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February 15, 2013


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R. Wisler

Shows you what these has'kah'mas are worth as well as the worthless ignoramouses who grant them (such as Ovadia Yosef)


With all these arrests of late Yossi Gestetner is going to be working overtime at "Apologist Wine & Dine", the new fundraising catering hall located in BP. Luke.

Forgive the backseat driving

You need to put a COMMA after the word MINOR. It's not only confusing as it appears, it's saying he raped a minor Talmudic book, which is nonsensical. I had to read it a bunch of times to figure out what you meant.

Yerachmiel Lopin

He lost his haskomahs (rabbinical endorsements) because he was reproducing the work of a reform rabbi (and head of the reform seminary, Hebrew Union College).

I suppose he will get them back to defend him against sex abuse charges.

Yosef ben Matitya

wisler doesn't come across here as belonging to the wise, but rather to the weasels.
burro, asno!


Saul Lieberman was an outstanding scholar from Slobadka Yeshivah, a student of the Alter of Slobadka, and a contemporary of the Gaon Reb Yakov Ruderman. Lieberman was the Prof of Talmud in JTS in NYC and certainly the greatest Talmudist asociated with the Conservative Movement, when it still had mainly Orthodox professors.

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