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February 07, 2013


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Robert J. Barron, Attorney-at-Law

Vovnik's statement is hilarious- but let's see if I can't go him one better (and, as I have said before, I used to do criminal defense)

Judge: "I'm going to have to sentence you to life imprisonment."

Weberman (or someone just like him): "But your Honor...I can't do life!"

Judge: "If you can't do life...just do the best you can."


getthosemolesters, don't you know only goyim pay retail?


getthosemolesters-- This is a typical hassidishe behaviour, when they see you have money they divise methods how to get youre money,as the saying goes a fool and his money soon depart,the girls father was is a fool for falling for her treatment,of course who wouldn"t when you live among them,they are leeches waiting for someone to make a little mistake then they pound on you .


Something doesn't add up and someone's lying here.

Posted by: getthosemolesters | February 07, 2013 at 11:39 AM

Stop sockpuppeting or I'll delete your comments.

Choose one screen name – or, better yet, your actual legal name – and use that.

Past that, you really need to get an education.

Weberman did not dispute the payments at trial.


I think we should make a protest about this! What's the point of giving a 103 year sentence if it's reduced to 50 just like that?

I don't understand - where's Nachum Rosenberg, Boorey Deutsch, Yankel Horowitz, the victim itself?


One thing I can't understand is this: According to the victim, she went for counseling 2-3 times a week for 4 hours a session. Her father paid Weberman $150 an hour. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

According to the above numbers, each day cost him $600. Let's say it was twice a week, which means that every week cost him $1,200.

To me, these numbers don't add up. She says she went to Weberman for 2 or 3 years (I don't recall) Will you tell me that her father paid that much? ($1200 x 52 = $62,400)

Will you tell me that her parents willingly let her go that many hours to Weberman and paid for it? And if they didn't pay for it, why did they let her go that much?

Something doesn't add up and someone's lying here.


There has been either one or two of these announced every week for the past month. Is it just me or is Monsey and NS experiencing an epidemic? I guess there is going to be a plethora of fundraising events going on. Luke.


Monsey man gets 14 years for sexually abusing girl


Given the esteem which kiddie rapists are held to in prison (about the same level as snitches), he will die in prison. After learning firsthand what he put that poor little girl (and who knows how many others) through.


A Texas 'needle' [in the arm] would be merciful

Isa from Texas

Alter Kocker

Williamsburg needs to take up a collection of schmaltz. He'll need it as lubrication.

Lamed Vovnik

Weberman: But, your honor, at my age I can't possibly serve 50 years.

Judge: That's all right. Just serve as much as you can.


@Roley Poley Yoiley

Some of us got that you were being sarcastic...........

Roley Poley Yoiley

Sorry, forgot this:



Joe Field

Posted by: Hamish McHorny | February 07, 2013 at 01:59 AM

I love your play on “The angels of St Mary's”

Joe Field

Posted by: shimon | February 06, 2013 at 09:33 PM

You implication that a 12 year old girl has the wherewithal to stop the abuse is vile, and you showed yourself for all of us that you are a despicable person. Why didn’t you just crawl back to VIN that is where you belong.

Sholi Richter

He will be out at age 97 with the proper brachos from his rov he will still have 23 years to roam the streets of willy to ASSault again!
Fucken pervert


Not sure who is being sarcastic and who isn't. Can you please indicate at the end of each comment.

Bob Guthrie

Posted by: shimon
"she could have stopped it .... by not going back to him... instead causeing so much shame what a tragedy "

Yes, the shame, the shame of a young girl forcing a Man twice her body mass to commit sin. Him, powerless to her, brought down to the ground by her frail shape, him crying for not being able to report this rape to his fellow Rabbi for fear his family would be persecuted, thought less of a man,...

Such a shameful tragedy... you missed the day G-d was passing brains around, you putz. /=P

Bob Guthrie

"See how Hashem is protecting his true believers!!!."

Hmm, G-d would have sprung him free instead of commuting his sentence from one full century to only half an one.

Just statements then implies that the US DOJ is more powerful than the almighty himself.

Wavering in your faith?.

"A miserable harlot!!!."

But still holding strong to your Extremist Chareidi misogynistic views, as least. =/

Account Deleted

@ Roley Poley Yoiley See how Hashem is protecting his true believers!!" Did you meant ...true RAPIST? Go figure, in your myth book called torah (pun intended) your sick god allowed little girls to marry and also inbreeding was a common practice. Go figure!

"I knew he was going to get a reduced sentence." Yes, any one who could read the code would have figured that out.

"Now maybe all the vicious accusers will realize that he was being set up by a miserable harlot!!!" No, we have figured out how sick this guy is, and you too, thanks!

@shimon...aka moron...

"letting her self for 3 years... she could have stopped it .... by not going back to him..." Obviously you have no clue of how easily manipulated a 12 year old kid can be. Of course, since according to your fairy tale torah, a girl achieves maturity at age 12, it does not surprise me your level of stupidity correlates with that of the same idiots who wrote your fairy tale book.

Two enthusiastic thumbs down to you two clowns, and two enthusiastic middle fingers up as well.

Hamish McHorny

Good points about the harlot that passes for justice in the US but not about a public defender in this case.

The angels of St Mary's very publicly raised half a million bucks to defend Weberman in a clear message of support to him and opposition to those who might consider reporting crimes in the future.

Eli, what me messiah?

doesn't anyone else have an issue with the prosecutor seeking double the sentence they wanted because they knew it would be cut in half later? and isn't' it appallingly coercive to offer a 5-year plea when a conviction would lead to 50 or 100 years.

I do not ay this not out of pity for Weberman, but concern about due process generally, especially for defendants who come from poor backgrounds and lack the financial wherewithal to put up a proper defense, and who have to rely on overstretched, understaffed public defenders.

Turd Degree

Bubba will keep him so distracted, the 50 years will pass in no time.


He might still be able to get a reduced sentence if he made genuine tshuvah.

But to the frumma, they are never wrong and the goyim are always wrong.


Downstate is a classification center where Weberman will be assessed, evaluated by staff and sent to the prison best suited for his safety, prison ease and of course, ability to conform to his alleged religious morays - with the exception of serving up girls to be "counseled." He will not be a management problem.

Bye bye forever Webbie!


Odds are he'll die in prison which under the circumstances is all anyone can ask for. 50 years is a life sentence. It's not as if he'd have served 103 years.


"Harlot", "she could have stopped it" and "but why 50 years" Ignorant, undereducated cretins! (Oh, undereducated fool Google cretin so you get the meaning.) He raped a child ! When will you get it? I can not wait for Yossi's spin on this. Sad. Luke.


They were ashamed of giving 103 years; it smelled of Antisemitism. So lets see he is 50 something, he'll be out with good behavior in 35 years.. so he'll still be able to do a little Florida...


Nebech for him for being stupid and nebech for her. letting her self for 3 years... she could have stopped it .... by not going back to him... instead causeing so much shame what a tragedy but why 50 years

Roley Poley Yoiley

See how Hashem is protecting his true believers!!! I knew he was going to get a reduced sentence. Now maybe all the vicious accusers will realize that he was being set up by a miserable harlot!!!

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