential Peremyshlyany hasidic sect

In what way is he or his sect "influential"?


maybe one should remind him...
a jew is a jew is a jew...
what an idiot this man is!


The learning of the toireh just bought on the tragedy ofww2 since theese mindless rebbes were not equiped to defent themself like man ,unlike the israeli army who can defend itself today against almost any enemy on the face of earth so there goes their mindless mantra of being the fault of non toireh learners,it is the exact opposite even the toireh tells you not to rely on miracles this world is a dangerous place you cannot rely on others to defend you ,theese robotisized hassidim dont understand the basics of how to survive in a hostile world especially when you are hated as much as the jews were or are even today.


So if the secular Jews return to prayer, Hashem will wipe out all the Arab countries (or at least replace their governments and inhabitants with friendlier ones), eliminate all anti-Semitism in the world, and somehow equitably (to whom?) solve the Palestinian problem?

And if you clap your hands because you believe in fairies, Tinkerbell will be saved.

R. Wisler

The fd9asjfiasfafuasio4tn2tr`2 rebbe is indeed a tzaddik and a purveyor of ahavas yisroel as evidenced by his low uneductated comments. I suggest that perhaps if he loves fjasjtrqweiotogjaso[uawio[tuaw so much, that he pick up and go back there.

Studying Torah (ie: Talmud and Shulchan Orach but mostly yapping with the ugly bearded creature across the table) is no more beneficial to anyone than studying shariya law.


"Influential", in what way?

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