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February 25, 2013


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i feel sorry for all the and so many children in the schools here in monsey.
where's the honey on the aleph beis like when they turned 3?

just saying

cuz the police conveniently "lost the report in the shuffle."

Oh, so they forgot to file it within the allotted amount of time... sorry, so it is dismissed. Mark my words...

What a bully. Couldnt pick on someone his own size who could actually stand up to him? Wanted to show he had muscle... to a 10 year old? Oh, Please!

And watch Charles Hynes and co. just wash this one away...


Mike-- uber-religous schools are nothing more than madhouses.
Thar is exactly what they are youre putting it into words that are so true i wish i could of come up with theese words you are fantastic,i know it first hand experienced it for years as a child,i always saw it that way.

WoolSilkCotton, I am a work of art as well as a sports and rock superstar

SMM 5:05, consider contacting an attorney in London about this.


And the mindless drones over on VIN are all saying how the rabbi was somehow justified for "giving a bochur some good petch." The blind ignorance of the haredi mindset will allow you to justify just about anything. It's really, really sad. I hope the parents have the good sense to realize that these uber-religous schools are nothing more than madhouses.


I have never written a post on this site, but after seeing that picture I could not hold back.

As a child of constant beatings at my school in London UK (Lubavitch School system and mainly at their Mechina school) the image of that poor boys face, reminded me of all way too many incidences witnessing the brutal beatings, that occurred mostly on a daily bases.

Courtesy of my rebbe/teacher biting me at 15 years old and parents finally saying enough is enough and I left.

I am so tempted to go back to the administration who knew of the abuse and did nothing and have them at least pay for all the therapy that my colleagues and I have had to go through over these many years.

The only saving grace for me is that this boys sad abuse will (hopefully) bring exposure to this epidemic and save countless children from this torture.


MIkal W. Grass


They're sewer rats.


years ago i asked a satmar woman why there wasn't a tishabav for the holocaust.
she slapped me across the face. hard.
called me an apikoros.
went home and asked what is an apikoros...
my family was kind...
well there was a greek man once.....
yeah, they're slap happy


so i was in monsey glatt this morning.
not in a great mood.
told a hasidic man next to me "so they slap kids huh?"
he brushed it off...
"it's always been done like this!!"
that's what he said...
i was not in a great mood...
i told him to fuck off and more.
not cool, i know.
i hate some of them. they are stealing my precious heritage.

MIkal W. Grass

If he was in the secular system here in the States he would have been fired immediately, and hopefully, the kids' parents would have exacted a bit of physical retribution.

If I smacked one of my kids and left that kind of mark someone would call the Department of Children and Families. In the Satmar world, the teacher gets told "chamoor, don't leave marks next time!" and the kid and his family are run out of town. Is it me, or is something wrong here?

Adams, the MO communities have their own crap to deal with including under reported spouse and child abuse.

We left an MO community because the people were insufferable and rude. The rabbi was a great guy, and I miss his lectures, but he could not overcome the pettiness and bs of his congregants.

Jerry Baum

Forty Eighter:
So Yidel Spitzer is Meilich's brother?

Moshe Aron Kestenbaum, Williamsburg

Throw out this mamzer rasha bitch, spritzer has no right to be in chinuch , what's his credentials? He has nada , his only credentials are that his brother who works for Uta gave him this job, is UTA waiting for a next newtown chas vechullila ? Such monsters should never work with children , our children's blood is not Hefker

WoolSilkCotton, I am a work of art as well as a sports and rock superstar

Is UNC run by frumma?


Just Curious

Apropos of nothing, wasn't there another Satmar dude named Meilech Schnitzer (or Schnitzler, or the like?) arrested recently? What kind of silly name is "Meilech" for these folks, anyway?


Satmar school mission statement:

The beatings will continue until morale improves.


The principal will claim the kid hit him first just like by the molestation where the rebbis claim the child seduced him, unbeleivable the sickness of theese mutants.


self defense ?


It is to be hoped that these people will eventually be fully exposed for what they are. Cracks are beginning to appear in their armor. Hikind exposed as a fool if not worse, Hynes as an enable of prosecutorial misconduct, Weberman behind bars, pedophiles exposed all over the world, resistance to Orthodox overlordship of what should be civil affairs in Israel mounting, the East Ramapo and UTJ scandals. The entire fabric of their community deserves to unravel for the good of the children if for no better reason.

Yochanan Lavie

Satmar= slap more.


BTW, the family is not Satmar, that is why their son is more suseptible to abuse. They did not file a complaint.
posted by Forty Eighter
dont know where you get your info but if what you wrote is true and the family is not Satmar and they send their kids to a Satmar school, they should have them taken away for abuse. It is one thing to not see the insanity if you are Satmar but if you should know better and you send them anyway clearly there are mental issues. And that is certainly compounded by her not filing a complaint if indeed she didnt or she didnt take him to a doctor ...

Forty Eighter

Some inside info:
This principal has known temper issues. He was booter from Satmar in Williamsburg years ago. He got the job in Monsey through patronage (his brother is the administrator there). There have been complaints against him in Monsey too, but he is considered bulletproof on account of his brother.

This also explains why this guy commutes from Williamsburg every day.

BTW, the family is not Satmar, that is why their son is more suseptible to abuse. They did not file a complaint. The mother just took a few photos with her phone and sent them to her freinds. The photo eventually made it to a child abuse advocate, who filed the complaint.



Another reason that your point is infuriating is that "moderate" slapping of the face of a young child by a principal is unacceptable and I hope illegal. The worse the abuse, the more severe the punishment should be. But the fact that the principal thinks it's ok to hit a child in the face as a response to his misbehavior is messed up. Clearly the principal thinks that he could get away with this because of the chassidic culture that tolerates child abuse, defends perpetrators and destroys victims.
I hope that he is punished for the abuse.


I am sure they understand that they are welcome ideally in MO community. Do they not see that they can live in a frum community that is not insane as the Satmar world and their ilk?

Posted by: adams | February 25, 2013 at 09:11 PM

As has been mentioned here before, they are trained to think of MO as equal or worse than Conservative Judaism which is equal or worse than secular to them....On the other hand, not sure they would do so well in an MO community. What with the Yiddish accents and lack of education they certainly wouldnt be an easy fit. At least not without some serious work. I've heard though that there are places that the semi drop-outs are starting to move together (one area in Monsey for example). I hope that its true and that the trend continues. there is definitely strength in numbers.


I am curious if this is indeed against the law how come no one ever sued in court?

I mean, it seems to me that the victims in the community are the ones who know the truth and I would think have lost any real affection to the group they are in.

I am sure they understand that they are welcome ideally in MO community. Do they not see that they can live in a frum community that is not insane as the Satmar world and their ilk?


I think the state needs to get involved - close the schools, advise these parents that continuing abuse at home will result in all of their children being removed from the home. Unfortunately, there is no legal way to make the parents stop popping babies out after 2 kids. It drives me crazy to see this - I formerly worked for the State's attorney in the juvenile court prosecuting neglect and abuse. I think the parents are as responsible for this as the school and their tolerance of this means they are unfit.


Abracadabra -You are right on i live in bp and i heard first hand about what you just wrote i knew this many years ago that if you want youre kid left alone not to be hit you give the rebbi a certain amount and he wont hit the.


Hitting boys, in the year 2013, is standard fare in Chassidishe yeshivos around the world, including in New York and New Jersey (where it is illegal), and Israel. This is how the Rebbeim control the kids. If you want your kid to get hit less, you pay the Rebbi extra on the side. If you can't afford to pay extra to the rebbi, then your kid had better behave because if he doesn't, Rebbeim will beat him regularly.

If you don't like it, it's the same with everything else - leave the community and get cut off from all your family and friends and get your extended family ostracized for your leaving. Who says violent coersion and social ostracizing don't work?

Bench Kvetcher

The pictures were taken after the child came home from school. The pictures were sent to the DA office by an abuse advocate. Unfortunately unless the parents follow through there will be no punishment for this Neanderthal.


The rebbi who hit the kid can call the Munkazer Rebbe. Maybe his bracha will help.

Satmar will fundraise for "pidyon shevuyim" for the poor rebbi. It's important that this rebbi has the best attorneys money can by. Surely he can get a good referral from the experts.

And let's not forget the terrible "Mesira" that led to this ehrliche man being arrested!

/sarcasim off

WoolSilkCotton, I am a work of art as well as a sports and rock superstar

++MM | February 25, 2013 at 05:47 PM++

I have a hard time believing anyone on VIN who claims to know someone involved in a news story. The story they tell makes it sound like the victim somehow deserved it.


About time! NOW THIS is the real issue that needs going after! There is NEVER a good reason or excuse to hit a child! Hopefully bringing this abuse out in the open will force these schools to do whatever it takes to make sure it is a safe haven for children to be educated in, instead of being under constant fear of a raging rebbe or menahel!


Ken Gribetz gets another illustrious client.

(The Other) Eli

Brian, you dumbass, let's just disregard common sense to realized that nobody is going to, or would even be allowed to, take pictures right after the beating. bruises like that wouldn't show up after 5 minutes. This is clearly after a couple of days.
In fact, I've seen cops use a special camera to photograph fresh beatings because it will show the damage under the skin.

flora freida

Lets hope really that the boy will be expelled from school and then the parents will have to look for another school.Lets hope this new school will be much better for the boy( with some formal education like english and math )the boy will be send for therapy by the school and the therapist will be obliged to press charges and testify about the boy's emotional state .... 'gam zhu le tovah'...these people don't learn anything with past mistakes.

Alter Kocker

The principal should be relieved of his duties post-haste. Assault on a minor is a serious offence. He and the school board which indemnifies him will be responsible for a great number of things: medical expenses, psychological counseling, re-location to another school etc. etc. There is no excuse for this, and secondarily, if this principal is a parent, it is possible that he is doing this at home. Then child welfare should be more deeply involved. This Satmerer and his school, shul and for that matter his entire cult has just opened a can of worms that they will have no idea how to handle.


That school is an absolute h*ll hole. To think parents pay tuition to send their kinder there is beyond comprehension. Luke.


No one should hit a child, period end of story. The principal should find another vehicle to let out his frustrations, maybe hit his own head against a wall. I wonder how he treats his wife and kids?


Shmarya, are you sure it is legal to publish images of a minor without consent? While the abuse must be exposed, a child should not have to suffer a loss of privacy in the process. Maybe blur out his recognisable features?


The child has a black eye, you moron.

Posted by: SkepticalYid | February 25, 2013 at 04:50 PM

The other reason that Brian at 4:45 is a moron is that obviously the picture was not taken after five minutes. Would anyone at the school take a picture? I think NOT! Did the mother conveniently arrive within five minutes? I think not.




So... a child stops up a toilet and the response is to give him a contusion? That principal needs a good slap or two upside his own head!


A commenter on VIN who claims to know the details said that the mother took the child to a doctor. Doctors are, of course, mandated reporters, and so the doctor reported. Given that the report on Weberman was made by a social worker, a mandated reporter, I suppose the next thing will be a ban on taking injured children for medical care.

The in-the-know (supposedly) commenter said that the slapping was a result of the child intentionally stopping up the plumbing, resulting in a nasty flood and an expensive repair/cleaning bill.


Bas Melech |This is a true story when i immigrated to usa i had an uncle who came here right after ww2 i came as a teenager in the 60 s the first thing he told me if any rebbi hits he was saying this in an angry manner since he himself he told me prewar was hit and if he complained to his parents they hit him also saying he was bad and must of deserved it so he told me that can you beleive this over 50 years ago in this country you go right away to the police and report it


JessicaR-Yes they were satmers,they are an extreemly violent bunch when they dont get what they want this is how they werereared from childhood that violence is an easy way to getresults,many of theese hassidim look peacefull on their outside but they can turn on a dime when it comes to violence you can see that they even fight among themselfs violently.


The child has a black eye, you moron.

Bas Melech

Hitting students is the norm in cheders. Parents do nothing about it, so it continues. The rebbes/teachers don't care if it is against the law.


Taking a photo 5 minutes after the incident is meaningless. A moderate slap can also make the skin red.


According to the local Rockland newspaper, Spitzer has been charged with assault. And so, we have yet another day where yet another Haredi crime shows up in the local newspaper, which lead yet again to false outcries of antisemitism. Oy.


This is why they are in terror from the internet. Freedom of information, which may cause rational people to think differently, (even if not heretical) is ananthema to them.

They successfully transplated the shtetl culutre here in the USA, and were able to bury all crime and dissention.. until now.

My prediction is that they will become more isolated, more withdrawn and xenophobic, until.. some of their leaders get arrested for many years.. then change will happen.

Not before.


As was said earlier satmar in manchester is just as evil as all over, the differance is that they get away with it because the parents are more concerned about what other people think than thier own children. Shocking but true! It's time for us parents to stick up for our children and stop worrying obout the Jones's.


Oh, Jancsibacsi, how awful! Were they Satmars or some other sect?

BTW, I know a lot of ex-Christians, both Protestant and Catholic--that left the religion because of the excessive use of corporal punishment. Something about religious fundamentalism --in any religion--gives some people a green light to abuse children. I am grateful my mother was secular.


Does anyone know who posted the pictures - was it the parents?


What can we expect from satmerers,violence breeds violence,i remember as a child in europe in cheder one time i told my father that my rebbi is patching me or hitting my face too much so he stopped for a few days but even the few days he stoped he used the stick on my back that was much much worse then a hit on the face the hitting with the stick felt like i was being stabed or cut with a knife thats how painfull it was and it left a pretty red mark,violence breeds violence this is how they were reared by their elders and they just pass it on to the next generetion.


Don't expect the school to voluntarily take any disciplinary action against the principal. After all, it's not as if he's done something 'really horrible', like wearing a blue shirt..


"My bets are that the boy's family will be turfed from the Satmar community for "Mesira". The likelihood of further violence is quite high. Mesira carries a death penalty, in most ultra-orthodox circles if not death, then total excommunication."
Posted by Alter Kocker | February 25, 2013

I think it is time that these people be disenfranchised, and not be called Jews, because they are not. They are a break-a-way sect that by every definition is a cult. Not sure what to call them, or what to call their "religion," if you can call it that. You could call them haredists practicing haredism, but I think that be a disservice to those Haredim who do not live their lives in this way.

Thoughts anyone?


Here in Manchester Uk and London beating in Satmar Cheder is the norm and no one blinks an eye. When a mother complained all Hell broke lose against the child and mother! In Kesser Torah, another local Hell Hole a little Sephardi child was knocked down and beaten by the Lemudi Chol teacher who was reported by other students but the whole school went into denial and the Sephardi father was so anxious to be accepted he also denied that anything had taken place. School inspectors are systematically fooled into believing that secular studies are taking place when they are not (the schools pass prepared homework books, etc around to show the inspectors!) Until these schools are closed as not fit for purpose there is no hope for any real education or normal life training for these poor kids.

(The Other) Eli

Most of the rabbis at ny elementary school were Satmar. While I don't have anything against most of them, and would even be happy if I ran into them, there were a couple who took the beatings a little too far. If you say you're going to tell your parents, report them or point out the injustice........let's just say they don't respond with an apology. Instead, you get beaten even more for talking back.
This isn't unique. I can't even begin to count how often I've heard about students hiding under their desk in fear of their teachers. It's a shame that this won't make the slightest difference


My guess would be that the child, with gods help, recovers and the teacher is not allowed to teach children or be in any position where he is one on one with children.

Alter Kocker

My bets are that the boy's family will be turfed from the Satmar community for "Mesira". The likelihood of further violence is quite high. Mesira carries a death penalty, in most ultra-orthodox circles if not death, then total excommunication. The boy will likely be expelled from the school and any siblings will not be able to find good shidduchim.

And all because the boy was beaten by the school principal who likely could not contain his anger as he has been taught that the only way to ensure obedience is to use physical violence. That is the earmark of completely immature and under-developed social skills.


Hopefully, the parents will press charges and will not be ostracized for doing so, but I highly doubt it. And hopefully, they have removed their other kids from this Yeshiva.


Here's a thought - why don't these characters move down south somewhere where corporal punishment is the norm....oh yeah.....guess they couldn't get away with their larceny down there....oops, forgot.

This creep should serve time and lose his job but then it doesn't work that way among the Hasidim, does it?

I smell an attempt to bury this by the Spring Valley PD.

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